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                 01/16/2018 10:27 PM  
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05/15/2007 06:40 AM ID: 62443 Permalink   

Supermax Inmate Taunts Victims from Maximum Security


It took 5 years to capture anti-abortion extremist Eric Rudolph and according to victims he taunts them from inside maximum security at the nation's most secure prison. Essays of Rudolph's are winding up on the Army of God website.

Rudolph is responsible for the bombings at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta and a Birmingham abortion clinic. Jeff Lyons, husband of a surviving victim, is concerned his writings may spark off other extremists to use extremist violence as well.

One prosecutor in the case against Rudolph, U.S. Attorney Alice Martin, said "An inmate does not lose his freedom of speech." However there is a process in place that allows wardens to reject mail if it is seen to incite harm against others.

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  if they lose  
the constitutional right to firearms, why not free speech too? not meaning to disagree with their losing the right to firearms, more just curious how cirtain US constitutional rights are ok to remove from people but not other rights.
  by: ssxxxssssss   05/15/2007 07:17 AM     
  Human rights  
are only for human beings.
  by: drunkmonkey00   05/15/2007 11:03 AM     
  Silly Christians...  
If they really followed Jesus they'd accept other people rather than trying to blow them up.
  by: Dark_Stang   05/15/2007 04:02 PM     
If Rudolph's extreme 'writings may spark off other extremists to use extreme violence', then the idea that something like song lyrics having influence should be just as easy to argue. Rudolph is about as much a representative for Christians as Osama Bin Laden is a representative for believers in Allah.
  by: crosimoto     05/15/2007 04:57 PM     
If you take away their freedom of speech, what happens to the person who's wrongly imprisoned. If the justice system was foolproof, then you could consider such a thing, but we know that there are many wrongly convicted people. That's the delima of a free society.
  by: justaperson     05/15/2007 08:48 PM     
Don't blame Christians, we have morals, and yes that makes us hipocrits at times. That being said, that doesn't make saints of people without morals.
It's a shame some people hide behind religion to speak what they think...
  by: seniorgato     05/16/2007 05:45 PM     
You don't have to be a Christian to be a hypocrite
  by: Svengali   05/16/2007 09:32 PM     
atheist have morals too... hell even most people in jail have morals... morals are simply not absolute, not everyone has the same code of morals.
  by: havoc666     05/16/2007 09:38 PM     
Anyone says something like this, 'writings may spark off other extremists to use extreme violence', it means they think your too damn stupid to think for yourself.
  by: kuhl   05/16/2007 11:33 PM     
And how many people in the world follow religious teachings that are several thousand years old, and are quite prepared to kill for them?
  by: Gogevandire   05/21/2007 05:09 PM     
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