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                 01/17/2018 12:17 AM  
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06/15/2007 03:16 PM ID: 63053 Permalink   

Diet Drug Rejected by US Safety Officials


Rimonabant a diet drug used by around 37000 Britons has been banned by the American FDA who claim its manufacturers had failed to show it was safe.

The Drug works by blocking receptors in the brain to suppress hunger and is prescribed to people deemed at risk of heart disease and Diabetes.

A US committee of experts have looked at studies carried out around the world and told an FDA hearing the drug could be associated with an increase in suicidal tendencies, even for those with no previous history of depression.

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  Diet Drugs  
Are almost always harmful. I know, cite examples if you want, but I commend the FDA on demanding further proof before allowing it in the US.
  by: seniorgato     06/15/2007 04:04 PM     
  I'm more worried...  
That 37000 Brits already use it.
  by: spacechimp     06/15/2007 04:08 PM     
It seems like people really latch on to the next diet pill fad, completely forgetting about the horrible things diet pills have done in the past.
  by: seniorgato     06/15/2007 05:39 PM     
  You gotta wonder about  
Suicidal tendencies...
Have they bothered to link those with no previous urge to kill themselves with family history and genetic predisoposition?

I guess if I was fat enough to have to take that kind of diet drug i'd shoot myself too....f***, I am.
  by: Jediman3     06/15/2007 06:07 PM     
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