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                 01/24/2018 08:15 AM  
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05/26/2007 12:55 PM ID: 62695 Permalink   

Boy Kills Monster Pig Larger than Hogzilla


An 11-year-old eastern Alabama boy used a pistol to kill a gigantic 'Monster Pig' which weighed approximately 1,060 pounds and was 9 feet 4 inches long from snout to tail. The boy, Jamison Stone, now has up to 700 pounds of sausage to deal with.

This wild boar beats the previous big pig record-holder known as Hogzilla, killed in 2004, and is now the subject of a horror movie being filmed in Georgia. The producers have offered the boy a role in the movie. Hogzilla was only 800 pounds.

Of the killing, the boy who is a top-honour student at a Christian private-school, said: "It's a good accomplishment. I probably won't ever kill anything else that big." The monster pig's head is being stuffed and mounted as a trophy.

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  Title Change  
I unknowingly duplicated the title of the source article. Can a kindly admin please change it to something like:

Boy Kills Monster Pig
  by: theironboard     05/26/2007 01:17 PM     
  Poor big  
I hate hunters. I hope he dies just like that poor fat pig.
  by: evilrat   05/26/2007 02:11 PM     
  Hogzilla 2: Sasages Aplenty  
That is one big pig, do they taste like regular, erm, domesticated pink pigs :/ Now Im showing my ignorrance :) If they do I'll have 4 rashers, some mayo, a few bits of extras and a massive baton spread with salted butter please.
  by: AccessG     05/26/2007 03:05 PM     
  @Access @evilrat  
No, they taste awful. Boars are full of testosterone, it makes the meat taste very gamey and that is not a good thing. This is why male pigs are gilded when very young. I wouldn’t recommend eating a boar.

You better hope hunters don’t take that same attitude towards non-hunters. We have guns and know how to use them.

I guess this puts an end to the myth that pistols are not good for anything but home defense and shooting people. I hunt with a .22 pistol and a .357 and I have many friends that also hunt with pistols. Wearing a ghilli suit it is not that hard to get within 20 ft of your target.
  by: valkyrie123     05/26/2007 03:28 PM     
  MMMM sausage!!!  
Funny, I didn't think a Christian would be a hunter. All that "you shouldn't kill anything" belief

And mmmmmmmmmmm sauge
  by: Whiskers   05/26/2007 03:59 PM     
I hunt with my .22LR 5.5" browning pistol. I love it! It's easier to hunt with than a rifle and the extra challenge it offers makes hunting a little more fair.

However I don't think this kid should have been using a .50cal revolver on this boar. It took him 9 shots to drop the thing! At first I thought wow, what a great shot. Then I read the source. Hand guns just don't have the velocity that rifles can get, and in this case it was either the gun or the marksman that prolonged the kill. Either one is not excuseable in my book. If it's not dead after the first or second shot you fail as a hunter.
  by: luc1ddr3am     05/26/2007 05:05 PM     
Redundent sentences woohoo! The hand gun is easier to hunt with since its smaller and lighter...making it easier to manuever, while as a marksman it takes more skill to shoot than a rifle. When I hunt squirrel it's a headshot or go home, if it's rabbit you usually take what you can get since they don't sit around to be shot too often :-), but a .22 hollow point will atleast stop it from running if you hit it anywhere in the chest area.
  by: luc1ddr3am     05/26/2007 05:08 PM     
  cheers valk  
I have to say thats a pity :( I love pork products as well.
  by: AccessG     05/26/2007 05:34 PM     
  What a disappointment  
Something about a nearly mythical beast being killed by a chubby 11 year old boy with a gun bothers me. I think it should have been slain by a huge viking with an axe...or at least a retired navy know something cool, just not a little fatty in a polo shirt.
  by: koenig32   05/26/2007 05:47 PM     
went to his website and there are people wishing harm on the kid.. go take a look, one wishes a hunting accident on the kid for hunting. Not like he did it for fun or anything.. that pigs going to fill a few freezers!
  by: mav738   05/26/2007 07:04 PM     
  Not For Eating?  
Too much testosterone to eat this animal, so this animal was killed ...... just to kill it.

Kid comes from a Christian school, yeah, there's some healthy ethics - kill just to kill.

Fukkin' humans
  by: Discarded Vet   05/26/2007 07:04 PM     
  @ mav738  
".....Not like he did it for fun or anything....."

The kid is quoted with "It feels really good".

Sounds like he had fun to me.
  by: Discarded Vet   05/26/2007 07:17 PM     
  Hard to believe  
after looking at the picture that that animal really lived.

As far as hunting and killing goes, I think the only ones who could say anything against would be vegans (I'm not by the way). But I do think that hunting could only be fair if the human hunter hardened his/her nails and used them as claws along with their teeth as weapons. But what is fair in life and death?
  by: mousejunkie     05/26/2007 09:21 PM     
I agree, this is certainly no "Shadow of Colossus" type killing. This boy hunted to kill, that's just plain wrong. If he wanted to shoot at a big a$$ target and feel good about he should have shot up an old car. These animals deserve to just live their lives in the wild.
  by: qhobbes   05/26/2007 10:00 PM     
Christians.. god's creatures.. thou shalt not.... hang on, lets just make it up as we go along.

Shouldn't have killed it though, good genetics there, breed and farm and u could make a dent on world hunger if you tried hard enough.

Typical people though, don't think further than the end of their own noses.
  by: Maxx20     05/26/2007 10:04 PM     
  @evilrat and discarded  
Evilrat, shove your tofu up yer a**, if you ever eaten meat your as much of a hypocrite as you sound.

