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                 01/20/2018 12:10 PM  
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06/25/2007 09:09 AM ID: 63226 Permalink   

16-Year-Old Track Star Marries 40-Year-Old Coach


Promising young track star Windy Hager, 16, has ended a familial drama by marrying her track coach. At 40, Brenton Wuchae is double her age. Parents Betty and Dennis believe the pair started a relationship when Windy was just 14.

Wuchae began driving Windy home from school. The Hagers confronted him, but he denied anything "was going on, they were just friends. His intentions were purely appropriate." Still unsure, the Hagers went to the school and eventually to the police.

To no avail, at 16 Windy decided to end the conflict -- which saw her withdraw from her parents completely -- by forcing them to sign a consent form so that she could marry Wuchae. She married him last week and he has resigned as coach at the school.

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  2 more years  
and she could have married him on her own with no consent...i dont care if it killed me, if one of my kids tried to "force" me to sign consent papers like that, i'd of sent them off to seminary school...and dont give me that "you dont know til it happens" crap, what the hell does a 16 year old know about life, especially a girl (i can comment as i am a girl) theyre too damn emotional to know whats best for them...omg, those parents should be charged with child neglect and endangerment...IMHO
  by: ladiedragonfli   06/25/2007 10:57 AM     
  I have to  
concur with the above poster. Every in this were pretty stupid. 40 year for exploiting a young person, young person for thinking they know everything, and parents for not turning off the TV, sitting down with their child, and beating the stupid out of her.

Although I must say that being a stupid young person is not only for girls: guys do just as many stupid things when young, and think they know everything too.
  by: velger   06/25/2007 03:19 PM     
  If it was one of my daughters  
the coach would be getting bounced off every wall in the school as I cried obscenities beginning with 'you pedo ...'. She would be withdrawing alright, right back to her room.

Dont get me wrong I wouldnt kill the guy, its just that things like his testicles would need scraped up off the floor and prolly wouldnt be fit for being re-attached.

Doesnt this break any laws for breach of trust? I read a story about a teachers assistant aged 22 dating an 18 year old student and she got time for it because he was a student even though otherwise the relationship was perfectly fine.
  by: AccessG     06/25/2007 03:52 PM     
  Anyone See The Pic?  
Just an observation ....... the two look like dad & daughter. But then, it's North Carolina, so it may well be! lmao

The dude quit teaching right after the marriage ....... hmm, perhaps - GUILT !!
  by: Discarded Vet   06/25/2007 05:25 PM     
  @all of you  
While relationships between 16 year olds and adults twice their age are risky, and deserve to be approached with caution, they are not always a bad thing, and the motives are not always negative.

My mother met my father when she was 16, sneaking into clubs where he played keyboard and saxophone in a band. She fell in love with him, and a year later, they married. She was nearly 17, he was 32. The move ostracised them from their families who refused for a long time to have anything to do with their wayward offspring. Married in 1971, they have been together 36 years, and there hasn't been a single year where their relationship hasn't exemplified love and dedication.

They started with nothing, raised a family of four along the way, and are now happy grandparents doting on the latest additions to their family.

I wish these two every bit of luck and success if their hearts and desires are true.
  by: lauriesman     06/26/2007 04:20 AM     
Maybe so, however ... she was sneaking into clubs at 16 and he wasnt in a position of trust looking after her. That girl is 16 and its not like she turned 16 one day and they started a relationship, also the guy was in a position of trust looking after her. I think its the whole way it worked out that gets me and not the age gap.

BTW not to blow a hole in what you said but your saying your mother was 16 and a year later nearly 17.
  by: AccessG     06/26/2007 01:31 PM     
  Oh gee  
Yes, she was 16, and when she got married, she was still 16 but nearly 17. It wasn't exactly a year, is that so difficult to figure out?

So what if you're in a position of trust you're not allowed to be in love? And if there's someone in authority, you're not allowed to discover you might love them?

