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                 04/24/2014 10:09 PM  
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06/01/2007 06:15 PM ID: 62806 Permalink   

How Do You Spell Tomorrow?


Hillary Clinton spoke to Silicon Valley executives in California on Thursday, in front of a sign with a misspelled word.

The banner had the phrase, "New Jobs for Tommorrow" in white letters.

Clinton wants to increase the number of individuals in the country, that are here as highly educated workers, using H1B visas.

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Go figure. I see it spelled tomarrow, tommorow and tommorrow all the time. It's kind of like the word Ridiculous.
(Hint: Watch the scrolling news at the bottom of CNN)
  by: NicPre     06/01/2007 07:23 PM     
  Every self respecting Republican  
knows that "Tomorroww" has two Dubyas in it.

More H1B visas? What an asshat. Just means lower wages and fewer jobs for American skilled workers. Thanks Billery, please move to China, you have worn out your welcommie.
  by: Valkyrie123     06/01/2007 07:51 PM     
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