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                 01/19/2018 06:52 AM  
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05/11/2007 12:47 PM ID: 62373 Permalink   

Oral Sex May Cause Cancer


A recent study published by the Johns Hopkins University claims that a virus which can be transmitted through oral sex is the cause of certain types of throat cancers and increases risk factor of developing such cancers more than tobacco or alcohol.

The study does not rule out the possibility of passing such cancers from mouth to mouth but added that more extensive research was necessary to concrete the study which sampled only 300 people.

Co-researcher Dr Maura Gillison, reassured the public saying "People should be reassured that oropharyngeal cancer is relatively uncommon and the overwhelming majority of people with an oral HPV infection probably will not get throat cancer."

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  Oral what ?  
So there you go people Oral sex is out ! So you’re not even allowed to talk about sex now for risk of cancer…eh…..I think that’s what it means….dooh!

And to think scientists are wasting time developing synthetic blood …for god sake what we need now is a SURGE of world medical experts to sort out the looming b*** j** catastrophe ….the environment can wait …..this is really serious ………
  by: Hugo Chavez     05/11/2007 12:52 PM     
  Sounds like  
The same thing as unprotected sex can cause cancer.

@Hugo, couldnt you have, not posted this, now I'll have to convince people I will call them tomorrow AND they wont get throat cancer.
  by: Gogevandire   05/11/2007 12:54 PM     
  by: Valkyrie123     05/11/2007 12:55 PM     
"The study does not rule out the possibility of passing such cancers from mouth to mouth". Looks like physical intimacy will be another bullet in the Russian Roulet gun.
  by: crosimoto     05/11/2007 01:30 PM     
  On another note ...  
Apple Computers announced today that it has developed a computer chip that can store and play music in women's breast implants.

The iBreast will cost between $499 and $599.

This is considered to be a major breakthrough because women are always complaining about men staring at their breasts and not listening to them.
  by: WWarrior     05/11/2007 04:09 PM     
Unless it tastes of chocolate I do not want to know anyway. :P
  by: captainJane     05/11/2007 04:18 PM     
  I wonder how they pulled this study off???  
Come one baby its for science! Just give me some quick loving so I can log these results!


All female interns please report to the science lab for our latest "tests"!
  by: slavefortheman     05/11/2007 04:33 PM     
  Oral sex causes cancer...  
And masturbation causes blindness!
  by: maverick7h     05/11/2007 04:59 PM     
so what doesnt cause cancer? everything does, if i ever get cancer (which apparently is impossible to avoid) then ill just die
  by: Thearns   05/11/2007 05:32 PM     
  oral sex, smoking, drugs  
Whats next? They say everything fun causes cancer. I predict in 2 years they will be saying "internet pirates are 600% more likely to die of cancer than smokers."
  by: darkrom666   05/11/2007 07:19 PM     
  Sooner or later  
They will link walking to Cancer >.>
  by: jamish21   05/11/2007 07:20 PM     
  Cancer is caused by  
Your body incorrectly repairing cells. So technically speaking, the more cells you damage, the more likely you are to get cancer. Walking, eating, keeping your eyes open... all these things cause some amount of extra strain to some group of cells or another. Then again, sleeping for more than 11 hours straight can damage cells too. So yup, we're screwed.
  by: maverick7h     05/11/2007 07:23 PM     
  Air Start  
I'm sure the study is blown out of proportion.
  by: culver_lake   05/11/2007 09:38 PM     
what if she doesnt swallow?
  by: groomsy     05/11/2007 10:09 PM     
At least the condom makers will prft from all this. One for the penis and one for the mouth.
  by: aylith   05/12/2007 01:34 AM     
  Small amounts of Saliva -  
swallowed over long periods of time causes cancer.

[EVERYTHING causes cancer]
  by: mcink2   05/12/2007 05:23 AM     
  This is a little serious.  
They're not saying that oral sex itself causes cancer, but a common STD, the same one which causes cervical cancer in women. The message here is not to avoid oral sex but to be careful about with whom you have oral sex.

I know cancer has become something of a joke, but let's not lose the important information here.
  by: MomentOfClarity     05/12/2007 06:38 AM     
  Well, if you're smart about who you sleep with . .  
You won't get these wacky STDs! If you bang everything on two legs every chance you get, you're probably screwing yourself over! (pun totally intended)
  by: Bob Shinoski   05/12/2007 06:44 AM     
In the US and most of western Europe, 1 out of 4 women and 1 out of 5 men have genital herpes alone. 70% of them don't know it, and 90% of transmissions occur when there are no visible symptoms.

Yes, being careful and using protection helps, but just because someone gets an STD doesn't mean they weren't careful or classy in their selection of partner(s). No matter how smart you are about who you sleep with, you're still at risk. Don't forget it.

The article also mentions that people with oral HPV (oral herpes) are unlikely to get throat cancer. Did you know 90% of adults have oral herpes by the time they reach 21? Most often its aquired at some point in childhood just from kissing a relative.

Just trying to put things in perspective for you.
  by: maverick7h     05/12/2007 08:30 AM     
  be loyal or die  
seems funny people have to many partners get this hpv.i guess this is natures way of telling you smartin up or die.....
  by: flukemol   05/12/2007 10:10 AM     
Obviously my last post was too long for you to read.
  by: maverick7h     05/12/2007 10:17 AM     
  I gree with both sides  
People need to be careful and partners need to be honest (if you have something, tell the other person, it's not like they only want you or not depending on your sex/ STD history).Then again, many people live with conditions and don't know about them (my friend almost committed suicide when i told her to check if she has oral herpes).
More care, more testing/ facilities and education never harm anyone.
  by: DarkAngelJG     05/12/2007 03:35 PM     
The Surgeon General will require a black box warning tattooed on the side of your pecker…
  by: STONE KILEY   05/13/2007 09:01 AM     
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