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                 02/18/2018 07:44 AM  
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05/12/2007 02:09 AM ID: 62394 Permalink   

95% Disabled Man Gets Drunk, Misses Exit to Brothel in Motorized Bed


42-year-old Spanish resident Antonio Navarro, who is disabled in 95% of his body, was spotted by police on a Ferrol motorway last Friday in his motorized bed that he drives with his mouth.

Navarro said he was on his way to a local brothel, but was drunk and missed his exit. He decided to keep going so as not to cause a danger to motorists.

After going about 10 kilometers, police stopped Navarro around 9 p.m. He said the roundabout, as well as other parts of town, could use improved signs.

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  Don't need  
to guess which 5% was not disabled!
  by: PBoxter   05/12/2007 03:17 AM     
  by: CriticalCone   05/12/2007 07:10 AM     
  ... and now ...  
a pubic, err public, safety announcement from a dude in a bed about the local roundabaout.
  by: AccessG     05/12/2007 01:42 PM     
  my gosh  
talk about stranger than fiction.
Imagine coming home late for work because of this guy and having to explain it to the misses. Uh yeah honey, I'm late because traffic was snarled behind some drunk guy driving his bed down the do believe me don't you?!?!?
  by: crosimoto     05/12/2007 10:36 PM     
  I think  
you would have to believe that, it just cound't be made up
  by: ToofDogger     05/13/2007 12:21 AM     
  Sine he is 95% disabled and ...  
he used his mouth to drive ... and ... he goes to a brothel ... someone should point out the SN story about cancer via oral sex ...
  by: AccessG     05/13/2007 01:04 AM     
I'm amazed that bed even made it that far on a charge.
  by: ronny_cordova   05/13/2007 08:05 AM     
  I don't know about anyone else....  
but my penis is at LEAST 12% of my total body weight. BA-ZING!
  by: ozymandiassaturn   05/14/2007 08:00 AM     
  More Importantly  
Where can I buy one of these "motorized beds"?
  by: Svengali   05/14/2007 09:52 PM     
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