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                 02/19/2018 12:59 AM  
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07/24/2007 02:31 AM ID: 63770 Permalink   

Maryland Retiree's Anti-Bush Buttons Got Him Arrested


74-year-old Alan McConnell was arrested this weekend and charged with trespassing, after police said he was selling "Impeach Him" buttons without permission. McConnell has sold the anti-Bush buttons at a Maryland farmers' market for months.

Officials said that the incident has nothing to do with politics, but that they feared McConnell and his supporters were becoming a safety hazard. As he was being arrested, about 40 McConnell supporters booed and yelled "Free speech!"

Some of the market vendors say that all the controversy may actually help business. "The excitement has certainly brought a lot more people here, but not all of them are buying," one said. "Hopefully, the protesters today will come tomorrow to buy."

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This is so bizarre. I don't even no how to comment on this one.
  by: Jon_Hall     07/24/2007 02:40 AM     
  its funny  
if someone is breaking the law and putting out a political message at the same time, sheeple seem to think that its ok, they seem to believe that free speech laws grant them the right to break ALL other laws in your endevour to get out your 'speech'. Sorry to say you still have to obey the laws of the land, ie get permission to sell at stalls etc. You can just rock up somewhere and claim free speech and violate any rules or laws you like, then complain when you get arrested.
  by: ssxxxssssss   07/24/2007 02:49 AM     
I suppose being bush and his buds can break the law and get off unscathed the public assumes they can follow in the footprints of our leaders?
  by: ukcn001XYZ   07/24/2007 03:11 AM     
Well the source says the land is public land. I would have thought that selling buttons for $1 on public land would be fairly morally acceptable.

Just because something is illegal doesn't make it just and why shouldn't people complain when laws are unjust?
  by: jendres     07/24/2007 03:52 AM     
looking at the permits available to him. If he doesn't sell from a stationary location such as a stall, then he wouldn't need to have a permit since none of the permits would apply.

there are door-to-door permits (doesn't apply), regular route permits (doesn't apply not following a regular route), and site specific permits ("A site-specific vendor's license is required if an individual sells or offers to sell goods or services from a stationary location.")
  by: jendres     07/24/2007 04:05 AM     
  Your clock is set to 15 minutes of fame & fortune  
SELL LIKE HELL! I hope they make a million. Where can I order one?
  by: valkyrie123     07/24/2007 04:59 AM     
  im not familiar with farmers markets  
but was under the impression that few to none of vendors have permits there. can anyone verify this?
  by: reverend j roach     07/24/2007 07:01 AM     
  Farmer's Market  
Oh come one, how many of those farmers do you think actually had business licenses? I'm sure if he'd have been selling pitch forks or fried chicken he'd have hgad no problem whatsoever with the officials
  by: barryriley   07/24/2007 10:36 AM     
To deny us of our freedom is to deny everything the US stands for. Obviously, I guess it's "illegal" to use any form of freedom of expression we have. Rather in this case, if you don't agree with Bush, you're obviously a terrorist. /sarcasm
  by: SunDown   07/24/2007 02:51 PM     
  The old coot....  
needs Viagra.
  by: Rybeam   07/25/2007 01:06 AM     
  Hail Bush  
Hitler was raciest and evil but Bush is all of this rolled together and more the biggest lying B'/S that was ever born. Impeach and imprison pronto Please!
  by: captainJane     07/25/2007 03:27 PM     
i seem to remember the nazi's doing similar things to this abour 70 years ago... humans love repeating history don't they?
  by: havoc666     07/25/2007 05:55 PM     
  Police overreaction  
Some rightwingnut shopping at the farmers market probably called the police by cell phone. Otherwise, why would the cops be at a farmers market arresting somebody's grandfather. I doubt if the cops were shoppers.
  by: frank67   07/25/2007 06:27 PM     
Its funny how we can even discuss following the laws when some of the top officials of this country as we speak are at risk of being held in contempt by the Congress for not obeying the laws... Weird huh?
  by: kcking05     07/25/2007 09:02 PM     
  One law for all  
It says in the source, authorities removed gramps because he was creating a “safety hazard.” I guess the pin used to hold the button on was sharper than the words on the button. The Bushtapo has run amuck. This needs to be stoped before it is too late. Since our President, Vice President, Attorney General and all of their staff seem to think the Laws of the land mean nothing to them, I feel we should follow their example and let anarchy reign. Riot in the streets and let chaos rule until these criminals are drug out of our White House and strung up in the nearest tree. We need no King. No one is above the law.

  by: Valkyrie123     07/26/2007 02:58 PM     
  Bush and Blair.  
Have been found guilty of war crimes in Malaysia.

How long will the laws be different for these corrupt leaders? @Valk
  by: captainJane     03/20/2012 06:17 PM     
someone else has seen the latest on Bush n Blair, but as I said in another comment, I can´t see it going any further than Malaysia, it won´t go to the I.C.C
  by: manicfoot   03/20/2012 06:36 PM     
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