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                 02/19/2018 10:47 PM  
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06/01/2007 02:03 AM ID: 62791 Permalink   

Scientist May Have Caught the Loch Ness Monster on Video


Gordon Holmes, an amateur scientist from the UK, has captured what may be the Loch Ness Monster on video. The footage shows a 15m black creature swimming at about 10km/h. The legend brings 400,000 tourists to the loch anually.

The footage will be subjected to further scrutiny but even the normally sceptical Scottish media is running the footage. Stories of a monster in the loch go back as far as 565 AD and there have been over 4000 modern reports of sightings.

"I see myself as a sceptical interpreter of what happens in the loch, but I do keep an open mind about these things and there is no doubt this is some of the best footage I have seen," said marine biologist Adrian Shine.

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Apologies for the all the reporter you have to watch with it. When I find a cleaner copy I'll post it.
  by: ixuzus     06/01/2007 02:07 AM     
skeptical, perhaps?
  by: djcll6121   06/01/2007 02:18 AM     
It looks like a log...
  by: Dark_Stang   06/01/2007 02:20 AM     
sceptical is acceptable spelling. Just because you don't spell it that way in the US doesn't mean it's wrong.
  by: ixuzus     06/01/2007 02:29 AM     
dont forget djcll6121, its called the English language, not the American Language.
  by: ssxxxssssss   06/01/2007 02:51 AM     
Just send like, a thousand man dive team into the lake and search for it. :\
  by: fballer23   06/01/2007 03:47 AM     
i was not familiar with another spelling of the word sceptical/skeptical. im not out to get any of you, or declare my version of the language supreme. it was an accident, sorry
  by: djcll6121   06/01/2007 05:07 AM     
it looks like someone took a big crap
  by: groomsy     06/01/2007 05:10 AM     
on Mars, they spell it 'Okwo-gudnetwa'
  by: John E Angel     06/01/2007 05:26 AM     
  leave the Loch Ness Monster alone  
it has the right to live in peace, away from human disturbances.
  by: landers     06/01/2007 05:37 AM     
  leave the Loch Ness Monster alone  
Whatever! Find it and kill it! We must kill all monsters before they kill us!
  by: John E Angel     06/01/2007 05:45 AM     
  "an amateur scientist"  
Does that sound wrong to anyone else?
  by: Gogevandire   06/01/2007 09:39 AM     
Gordon Holmes is one scary looking guy.
  by: shaohu     06/01/2007 11:34 AM     
is it 1 monster surviving from the first sighting or do they live in the deep and whenever someone sees them it's only 1 because it is lost?
Just curious as to why it is always only 1 sighted and no carcasses are ever found.
  by: DarkAngelJG     06/01/2007 12:50 PM     
  I seem to recall  
That at some point in the past that a search was done that covered 100% of the loch in footage, mappings, etc, and nothing 'signigifcant' was ever found. However, I for one am still open to the idea that the monster in Loch Ness, hell in Lake Eerie, Champlain, and Geneova still also exist.

Hell there have been sightings of 6 foot tall sloth still in the Amazon...anything on this planet is possible. Just because we can't explain it doesn't make it false.

Still, I wish we could find some solid proof already.
  by: Jediman3     06/01/2007 06:16 PM     
I've seen this video like 10 times...I still don't understand...I see nothing. I'll try standing on my head while I watch it...maybe that'll work.
  by: stpaul000   06/01/2007 07:21 PM     
I saw a segment some time ago about how the loch generates rogue waves that can roll along and give the illusion of something cruising along just under the water. And here is another video of just that, an aberration on the surface of the water, caught on video at a great distance. Nothing of substance ever actually breaks the surface, no fins, not even the tip of the head for air! And yes, no carcass, ever, nothing has ever drifted ashore. Not even parts of one. Ask a marine biologist about this and I bet they'd be at odds with how this could happen, and probably demand a scan of the bottom for evidence of large bones. I've never known a sea mammal that didn't at least once try to get above the water to breathe, showboat a bit and show a fin, a head, a tail - and somehow manage to never allow the thousands (millions?) of people that visit the loch every year to never even get but a glimpse of said mythological creature.
  by: caution2     06/01/2007 08:44 PM     
  Loch Ness Mushrooms  
I think it's the abundance of psylosibin laced funghi in the region that can be blamed.... just a theory, and a crappy one at that.
  by: theironboard     06/01/2007 09:05 PM     
  @ caution  
*ahem* a welsh marine biologist i know says it doesn't have to breath outside the water unless it is a mammal and it might not be. But yes, i am with you!
I mean ok, maybe it exists (i don't like to say NEVER) but it must be bloody good at hiding it's identity for so long (or over the generations)!
  by: DarkAngelJG     06/01/2007 09:12 PM     
it comes out of the water and we can see it I won't believe it, I mean, it could be anything, its just a dark thing swimming in the lake. By the way Gordon Holmes reminds me of Hanson in Scary Movie... 'my little haaaand'
  by: the_one   06/01/2007 09:25 PM     
  No he hasn't  
There is no monster in that lake.

Mind you, even if someone managed to drain the lake to look for it someone would still carry on believing.

A complete sonar sweep of the lake found nothing. So unless this animal is invisible to sonar, there is nothing there.
  by: CrisW   06/01/2007 10:57 PM     
  @CrisW & others  
That explanation works fine as long as you assume there are no underwater caves in the loch.
  by: ixuzus     06/02/2007 01:24 AM     
  There are no underwater caves in the loch  
This is a creature that has lived for 1452 years, and never been caught.

Because its not there.
  by: CrisW   06/02/2007 10:37 AM     
For a size of a loch (rumors of it size of course) it would have to come up for a breathe, fill it's massive lungs at long periods along with massive blowouts. Or if it's gilled, then it would have to be moving "FAST" to gather oxygen from the water which is obviously poor from being that type of setting. Either case, everyone spots a whale easy because it's size and being it's a mammal. Everyone spots a shark, because it moves fast and eats a lot because of it's size and energy requirements. Loch is BS and always will. Time to move on.
  by: thedevilsmachine   06/03/2007 02:31 PM     
  @amateur scientist  
It means they want to lay credibility to his claim but knowing he has no authority or research related degree chose to call him an "amateur scientist". In other words it means he likes science and understands basically how it is conducted. Kind of like an amateur porn star.
  by: kuhl   06/04/2007 12:59 AM     
  lochness my kak!  
...its a shadow of a plane passin by
  by: son.tone   06/04/2007 06:50 PM     
  @ Dark and the other nessy bashers...  
your missing the obvious explaination(sp)as to why there is no carcass, nor does it need to come up for air often, or the ludicrous lifespan.

Its Jesus...

ANYWAY... that was possibly the worst video I've seen. I don't know... I think honestly we should drain the loch. That will solve it. I'm confident that a fish (or water mammal) can't hide very well with out water.
  by: phalconavatar   06/04/2007 07:16 PM     
  "It's Jesus"  
Lmao, I didn't think it would take that long before someone said that! It's about even as far as evidence goes
  by: kcking05     06/04/2007 10:05 PM     
  After watching the video  
My money's on a big-old sturgeon
  by: evilhare   06/27/2007 05:16 PM     
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