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                 02/21/2018 02:01 PM  
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06/07/2007 03:44 PM ID: 62911 Permalink   

Spanish National Anthem to Get Words?


Spain's national anthem may soon be given lyrics after athletes complained that they are disadvantaged because the best they can do is hum during the national song while their opponents can sing with vigor.

The conservative opposition has answered a request from the Spanish Olympic Committee and promised to introduce a bill calling for a committee to present lyrics in three months time. Senior members of the government have signaled their support.

If passed the bill would leave the committee with a difficult task due to the diversity of the country. Some years back the Prime Minister asked a group of writers and poets to write lyrics for the anthem but they were unable reach a consensus.

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  They should have a contest  
Have Spaniards submit their lyrics and see what comes up.
  by: John E Angel     06/07/2007 04:38 PM     
  I'll start it off  
Oh, Spain is the great-
-est country in the world,

All the oth-er countries
Are run by lit-tle girls.
  by: l´anglais     06/07/2007 06:45 PM     
  Wow, really inspired here  
"The Moorish conquest really was
Not so much of a conquest,
The Basques are a bunch of lunatics
who need to simmer down"

"If it wasn't for us, you wouldn't have
Cool Spanish guitar classical music,
If not for Spanish literature,
No 'tilting at windmills'"
  by: l´anglais     06/07/2007 06:55 PM     
i never cared much for national anthems... i utterly hate US's, canada's and great britian's completely (though great britian is a catchy tunes)... thus far my favorite ones are: russia, japan and germany.
  by: havoc666     06/07/2007 07:17 PM     
Not bad. Not bad at all. But I'm wondering if something should be added like, "and thank God for Antonio Banderas!" La la la la, (flamenco guitars by Esteban strumming softly)
  by: John E Angel     06/07/2007 07:24 PM     
  @John E.  
Your wish is my command ...

"Hey ladies, how 'bout that Antonio Banderas
And fellas, I bet you like Penelope Cruz
We prefer them in non-Hollywood schlock
And we're certainly relieved Penny didn't end up with that Scientology nut ..."
  by: l´anglais     06/07/2007 08:21 PM     
  should the lyrics be written in  
French or English or Arabic?
  by: landers     06/08/2007 05:56 AM     
how about pidgin... or krio? make it fun.

  by: elijah4twenty     06/11/2007 04:06 AM     
Actually, I think cow moos is best.

PS. Spanish bull fighting is barbaric.
  by: landers     06/11/2007 04:49 PM     
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