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                 01/17/2018 04:08 AM  
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07/24/2007 01:04 PM ID: 63777 Permalink   

Unknown Bus Driver Accused


The Malta Transport Authority has said that it will try to find a unknown bus driver, who has been accused by members of the public for racial discrimination. The driver refused the boarding of three women of African descent on bus route 64.

When the three women tried to board the bus to pay the fare, they were refused and turned away. The women were told there were no more seats for them. A witness who said that there were 25 seats left was ignored. The driver then drove on.

It became known later that the women were Swiss nationals and one was studying in Malta. The two other women were visiting her. A local public platform stated that “Incidents such as the above cast shame on our country.”

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I say kudos to the driver. We need to stop all these women of African descent from getting educated. What does it matter that one day they may make more than you or possibley end up owning that bus line. I say who cares that they may do more with their lives than you will ever dream to accomplish. Good for you keep on discriminating and maybe after 10 or 15 more years of dedicated service you might get an extra nickel an hour.
  by: TruHawg   07/24/2007 06:06 PM     
  @ Hawg  
Now, see racism screwed America. Now people place the race card that is over used.

Don't hate, impregnant!
  by: h00ter86   07/24/2007 06:59 PM     
  by: h00ter86   07/24/2007 06:59 PM     
Granted, I didn't read the source, so my information could be off. But, how do we know it was racially based? Just because something stupid happens to a "person of color" does not indicate immediately that it was racist. The bus driver should be fired... not because he was racist... but because he was denying money for no good reason...

I once had a guy claim racism because I opened a register a second after another register was able to serve him. Apparently, he felt that I purposely avoided serving him. (Back when I worked at the movie theater)

The world's too sensitive to race... and as such promotes racism...
  by: Svengali   07/24/2007 10:57 PM     
  In one word  
  by: captainJane     07/25/2007 11:17 PM     
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