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                 01/22/2018 11:35 AM  
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07/24/2007 01:30 PM ID: 63778 Permalink   

Suspected Methamphetamine King Arrested


Mexico´s attorney general has confirmed that U.S.A authorities have arrested a suspected Mexican meth lab owner. The Chinese-Mexican named Ye Gon, has been accused of helping to make huge quantities of meth. He was arrested in Maryland U.S.A.

A mansion owned by Ye Gon was raided by the Mexican police four months ago. They found suitcases full of money and closets that were overflowing with cash. They also found six Mercedes Benz cars and weapons. The value of the money was $206 million.

Ye Gon had escaped to the U.S. and said he was a innocent victim of a Mexican government plot. Ye Gon also added, that a government minister forced him to hide the cash under the threat of death during last year's Mexican election campaign.

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  One less...  
bastardo off the streets.
  by: chadatcondonethis   07/24/2007 02:07 PM     
dont know if its the same case, but close nonetheless.
  by: hamstertube   07/24/2007 02:40 PM     
  I mean ... just ...  
wtf would you do with all that money? I think if I had $250m, I know it says he had $406, but I'd be out of there sorta thing ... Some people dunno when to quit ... At some point he must have thought 'I will never be able to spend all this'.
  by: AccessG     07/24/2007 03:24 PM     
  I assume  
in some of these orgs, you don't get the opportunity to quit because usually you know people who don't want to get fingered
  by: hl2k   07/24/2007 03:34 PM     
  This arrest is  
all over the media. Each news outlet has a different story and a different amount of money involved. I did not think it to be this big of deal until I saw the photos of the cash. It was said that some of the cash was Mexican peso's, so that could take up a lot of room and space for $1 mil. worth.
  by: Rosko Sinep     07/24/2007 06:35 PM     
Let me clarify some things, first, the money was 250 million USD, yep dollars, no pesos, second, this bozo give enterviews to us media even when the interpol issue a warrant order agains him (i don't know why us lawmens didn't get him earlier), third his lawyers claim the mexican goverment conspire against him, yet when they guive the name of the alleged mexican goverment officer, the name he give is from an sport newscaster.
Here in mexico we don't believe in our goverment, but in this case, we can se this chinese man lies crystal clear
  by: demonh8   07/24/2007 10:02 PM     
It sure is the same case! Good catch.
  by: caution2     07/25/2007 01:21 AM     
  He should have  
come to Louisiana instead of Maryland and he would have been out walking the streets the next day.. happens all the time in my town....child molesters they got em for good, drug dealers they can't hold em for reasons I don't understand
  by: tasso   07/26/2007 05:49 AM     
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