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                 02/25/2018 12:20 AM  
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05/29/2007 08:18 AM ID: 62734 Permalink   

Consumers Warned of Internet Puppy Scam


The Council of Better Business Bureaus and American Kennel Club are warning consumers about a new scam involving 'free' puppies being promoted on MySpace, in print ads, and on fake web sites.

The ads show cute puppies in countries including Nigeria and invite people to adopt them. Respondents are asked to send money to have the dog vaccinated, ship the dog to their location, and cover local taxes.

Included in the dogs offered are a number of expensive breeds such as English bulldogs. A number of people have paid up to $1,500 and never received their dog.

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People are so gullible, that is what the local newspaper is for, not some person from Nigeria.
  by: ohioankev   05/29/2007 12:51 PM     
people were actually conned by this? Is this for real? lol. Are these the same people that would like to give monies so that the 1,000,000 USD held in government account in Nigeria can be expressly transfered to their banks to be distributed?
  by: AccessG     05/29/2007 02:25 PM     
  Whats the deal with Nigeria?  
Why are all the scams from nigeria?? Ever heard of the nigerian lottery scam?

can you even ship animals internationally? (or nationally for that matter?)
  by: msavelloni   05/29/2007 04:09 PM     
  You read things like this  
then hear people fall for it, you know, some people deserve to lose their money.
  by: mcink2   05/29/2007 04:28 PM     
20/20 did a great story about all of the Nigerian scams about 6 months ago. They're so popular that there was a #1 music single there that was all about how fun it is to scam westerners out of their money.

Seriously, if you ever see the word "Nigeria" in an email/website /advertisement, just do yourself a favor and walk the other way.
  by: EyesOnly   05/29/2007 04:56 PM     
LOL I was about to say the same thing.
Anything with the word Nigeria in it has to be a scam these days.

Sad that people fall for this shit though.
  by: Jediman3     05/29/2007 07:02 PM     
  I really  
have a problem with stupidity. Being stupid should hurt.
  by: John E Angel     05/29/2007 08:44 PM     
"Being stupid should hurt."

haha it does... these scams scam people out of thousands!

I work at a bank and trust me, it happens ALOT! even after we advise them NOT to wire the money, but they dont believe us!
  by: msavelloni   05/29/2007 08:59 PM     
I want to call them stupid, but apparently the guys on the Nigerian scam are very convincing. I would never allow myself to touch it with a ten foot pole, but it seems that they are master con artists. Greed easily tricks people into submitting, tack on a friendly face, free trips, free money, and the idea that your helping someone, nay a country, well... It's easy to be sucked in by good intentions and a little greed.
  by: seniorgato     05/29/2007 09:17 PM     
  Is anyone else  
concerned by the use of the word Consumers?
  by: GogeVandire   05/29/2007 09:53 PM     
use to be the most corrupt nation on earth title holder. I'll bet the people being scammed are the same one's that applaud celebrities for adopting foreign kids from countries like Nigeria. Bunch of chumps if you ask me.
  by: Zmethod     05/30/2007 05:02 AM     
Yes, but they have to go through quarantine.

People who fall for this type of thing deserve it. I bet the add didnt even spell "puppy" correctly.
  by: Eidron   05/30/2007 10:29 AM     
Yes! I want to adopt a Nigerian poopy!
I;m in!

  by: White Albino   05/30/2007 10:39 AM     
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