The suggestion here is that he took advantage of her, lead her away from the straight and narrow path she might otherwise have adhered to. You don't know that. You don't know ANYTHING about these two except that smatter of information in the article. But you're prepared to condemn on that anyway, becasue falling in love is such an unnatural and disgusting thing to happen.

The fact that they got married, and that he quit his job there says to me at least that they are pretty serious about being together.

I wish them all the luck in the world, because with prejudiced kneejerk reactionists like YOU around, they are going to need it.
  by: lauriesman     06/26/2007 02:21 PM     
  Oh and you know what is worse?  
You're advocating grevious bodily harm on your probably flawed understanding of anything happening here. Oh to quote you, on the basis that he was in a position of trust. Which, of course, is perfectly legitimate reasons for beating the **** out of someone to the point where "getting bounced off every wall" and that his testicles would need to be scraped off the floor. You know what? You EVER lay a hand on a person without true and justifiable cause, and I hope you rot in the darkest hole in the worst prison in the country. People like you going around passing judgements of such brutality on others and acting like you're so much better than they when you're a worse form of scum for it.
  by: lauriesman     06/26/2007 02:31 PM     
  ridiculous ...  
if daddy didnt pay enough attention to her when she was a child, and the folks didnt instill enough self worth and respect into her life ... well, WTF did they expect. i have 4 kids, and when my 15 year old read this she just couldnt figure out WHY someone would even consider it. she is still dreaming about going to a cool college like Brown or Stanford, and thinking about meeting someone ... oh maybe 2 - 3 years older than her. this family is broken, and the coach is an opportunist who is clearly also ... broken.
  by: bpearson   06/26/2007 06:39 PM     
  I don't  
understand why the police didn't arrest him when she was 14. If that had happened in my state, he would be charged with statutory rape and be in prison. The age of consent in NC is 16, so he had a sexual relationship with her prior to that. He is guilty of child rape by an authority figure.
  by: Lurker     06/26/2007 06:52 PM     
  Some say he's robbing the cradle  
Others say she's robbing the grave!
  by: Jediman3     06/26/2007 07:04 PM     
Relationships can happen without sex.
  by: lauriesman     06/26/2007 11:08 PM     
It seems that you are the only person here who actually looks at this situation objectively. I see no problem with this relationship. Other people on this thread seem to think that it's impossible for someone to fall in love before the age of 18, or that its possible to hold back love if the rest of society objects to it. This man married her, and people are trying to imply that he took advantage of her? I think not, if he were using her I doubt he would have married her. His love for her seems so strong that he even quit his job to be with her. I wish these two the best of luck also!
  by: jonnyalpha1   06/28/2007 11:19 AM     
Well, it worked for Celine Dion and her manager. Still,
the idea of a "grow your own" wife is creepy as all hell.
  by: Mister crank     06/28/2007 03:05 PM     
  Can we say...  
STATUTORY? I used to work for Child Protective Services, so maybe I'm a little slanted in perspective, but 40 and 16? Started seeing each other when she was 14? I'm sorry this just seems like a loop-hole for a pedifile, hope to goodness they never have kids.
  by: ablindmansees     06/28/2007 03:16 PM     
  Oh Peeps  
Walk down the streets and see how many hookers are actually between 14-16!!

These girls do this without coercion in many cases. In Montreal Pimp are a thing of the past, most girls roaming the streets, are on their own and make money, without having to worry about a pimp.

If this girl decided to do this at this age on her own accord, who is to tell her whats right for her!!
Just like the rest of the World, she will find out herself later.

Pangs of life discriminate no one due to age and she wont be sparred either. Few, years from now, the coach will find out too, marrying a young lassy has beggeted more headaches than the pleasures young an dtight has to offer.

Lauriesman has the guts to deffend her action, before someone here, thinks of him as a Pedo...Which is the norm with SN.
  by: kinko     07/03/2007 02:21 PM     
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