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                 01/23/2018 11:09 AM  
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06/01/2007 09:02 PM ID: 62808 Permalink   

"Dr Death" Kevorkian Released from Jail


Euthanasia advocate Dr. Jack Kevorkian has been released from prison after eight years for charges stemming from him assisting in at least 130 suicides. Kevorkian was 71 years old when he was charged and sent to prison.

Now 79, he was met outside the prison by Mike Wallace, whose original story on Kevorkian -- including the airing of an assisted suicide -- led to the doctor being charged and convicted in the first place. The men hugged as they were reunited.

Attorney Mayer Morganroth said: "He thanks everybody for coming. He thanks the thousands who have supported him, have written to him and the enormous amount of people who have really been comfortable in supporting him."

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  Im glad he is out  
He should never have been put in anyway, he wasn't killing anyone, he was mearly providing people the ability to end their own suffering, I wish him well.
  by: sparky_fox   06/01/2007 09:43 PM     
I'm glad hes out of jail. He never should have been in jail for anything. He was the one person who was willing to face the reality, that some terminally ill people to not want to live anymore, and they should not be forced to. I've always agree with his statement, "We treat our pets better than we treat out family"

I'm glad he is out of jail, and i only wish that he would be aloud to continue his work.
  by: Rodney Jason   06/02/2007 04:35 AM     
  What about  
the ones comfortably dead by him? He thanks everyone else ... oh yea, they have to thank him ... nevermind me, I have become, comfortably numb.
  by: AccessG     06/02/2007 04:45 AM     
  he's made statements  
about how he isnt going to assist in suicide anymore, but i wonder if he really meant it. or is he going to help someone do it agin...
  by: elijah4twenty     06/03/2007 08:36 AM     
I applause Keborkian! Great man, providing people with humane, painless; alternative. I hope he finds a loophole at some foreign land, and do what do does best; saving peoples life's from MISERY.
  by: thedevilsmachine   06/03/2007 02:39 PM     
  Assisted suicide is legal in my state  
But I doubt they'll want anything to do with him....
  by: caution2     06/03/2007 09:30 PM     
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