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                 09/03/2015 01:46 AM  
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06/11/2007 05:19 PM ID: 62980 Permalink   

Report Rates Scotland 'Worst Small Country' in Western Europe


Scotland has been ranked last in an index compiled by the Federation of Small Businesses. The index ranks countries with fewer than 9 million people on the basis of economic performance, employment, health and education.

Austria previously held the low spot, but elevated its standing with improving employment rates. John McLaren, the author of the index said, "...Scotland is stuck at the bottom of the pile is...our poor health and our low life expectancy."

Average life expectancies in Scotland are low compared to the UK average with men having an expectancy of 74.2 vs. 76.6 and women weighing in at 79.3 vs. 81. Even with this factor removed, Scotland would still find itself in 5th or 6th place.

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Compare it to the 'Worst Small Country' of Eastern Europe, and Scotland looks like Shangri-La.

Why divide so much between east and west? I thought this was a European UNION. Guess this is one of the differences between Europeans and Americans... (though we have had our little territorial pissing-contests, too).
  by: theironboard     06/11/2007 05:36 PM     
Think of North America and South America.

Scotland is pretty shite, but i'd rather be there than Wales.
  by: specialcharacter   06/12/2007 12:02 AM     
  The difference is  
Eastern Europe is bad but getting better, in theory
Scotland was good but is getting worse, in fact.
  by: GogeVandire   06/12/2007 12:04 AM     
  It's SHITE being Scottish!  
We're the lowest of the low! The scum of the f**king Earth! The most wretched, miserable, servile, pathetic trash that was ever sh*t on civilization. Some people hate the English. I don't. They're just wankers. We, on the other hand, were *colonized* by wankers. Can't even find a decent culture to get colonized by! We're ruled by effete arseholes! It's a shite state of affairs to be in, Tommy, and all the fresh air in the world won't make a f**king bi' of difference!
  by: l´anglais     06/12/2007 12:05 AM     
  Re: It's SHITE being Scottish!  
Rather have the English than the "sea kaffirs" of the Portuguese and Spanish as those discovering or dominating one's country.
At least the English have laws and principals, unlike those Portuguese and Spanish or any other Latin country for that matter, the Latin crowd are arrogant and idiotic to boot.
I should know I'm unfortunately living in a dump called Brazil at the moment and it is an agglomeration of allof the bad things in the world put together, including having China as one of its main trading partners!!
  by: Stumbras   06/12/2007 01:35 AM     
Be quiet.

Racist :P
  by: Gogevandire   06/12/2007 09:34 AM     
Whats wrong with Wales?

Plenty of your countrymen and women seem to be happy living and working here, and still more have holiday homes in the North and on the Pembrokeshire coast.

You're not one of those Englishmen that read the bigoted bile that the Sun, Mirror and People spout and swallow it as truth are you?
  by: Morgraig   06/12/2007 09:47 AM     
He's not bing a racist at all, one can only be classified as a racist when you dislike someone more than is necessary, and he explicitly said,

"Some people hate the English. I don't"
  by: Stumbras   06/12/2007 10:05 AM     
  He was quoting...  
...Ewan McGregor's famous speech from Trainspotting.

Anyway, it's not that bad being Scottish. There are a lot of idiots and a lot of scum here, but also a lot of good people. There's opportunity if you look for it, progress if you work for it. It's just like anywhere else, really.

It would be better if people were healthier, sure.. myself included, but it's really not as bad as this report makes out.

The report was written by a Scot, so there's probably a political ulterior motive here.
  by: wildstoo   06/12/2007 11:42 AM     
These stupid buisness that rate bullcrap. Were do they get money anyway?
  by: steme   06/12/2007 09:41 PM     
  looks like stumbras...  
is one of the originals who went into hiding in South America in '45.

Is it safe?
  by: redstain   06/13/2007 12:06 PM     
  @ redstain  
looks like stumbras...
is one of the originals who went into hiding in South America in '45.

Is it safe?

A bit difficult to have arrived here in 45 when I was born in 62. Hehehe
Brazil for one is sitting on the lower half of the globe because it is the nether fundamental orifice of the planet.
If you really must know, I arrived here 8 years ago to to sort out inherited property and it has taken me this long to unravel the BS and "Burro-cracy" that this dump has.
I'll be leaving here as soon as it is all wrapped up.
After all who would want to live in a dump like Brazil after all.
Only the mentally deranged or criminals.

No this place is not safe.
  by: Stumbras   06/13/2007 02:42 PM     
Oh come on, you don't even enjoy looking at the women? I've only spent time in Rio, but I must say, the female scenery definitely made me regret I brought the ball-and-chain with me.
  by: spsellars   06/14/2007 01:26 PM     
  Totally unfair !!  
Ok, they may wear skirts and play tuneless bagpipes and call any flotsam they see as "Nessie!" and they speak a language that no one understands. But that ain't no reason to call Scotland the worst small country in Europe!!
  by: JayMan2000BC   06/14/2007 01:39 PM     
"I arrived here 8 years ago to to sort out inherited property and it has taken me this long to unravel the BS and "Burro-cracy" that this dump has."

Sounds like you've got a really hard life, man. Did your servants abandon you when they saw how bad Brazil is? (Oh, and 'Burro-cracy' is a really clever racial slur!)
  by: l´anglais     06/14/2007 07:06 PM     
"Sounds like you've got a really hard life, man. Did your servants abandon you when they saw how bad Brazil is? (Oh, and 'Burro-cracy' is a really clever racial slur!)"

First off thanks for the compliment, but as I have said before, (there are NO racists, as one can never dislike someome more than it is necessary, Hehehe.
Brazil has only one good thing going for it, and that is the road/route out of it.
U'd better believe it's tough the govt. here taxes you more than the property is worth and you get nothing in return.
I have paid HEAVY taxes before up to 48% of my salary knocked off before I even saw it.
But Brazil is ridiculous you never get anything in return.
You even have to watch out with the women as you can never be sure!
There are some transvestites here that give real women a run for their money, and that is revolting from my point of view.
So you get Sc****d from which ever way you look at it.
Beautiful scenery and wild life (not the parties in places like Sao Paulo)
That is where this country stops and lots of 5th grade and below level citizens here.
Holiday here is great but not to live or do business.
  by: Stumbras   06/14/2007 08:32 PM     
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