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                 01/21/2018 03:05 PM  
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06/15/2007 04:36 PM ID: 63056 Permalink   

Lawyers Sue Over Ratings


A website that offers a 1-10 rating scale of attorneys across the country has been sued by attorneys. The lawyers are seeking class action status, claiming that the ratings system is unfair. was first launched June 5th, and aims to give consumers information that is often difficult to find, to help them choose a lawyer. Only nine states and the District of Columbia are covered, but the intention is to rate attorneys nationwide.

The lawsuit alleges the ratings violate laws against unfair competition and deceptive acts, and seeks to either shut down or significantly modify the site.

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But fitting. I mean, you want to annoy lawyers, your going to get sued.
It's not right of course, and the lawyers probably don't have a case, as they have proven when they tried to defend doctors.
  by: seniorgato     06/15/2007 04:49 PM     
  wrong address  
It is not
  by: Joepa   06/15/2007 05:33 PM     
  Good freaking eye Joepa  
Even after you said it, I sat there looking at it thinking, wha? lol
  by: seniorgato     06/15/2007 05:37 PM     
  by: caution2     06/15/2007 07:27 PM     
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