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                 04/17/2014 05:55 AM  
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06/01/2007 12:37 AM ID: 62789 Permalink   

Wal-Mart Associate Fired Over MySpace Comment


A Wal-Mart associate was fired from his position in February for a comment on his MySpace page that was intended to be a joke.

David Noordewier posted a comment that referred to how the average IQ of America would increase if a bomb was dropped on all Wal-Mart stores.

"I told them that this was crazy," said Noordewier, 36. "It's not like I have a fighter jet in my backyard to drop a bomb with. Then they escorted me out to the parking lot."

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  A Bit Far  
That being, I agree with the dude -

[1] That would be how many bombs stashed in his basement?
[2] Um, I thought this was Amerka, you know, the whole free speech thing?

I'm usually one of the first to say "man you just don't say things like that" ...... this just ain't one of them.

Seems Wallyworld has their wee little feelings hurt. Or, and more likely, are practicing suppression of employee opinions.
  by: Discarded Vet   06/01/2007 01:05 AM     
  Sounds like,  
they're trying to prove him right.
  by: MattMacD   06/01/2007 01:40 AM     
  @Discarded Vet  
In Coporate America things aren't what they used to be! Don't forget who runs facist America..
  by: creep   06/01/2007 04:34 AM     
dont workers in the u.s. have any rights to protect them from stupid layoffs like this?
  by: Amaze   06/01/2007 05:38 AM     
He could sue for wrongful termination, but since he worked for walmart, he probably can't afford a lawyer to represent him. You know how walmart is with pay and benefits.
  by: testeng     06/01/2007 06:33 AM     
  Sounds ok to me.  
I doubt they thought he was going to wipe Wal-Mart off the map. I sure wouldn't want an employee going around the Internet calling my customers idiots.
  by: deadpool42   06/01/2007 06:59 AM     
  @ creep  
"....Don't forget who runs facist America...."

Yep ...... Wallywold, and the corporae likes of them.

Sad ain't it.
  by: Discarded Vet   06/01/2007 08:06 AM     
  Dammit, My Figners Are Stuck  
Should read ........

"Yep ...... Wallyworld, and the corporate likes of them."
  by: Discarded Vet   06/01/2007 08:12 AM     
  This is Interesting  
where is the limit between private life and work?
I know i had to contract with a pharmacutical company and although i was in the IMS section, i had to sign a paper with my contract saying that if i ear any of my friends complaining about any of their products i have to report it. I remember looking at the manager and reminding him i work for another company and i was only with them for a few weeks to rearrange what they messed up, he said i still have to sign it.
So, where is the line between life and work or employers are no longer obliged to respect that?
  by: DarkAngelJG     06/01/2007 12:43 PM     
its tricky.
As an employee of Walmart he has a duty not to bring the company into disrepute, its in my contract anyway.
He has clearly done this by saying everyone who goes to walmart is of below average intellegence.

Do you really think if you stood outside your place of work with a megaphone screaming I w0ork for this company and its **** you wouldnt get fired?
Thats of course assuming his myspace said he worked for wal mart.
Even if he doesnt, its bad press.
  by: Gogevandire   06/01/2007 01:00 PM     
  Forget the stores,  
bomb WallyWorld Corporate headquarters. That’s where the real idiots and corporate Nazis reside. Rip the weed out by the roots. Now I hope they read this and waste lots of money researching to find out if I work for them. This is clearly a violation of free speech. Since when does WallyWorld own MySpace? Fascist Amerika has taken too many liberties, it’s time “we the people” push back.

Right on the money.
  by: Valkyrie123     06/01/2007 02:26 PM     
  i think its pretty well known  
that walmart refuses to allow its workers to have a union, so no rights for this guy until he sues for it.
  by: sp00ky187   06/01/2007 02:32 PM     
  He may be right....  
...but unless you work for the government you cannot publicly call the customers of your place of employee morons and then complain when you get fired.
  by: gtg833b     06/01/2007 03:20 PM     
Slander and Libel arent liberty's I consider worth defending.
  by: Gogevandire   06/01/2007 03:20 PM     
  Way I see it...  
Myspace is your own personal life. I think you should be able to say what you want on it without having to worry about the reprecussions. I have a friend who got fired from Walmart because of a picture he posted on his myspace of his at work at Walmart. This is basically saying that no matter where you are, if you say anything negative about Walmart you get canned. Saying something on Myspace is no different than saying anything to a person offline. Talk about losing your rights to a matter of opinion......
  by: Rehmasyde   06/01/2007 03:56 PM     
  Of course its different  
Putting it on my space is like saying it on national TV.
This is like saying, if you, as an employee of walmart, call all walmarts customers idiots, you'll get fired.

He said publicly, "I work for walmart, and if you shop there, you are an idiot."

