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                 01/18/2018 11:00 PM  
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05/15/2007 11:55 PM ID: 62461 Permalink   

Man Shoots Self W/O Gun


A guy was trying to recycle bullet casings for the brass value ($1.70 / LB) by placing them in a bench vise and hitting the back to "fizzle" out the bullets.

During one of his attempts he managed to shoot himself in the abdomen. The man survived and the police are not going to press charges.

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  There are other ways  
to do this w/o actually firing the bullets. Kinetic bullet puller or a actual bullet puller...

Also. At 1.70 / LB and the cost of about 50-90 cents per bullet (If you load your own) or $1.10 - $1.50 (if you don't) how is he makeing any money off this deal? The cases themselves only weigh maybe 1/10th of a LB. (I'm assuming that it is a .223 caliber for a high powered rifle rather than a .223 caliber for a plinker just to give him the benefit of the doubt)
  by: bala_mt   05/16/2007 12:26 AM     
like another Darwin award candidate if he keeps going that way.
  by: sleeky     05/16/2007 12:58 AM     
You read my mind, now stop doing it

  by: Zmethod     05/16/2007 02:58 AM     
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