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                 04/24/2014 12:58 PM  
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05/10/2001 10:07 AM ID: 6345 Permalink   

CD-R Discs Become 3X More Expensive


Manufactures of popular writable CD's have announced that the prices will jump this summer by as much as three times their current rates.

The currently low prices are due in part to a price war among the many producers of the CD-R's. However, many of the manufacturers have already gone bankrupt, and the increasing demand and materials shortage will cause the jump in prices.

There is no need for customers to panic, though. "The price increase should only affect consumers incrementally--probably less than $1 more for 50 CDs," an analyst said. "Resellers and distributors are likely to feel the effects more dramatically."

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I better stock up violently!
  by: 8 bit Orgy   05/10/2001 10:52 PM     
  A trip to the Wholesalers  
It looks as if I will have to go up to my trade supplier and buy some before they go up in price. Currently the're £5.99 for 10 plus vat.
  by: Chris D. Smith     05/11/2001 01:20 PM     
  Low Cost Source  
I keep an eye on the prices for CD-R's being sold and have found that (believe it or not) CompUSA sells Silver/Blue 100pk CD-Rs for $19.00. Normally they are 24.99, but you can find them on-sale almost every month.

If anyone knows of a less expensive reseller, please email me.
  by: canus-lupus   05/12/2001 03:44 PM     
  lower cost CD-R's  
I am not sure what the current exchange rate is, but take a look at for silver/blue CD-R's.

They sell for $19.00 = 100pk USDollars.
  by: canus-lupus   05/12/2001 03:48 PM     
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