Who thinks they could do that and not get the sack?
  by: Gogevandire   06/01/2007 04:02 PM     
Posting something on Myspace doesnt mean your posting something where everyone can see. Now if the guy didnt have his page blocked to where only friends could see it then yeah he was an idiot for posting something. But if he had his page blocked to where no one could see it and Walmart was spying on him then thats an invasion of privacy.
  by: Rehmasyde   06/01/2007 04:11 PM     
i don't think he should be fired over that.
  by: RyanB     06/01/2007 05:09 PM     
Come on folks, do you really think that "Free Speech" means that you can say anything without repercussion? Ask the Dixie Chicks...
  by: scooter17   06/01/2007 05:14 PM     
  Have any of you  
walked around in a WallyWorld and just watched the customers? I am convinced that they have cyborgs working there. Human/robots that are programmed in the back room and then sent out with a shopping cart to wander the isles just to convince everyone that a lot of people really like shopping at WallyWorld. You can spot them when their batteries run down. They will just stop in the middle of an isle and stand there looking off into space. If you watch for awhile you will see a WallyWorld employee show up and cart them off to the back and recharge them for the next round. Don’t believe me, go there and watch, you will see it for yourself. A majority of the “customers” are mindless cyborgs.

Freedom of Speech is worth defending.
  by: Valkyrie123     06/01/2007 05:24 PM     
  Free Speech  
Freedom of Speech ensures that you cannot be imprisoned for your views. It does not entitle you to be protected from disparaging your employer or it's customers. If you think it does, then you need more information.
  by: scooter17   06/01/2007 05:28 PM     
Do you have a source for that comment?

I'm one of these people that needs more information.
  by: Jamesmc   06/02/2007 12:06 AM     
Wal-Mart hasn't seen this page:
  by: elderban99     06/02/2007 02:39 AM     
  depends on the state employed in  
You have to realize that Scooter17 is right - Freedom of Speech only protects you from being jailed, assaulted, etc. for what you say as long as it doesn't cause harm to others - i.e. why you can't just stand up in a crowded theater and shout FIRE for no reason (that has been proven in the courts to NOT be protected). Also, anything that is completely false and damages the reputation of another individual and/or company is NOT protected.
However, this isn't what happened here. The guy posted a comment on his MySpace page and got fired by Wal-Mart. Depending on the state in which he worked, MR. Noordewier could be fired for ANY reason unless that reason is protected such as race, creed, color, sexual preference, etc. I live in Tennessee, which is a "right to work state" (most ironic title since they can fire you for any reason). This means that in TN, an employer can fire you for ANY reason except those covered by law. In fact, the employer doesn't even have to tell you why you are fired and any good HR department and lawyer will tell the people firing you NOT to tell you why you are being fired - just that things aren't "working out" unless you clearly broke a company policy that is clearly stated and you signed off that you understood the policy. I am betting that somewhere Mr. Noordewier signed that he had read a policy manual and that somewhere in that policy manual it stated that he could not make disparaging comments about Wal-Mart in public.
While I think that Wal-Mart went a little too far with this - they should have just asked him to take the comment down - they did not do anything illegal. Now if people do not like this action by Wal-Mart, they can show this displeasure by not shopping at another Wal-Mart. I don't like a lot of what Wal-Mart does, so I do not shop there.
  by: edwardrt   06/02/2007 11:52 PM     
this is just another instance of P.C. america running rampant on peoples' freedom of speech.. i love how my country is constantly anal about what people say.. yet the 1st f'n amendment is freedom of speech. It just boggles the f'n mind. and yeah.. he implied that walmart customers are idiots.. Have you seen the people who constantly go there? Not all of them are bad but there are a select "regulars" that... well.. damn
  by: hedk45e   06/03/2007 05:21 AM     
  Interesting debate  
There definitely needs to be a line drawn somewhere. I think I'd be a lot more upset about this if he was being critical of Wal-Mart's wages, the companies it buys its products from, etc. If he was (for some reason) using his Myspace page to blow the whistle on illegal activity at Wal-Mart, I think he would be protected by law.

Rather than firing him as soon as he came into work, though, couldn't they just have warned him to remove the comment and to refrain from similar actions in the future? Geez, where I work, you practically have to punch your boss to get fired. Sometimes not even then. But then again, the newsroom is a special place.
  by: l´anglais     06/03/2007 06:48 AM     
  This guy will sue  
And win.

Anything posted on a website is personal opinion, as long as it's done outside of work, off the clock, Wal-Mart can't do anything to this person.

Corporations like this need to be brought to its knees to answer for its ongoing crimes!

  by: Jediman3     06/04/2007 05:17 PM     
Off the clock, yes, but did he do it as an employee of Walmart, IE, was he speaking as a representative of Wal mart when he did it.
If his page says he works at wal mart, then he isnt "off the clock".
  by: Gogevandire   06/04/2007 05:22 PM     
I get paid significantly more than most walmart employees, and I can tell you my employer has rights to my mind/body during the hours that they pay me to use it, outside of that its mine. I cant rent a car a couple of times then go take the car for a spin with out renting it again, the car is only mine to use during the time period i am paying for, not the hours around it.

why should a corp have more rights than a real person?
  by: veya_victaous     06/08/2007 01:47 AM     
i thought it was pretty funny.
  by: ooohh you know   06/11/2007 04:32 AM     
You just can't post stupid stuff like that and expect it not to bite you in the ass.

The days when the Internet was just a little geek hobby frequented by a handful of techno-nerds is long gone. So many people use the Internet these days you are bound to get caught doing something stupid like this.

Sounds like he needs to check his IQ if he thought he could get away with this kind of idiocy.
  by: ZCT     06/18/2007 11:52 PM     
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