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                 07/24/2014 02:19 PM  
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06/14/2007 02:01 AM ID: 63019 Permalink   

Kilimanjaro Not Losing Snow to Global Warming


University of Washington researchers have discovered that Kilimanjaro's snowcap began retreating before the measurable rise of global warming in the 1970s.

Kilimanjaro's 4-mile-high summit never goes above freezing. Researchers believe snow loss here is due instead to a lack of snowfall and sublimation (a type of evaporation). Most other glaciers are more directly affected by rising temperatures.

The current dry period began well before humans began pumping significant amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. In this case, global warming may only be contributing to a pre-existing situation.

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for one the measurable increase in carbon emission (caused by us) was started over 200 years ago, not 30 years ago; the industrial revolution. its simply been on a much steeper incline in the last 30 years.

secondly, glaciers and other bodies of ice melt faster because the closer to the ground you are the warmer it is.
  by: havoc666     06/14/2007 03:21 AM     
This headline is misleading.
  by: jamesmc   06/14/2007 04:36 AM     
Can you be more specific? What did you find misleading? Have you any suggestions for improving the headline? Would appreciate your ideas; they could help me do a better job next time.
  by: awhompbamboom     06/14/2007 10:36 AM     
I thought, Kilimanjaro is safe, with this headline. I know this mountain very well, I have climbed to the summit twice.
First time, with President Carter, second time, as recent as last summer. Snow is dissappearing, and summer here in North America, means Winter in Tanzania.
SO how is it. Kili is Not losing Snow to global warming?
  by: kinko     06/14/2007 12:51 PM     
Thanks! I see the problem with the headline now. Perhaps a better headline might be "New Data on Kilimanjaro Snow Loss". Kilimanjaro's snow loss is real, but this study suggests it's not melting, but instead dissipating to drier air, sunlight and less snowfall. Most other glaciers are at lower altitudes, and thus subject to melting from rising temperatures.

Personally, I think global warming has contributed to the change of the summit's environment, and it's only fairly recently that we've been measuring these global changes(over decades, not centuries) in a manner that allows us to make projections. However, I'm no scientist, it just seems logical to me. Take that for what it's worth. :-)

Care to share anything about your climbs? It's not every day you come across someone who's climbed Kilimanjaro twice, let alone once with President Carter!
  by: awhompbamboom     06/14/2007 11:59 PM     
  after reading the title  
i thought this would be submitted by Goge ;-)
  by: RyanB     06/15/2007 12:23 AM     
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