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                 01/17/2018 09:04 PM  
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07/20/2007 12:49 AM ID: 63712 Permalink   

Underground Lake Might End Darfur's Conflict


Scientists discovered a huge (30,750 km2) underground lake in the Darfur region which they believe might help bring an end to the conflict in the arid region.

According to analysts, the Arab nomads & black African farmers’ conflict is mainly due to scarce resources. Last month, the UNep urged the addressing of environmental damage to resolve Darfur’s conflict & explained how deserts stretched & forests shrank.

Scientist used radars & satellite images to find the underground lake; they hope the Sudanese government will approve the drilling of 1,000 wells to make use of it. A similar discovery in Egypt has helped the country irrigate 150,000 acres of farmland.

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  This could...  
be positive or negative for the region, a major power struggle may insue on who has the rights to said water, and a government may try to sell it to the poor. But it may bring them together, who knows, its a positive either way
  by: hl2k   07/20/2007 02:07 AM     
knowing history. their gonna torture, butcher, shoot and rape some more for control of this. just wait and watch :-\
  by: DRK   07/20/2007 03:14 AM     
  I hope so  
I hope so this will help them even though they are years ahead of improving the region this a big step into something good hopeful this works out
  by: Ontariogurl   07/20/2007 07:38 AM     
  Well, it all due to scarce resources  
But as several people said, this lake is just going to be something else to commit genocide over.
  by: Gogevandire   07/20/2007 09:49 AM     
  I don't want to sound pessimistic  
although water is an important factor, i think there are many more reasons behind the current situation. The conflict has been going on for decades yet it only became this inflamed the moment the war between the north (government) and the south (rebels) stopped.
  by: DarkAngelJG     07/20/2007 11:47 AM     
  I think war  
Has become a habit to most countries now, they always have to have something to fight for, sorry but execution is called for here a few of those and maybe it will take the fun out of it.
And the same in UK too, when people know their necks are on the line maybe, just maybe they will stop.
  by: captainJane     07/20/2007 01:16 PM     
  by: DarkAngelJG     07/21/2007 03:20 AM     
I was going to say the same thing. Water isn't a solution to the problem, a change in mindset is.

"There is enough water within these aquifers to bring peace in Darfur..."

But is there enough intelligence? There surly isn't in the western world.
  by: QuestioningAnswers   07/21/2007 10:29 PM     
Its nothing to do with intelligence... just education. By stating 'intelligence' you are propagating the stereotype of the african people as genetic retards.
  by: kuhl   07/21/2007 11:18 PM     
Questioning didn't state that africans are mentally deficient. His/her comments clearly expressed that africans are no better at "intelligent" conflict resolution that westerners. An opinion I share.
  by: Prefection   07/22/2007 07:30 PM     
  1 lake and 1000 wells,  
oh yea, let the disease spread cus all it takes is one screw up.
  by: AccessG     07/23/2007 04:47 PM     
They'll be fighting again for land in a few years.
  by: Gogevandire   07/24/2007 09:57 AM     
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