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                 02/21/2018 01:53 PM  
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07/15/2007 12:58 AM ID: 63620 Permalink   

Continental Express Flight Attendant Boots Baby Off Plane for Saying "Bye Bye Plane"


Kate Penland and son Garren were on a Continental Express plane which had just started taking off. Garren began to say "Bye, bye plane" over and over as the plane taxied. "You need to shut your baby up," said the flight attendant.

Penland asked the woman if she was joking to which the flight attendant responded "You know, it’s called baby Benadryl," to which Penland replied she was not going to drug her baby. Other passengers on the plane began to speak up for Penland.

The flight attendant told the pilot that Penland had threatened her, which Penland denies and other passengers also refute, and the plane was turned around and Penland and Garren were removed from the plane. Penland says she wants answers and action.

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What a -----. She should definitely be fired. If not for being a complete jerk to the passenger, then for making up a bogus excuse to get them off the plane.

She for sure should take legal action, at least against the attendant.
  by: fballer23   07/15/2007 07:06 AM     
I agree, flight attendants have too much power, but then the whole cry wolf thing comes up.

I don't know, what happened to WITNESSES being able to testify, everyone is capable of lying, I think she should push this to the limit
  by: hl2k   07/15/2007 09:23 AM     
I hate babies on planes, particularly if they start yelling or climbing about. The longer the flight the more interminable it gets, usually with the parent(s) doing nothing to control their child.

Tolerance goes both ways - I'm willing to make allowances for the occasional bit of noisiness or rambunctiousness, but you ought to have consideration for the other passengers too. There are few things are stressful as jetlag and a crying baby.
  by: lauriesman     07/15/2007 10:16 AM     
You obviously shouldn't have children, and perhaps should consider taking trains and ferries in the future.

Think of how the parents feel when they have to take their child on an airplane filled with people who have no sense of what a difficult task is to be a parent.
  by: theironboard     07/15/2007 09:32 PM     
  @ the flight attendant  
They should drug-test that flight-attendant.
  by: theironboard     07/15/2007 09:33 PM     
Your child shouldnt be my problem.

Yes, its difficult being a parent, thats why I'm not one yet.
When I'm on a long flight at 3am and havent slept since 6 am, I'm already stressed, I dont want your child kicking my seat and demanding a cookie all night.
Bring on childless flights.
  by: GogeVandire   07/15/2007 10:28 PM     
  yea but...  
its not our fault nor concern you have kids... if its my kids i will control them and not expect others to "accept" bad behavior... its not ok for a adult to be loud on a plane and disturb others... same goes for a kid... if the kid cant behave on the plane or the parent cant make them behave i believe they shouldnt be allowed on teh plane... granted this sounds stupid in this situation... this is totally nuts... seems overkill... but im mostly responding to theironboard... his reply made absolutely no sense... its NO ones requirement to put up with your kids in public plain and simple they are your kids... if i cant scream and shout on a plane neither can they
  by: newsfreak   07/15/2007 10:42 PM     
  Parents do try and calm their kids  
it is just not easy.
I personally don't like noisy kids on long flights but i understand what they are going through and would definatly take a kid rather than a guy twice my size falling asleep and trying to rest his head on me!
at least with kids, if you smile or say the right thing they will giggle and stop crying but no matter what you do unless you bend your knees and put your feet near your bum while facing the man (which can be uncomfortable in long haul flights due to the lack of space and long time), he will make use of your shoulder. Kids don't!
  by: DarkAngelJG     07/15/2007 10:48 PM     
  oh yes  
and kids don't snore!
  by: DarkAngelJG     07/15/2007 10:50 PM     
Smack him round the head and say get off me.
If they cant control their kids, they shouldnt make them fly.
  by: GogeVandire   07/15/2007 11:09 PM     
  Age requirments.  
You should have to be 10 years old to fly, and 30 to be a flight attendant.
  by: Rybeam   07/16/2007 12:56 AM     
Well I guess Penland will be getting paid now. Oh, wait a minute..the Airlines don't have any money..aren't they all bankrupted.
  by: TobyKieth     07/16/2007 01:03 AM     
  Terrorist babies are the worst.  
They grow up to be terrorist adults. They should be dealt with when still young and not very efficient at suicide bombing. The more times they suicide bomb a plane the better they get at it. And you just can’t trust a terrorist baby, you never know what kind of bomb they will have hidden in that diaper.
  by: valkyrie123     07/16/2007 03:25 AM     
  Fire the B**ch  
Assuming for a moment that the report is accurate, and can be taken at face value (maybe so, maybe no):
1) She (the FA) cost the airline a lot of money and embarassment for nothing.
2) The l'il kid was just being a l'il kid. Mom should have distracted him with something else. He was probably really excited about the whole idea of an airplane. 3) The other pax did not report being annoyed. 4) Maybe the FA should take something for PMS (whether male or female) - maybe some "grown up" Benadryl. 5) If the woman sues the airline (I am not in favor of frivolous litigousness) she might well win. The airline (if it were smart, or even had a brain in its head) would take care of this quickly, with an apology and a couple of nice tickets someplace.

