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                 04/16/2014 11:52 PM  
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07/13/2007 10:19 AM ID: 63601 Permalink   

Forest Whittaker Signs on for Bible Audiobook


Oscar–winner Forest Whittaker has signed on to be one of 200 voices reading the Old Testament for an audiobook project due out this November. The Old Testament will be covered over 72 CDs and also be available on iTunes.

The dramatic readings feature a cast of singers, actors and clergymen, with the added dramatic effect of an original score performed by the Prague Symphony Orchestra as an accompaniment.

Also reading for the project are Denzel Washington, Cuba Gooding Jr and Angela Bassett. It is being set up by the same team of producers that produced the New Testament as an audiobook last year.

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  I do hope  
that the damn thing comes with swap boxes. I dont want to have to masterbag all those discs.
  by: Eidron   07/13/2007 05:16 PM     
  72 CDs?  
I thought we've moved on, couldn't they fit it all on one DVD-ROM, mp3'd?
  by: caution2     07/13/2007 10:35 PM     
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