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                 01/17/2018 07:15 PM  
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06/27/2007 06:40 PM ID: 63281 Permalink   

Burned Body Found Next to Osmosis Plant


The burned body of a 60-year-old man was found in a burned-out car next to the Malta reverse osmosis plant.

The investigation is underway due to the mysterious circumstances. The Police Deputy Commissioner, the Superintendent of Police Inspectors, forensic experts and other high ranking officials were called out to the scene.

A man wearing a white t-shirt and chef's trousers was visibly upset when he saw the burned man in the burned out car. The deceased man was identified as being from San Gwann.

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one after two years of hanging around here.
  by: Rosko Sinep     06/27/2007 07:46 PM     
  What is more  
to this, is that this was the same day that Madeleine was sighted being taken on to a boat in Malta. If I sighted this little girl, I would have been screaming, going crazy and bringing it to police attention with the mobile phone some other way lacking a M/phone.
  by: Rosko Sinep     06/27/2007 10:50 PM     
Glad to see, a very interesting story too.
  by: caution2     06/27/2007 11:39 PM     
Bet he taste salty.
  by: Rybeam   06/28/2007 02:02 AM     
  @Rosko Sinep  
Now if everybody had your attitude would have a limitless pool of what else!? Short news.

Good job!
  by: Zmethod     06/28/2007 07:28 AM     
It's the 4400
  by: cavador   06/28/2007 10:31 AM     
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