When my kids were little, I did not tolerate them annoying people. I really hate it when some young kid behind me continually kicks the seat, moans and groans [shucks, I don't like being there either! Damned cattle cars!] and is very demanding. Naturally, I don't like it when ANY of the pax act that way. There were better ways to handle this, both at the parent level, and at the FA level.
  by: LeePIII   07/16/2007 05:14 PM     
  a chatty kid  
a chatty happy kid (which is what this sounds like) is world's different than a screaming uncontrollable kid. Screaming uncontrollable children, fine, I'd be annoyed too (although I'd still be sympathetic towards the parent as long as they were obviously trying their best to quell the situation). But if people are seriously going to get pissy over a happy talkative kid, then there's something wrong with this society.
  by: jeniq     07/16/2007 06:14 PM     
i have a suggestion.

every plane should be broken up into 4 section.

1st class (which i don't care who you are or how rich you are no babies allowed in 1st class)

business class (of course no kids business class is the manager or marketing or some non fatcat who has to ride a commerical plane then a personal/company jet to do their job-NO KIDS)

coach. now this is where we all know airlines stiff you but here is where they can also make some extra money that i think 100% of us wouldnt mind paying.

coach would be divided into 2 classes. the first of the two coach classes simply do not allow children below 13 in this section.

the second coach section which will have much cheaper tickets will allow infants, pre-teen, and all the youths with their soccer moms in that section. what will seperate them from the rest isn't gonna be come curtain its will need to be like a door of some sort. or at worse more sound proofing near these entrances so the sound can't travel. that's what all the drama is comming from.

they can charge a bit more to sit in the first coach section which i think every 1 will do. but if your strapped for cash or a family wanting to travel you can save a little extra and travel with your family with your kids to where ever.

but you will see some families resist because they too hate sitting around other parents who don't deserve to breed.
  by: DRK   07/16/2007 09:39 PM     
add two more section on to that, a first class section that will allow kids, and a sealed off section for smokers, and i'm with you
  by: ganjaman22     07/16/2007 09:50 PM     
sure why the hell not right? if their so money hungry they should treat these planes like a las vegas casino. every thing is allowed just cut up the plane into sections for each interest. ppl laughed at the southwest airlines plane design where u stand for the flight. but hell if my 3 hour plane ride is $69 bucks why not?
  by: DRK   07/16/2007 11:06 PM     
Having all those sections will result in what? two rows per section? How would those sections be seperated? Everyone knows that a kids scream carries. Especially in small confined spaces. My kids were counting down like a shuttle launch on a trip we recently took. Should they have been kicked off for that? They were mostly silent the rest of the time except for some squeals of laughter. Should we have landed and booted off for that?

I just came back from Flordia with my kids. The man kiddie corner to me across the asile was snoring before the plane even took off. It was funny at first, but it got annoying real fast.

Goge- Anyone that would bring their child on a 3am flight should be shot. But I could only imagine taking my kids on such a late flight if there were a family emergency. I am in the midwest, my parents in the south. If something happens to one of them I have to get down there ASAP no matter the hour. You never know what could have been going on that a kid was on a plane that late. I know keeping my kids tame would be the least of my worries in the event of something I mentioned.

That being said. I have three words for any parent travelling in a sardine can with thier kids. Portable DVD Player. I don't advocate ploppin kids in front of the tv just to keep them quiet. But in that instance (air travel) I think an exception can be made.

DRK - I flew Spirit. Not only paid for the tickets, they charged me to check my bags. I caught it early and paid online at $5 a bag (three bags x 2 way trip). If I didn't catch that it would have been $10 per bag each way. Food wasn't free (except water), drinks were $2 (i think). FAA regulations prevent you from bringin your own from home. Talk about nickel and diming.

They counted down like a shuttle take off as we took off.
  by: NoTalentAssclown     07/16/2007 11:33 PM     
  cue baby joke  
What's black and blue and behind bars?

Caged baby in the cargo compartment at 3000 ft.

Parents should just stick to shipping babies by catapult.
  by: bane39   07/16/2007 11:35 PM     
don't know why that part was duplicated at the end.
  by: NoTalentAssclown     07/16/2007 11:35 PM     
"Anyone that would bring their child on a 3am flight should be shot. But I could only imagine taking my kids on such a late flight if there were a family emergency"

A holiday, so hardly a family emergency
  by: Gogevandire   07/17/2007 06:33 PM     
  you don't always have many options  
some countries only have 1 flight a week and if you don't go on it (even if it is 4am) tyou will never get to your destination.
i seriously think a laughing kid is WAY better than a snoring adult trying to use ur shoulder as a pillow!
*ahem* i don't go smacking people! ;P
  by: DarkAngelJG     07/17/2007 09:20 PM     
She's probably just jealous because she's infertile now from all the purging and yo-yo dieting she has to do to keep her airline job.
  by: Bluep     07/18/2007 06:54 AM     
  travelling with kids  
I have 4 children - 8,5,3,1. We travel and go to restaurants with them ... and while some of our friends tease me and call me the "strict" dad ... we receive compliments wherever we take them for being well behaved and polite ... i have only this to say ... IT CAN BE DONE! maybe our kids dont get to do everything their friends do, they dont have dvd players in the car, they dont get the luxury of talking back ... but they also smile alot, hug each other, and say yes maam and sir to adults. mebe i am strict ... but atleast they have SOME frame of reference when they are deciding how to behave as an adult.
  by: bpearson   07/18/2007 11:13 PM     
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