Discarded Vet vet, read the article before you blow a gasket, making 700lbs of sausage and killing just to kill are two different things. If the meat is gamey or bad in flavor generally you make sausage out of it and it will taste good, big difference between sausage and a hamsteak. I dont care for venisons gamey flavor myself so I will have summer sausage made - thats goooood eating. (too addicted to my hormone injected, corn fed beef flavor).
  by: FTFFTW   05/26/2007 10:16 PM     
  @ FTFFTW  
I read the article.

Now, you tell me, when that boy shot that critter, making him [quote]"feel really good", do you honestly think sausage ever entered his mind? No, nothing more than "the kill" did.

That's what 'most' hunters are about - the kill.
  by: Discarded Vet   05/26/2007 10:50 PM     
  "I probably won't..."  
Kill anything that big again, so he'll kill again, just smaller...
Thats one huge pig though...
  by: Syphon   05/26/2007 11:05 PM     
Seriously...this thing is huge. I thought bears were the biggest mammals in the American continent. This pig could stand its ground against an elephant.
  by: stpaul000   05/27/2007 12:07 AM     
I used to hunt with a compound bow and broadhead arrows when I lived in Queensland. Those pigs look mighty big when they are charging right at you - imagine if they had been this big, I'd probably have dumped the bow and arrows and run.
  by: lauriesman     05/27/2007 12:59 AM     
  @lauriesman @valk  
hehe. I would have 'dumped' something else in my pants and would have squealed like a pig had this creature come barreling out at me from the undergrowth.


Intersting bit of info regarding the testosterone. I thought boar meat was gamey (sp?) because they run wild and are more muscular and less fatty than domesticated pigs.

  by: theironboard     05/27/2007 11:39 AM     
  by: sleeky     05/27/2007 12:34 PM     
  sorry does  
not seem to work
  by: sleeky     05/27/2007 12:36 PM     
  Let's try again  
  by: sleeky     05/27/2007 12:37 PM     
this is HUGE omg!
  by: pas content   05/27/2007 07:23 PM     
  Ah hell  
Look at the source picture and tell me you can't see two bullet wounds in the STOMACH!

Somebody teach this kid how to hunt AND shoot.
  by: luc1ddr3am     05/27/2007 08:18 PM     

the link i just post is the correct form of your link... for whatever reason there was "<b" o nthe end of the link which changes to "%3cb" after it fails to load.

however as luc1ddr3am said the pic is at the source.
  by: havoc666     05/27/2007 09:34 PM     
  That's the same picture as displayd in the source  
  by: mousejunkie     05/28/2007 01:13 AM     
  The main reason  
You don't eat wild pig is not because of the testosterone (that's a load of BS), or because of the taste (some people like a more gamey flavor, certainly tastes better than most store bought processed steaks), it's because of the parasites.

If you're going to eat wild pig you have to bleed it properly, cure it, and cook it thoroughly (I recommend a spit over open coals, basting with your favorite marinade as you go mmmm melt in your mouth)
  by: lauriesman     05/28/2007 01:29 AM     
  Oh and in regards to hunting it  
Well, I'm not really impressed with the kids skill, 9 shots from a .5 revolver, over the course of many hours? I don't honestly know how hard it would be to bring a beast like this down, but a single kill shot should have done the trick, on a beast that big the kill zones are fist-sized and bigger.

On the flip side though, once it was shot once, the most humane thing to do is to see it through - it's not likely to survive and its death would be more drawn out and painful.
  by: lauriesman     05/28/2007 01:42 AM     
  Its getting bigger!  
This article says about 1060 lbs, I saw another one today with it at 1200 lbs but why stop there? It was trumphed on a blog saying its 1500+ lbs ...
  by: AccessG     05/28/2007 08:19 PM     
The brave kid had not of killed the pig the pig may have been the star of the film.
  by: captainJane     05/28/2007 08:34 PM     
It's just depressing to see the giant creature dead with the boy standing over it, as though he accomplished something. I kinda wish the boar had trampled the kid.

These thoughts probably aren't healthy?
  by: Svengali   05/29/2007 05:56 PM     
  Wrong Proportions  
If you look at all the pics, the proportions are all off.

Once again people are being duped by a photoshop wannabe.

And thank god that people 1000 years ago weren't afraid to kill animals for food, there might not be an internet now. People + tasty animals = People live.
  by: FreedonSupporter     05/29/2007 08:28 PM     
  vids and interesting quotes. Yeehaw.  

interview with the redneck kid and father

The kid is quite a monster pig himself. Looks like they got an early start on eating the sausage.

Quote from father: "We did this for the purpose of him being a teenager."


"Somebody has to go out and plant and harvest meat so you can eat."

@freedonsupporter- you might be right, the picture of the hog hanging from the tractor seems drastically out of proportion with the picture of the people with the hog, unless those Alabamamians are the size of munchkins.

It's an interesting story. modern age vs. colonial mentality. I lived in a remote area in the Appalachians where hunting was THE sport. It has nothing to do with having enough meat to eat, as much as the fun of killing. Controlling the deer population is a good thing, I believe. However, I do know a few people that have been shot during hunting trips, usually by their drunk buddies.
  by: JollyGreenGiant   06/01/2007 08:09 AM     
you fat, inbred, redneck hick you've killed a unique creature, the likes of which we may never see again, thank god you managed to blow holes in it!

  by: koultunami     06/01/2007 08:44 AM     
Nothing unique about this WIld thing and yes to an inbred FAT lump of lard.

What makes me raise my eyebrow is the comment. "It's a good accomplishment. I probably won't ever kill anything else that big." PROBABLY!!??

Perhaps next target is school and then make a comment like ' I realy wanted to kill as many as I can' adn the only place to practice was at SCHOOL!!!
  by: kinko     06/05/2007 04:37 PM     
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