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                 01/21/2018 03:23 PM  
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07/25/2007 11:36 PM ID: 63803 Permalink   

'' Cybersquatter Loses Rights to Site


Keith Malley was shot down by UN patent agency, WIPO (The World Intellectual Property Organization). The agency ruled that he registered the '' site in bad faith to deceive users into visiting his podcast and ad-related sites.

At first Malley linked the site to mature and sexually explicit Simpson's related material. Twentieth Century Fox started the legal procedure in May, and the movie has since premiered in Springfield, Vermont on July 20th. {SN Reported}.

Malley gave no defense at the hearing; he also failed at an attempt to sell the site to FOX for $50,000. D'oh!

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  Haha. I am sure are smart.  
I managed to write 'Intellectial' instead of 'Intellectual' in the first paragraph. Channel Cops to the rescue?

This still doesn't beat the CVs I once sent out with the word 'proof-reading' mispelled as 'prof-reading'.

Simpsons Fans- Here are links to Quick-E-Mart pics (very cool).
  by: theironboard     07/25/2007 11:46 PM     
  lol tib  
cus I remember giving my CV out for computer related jobs and had printed off the wrong one ... I didnt bother with changing them and never got any jobs via that one either ...
  by: AccessG     07/26/2007 12:07 AM     
A little too late though, isn't it? The movie is almost out!
  by: caution2     07/26/2007 12:10 AM     
(any idea why the SN spell checker is so inconsistent? I try to prof things myself, but it's getting late and my brain is fried!)
  by: theironboard     07/26/2007 12:15 AM     
  Death Penalty for all...  
Cyber Squatters, who's with me!?
  by: Zmethod     07/26/2007 12:28 AM     
Start with KenyaTech. Those bastards...!
  by: theironboard     07/26/2007 01:13 AM     
  Cut Thier Balls Off Zmethod!  
I got in there first :)
  by: CrisW   07/26/2007 01:19 AM     
  lets boycott the simpson's movie in disgust!!  
oh wait i wasnt going to watch it anyway...
  by: JulesLady     07/26/2007 03:07 AM     
was the site paid for? was it maintained? if so they have no more right to the that domain than i do to or both site are taken both use a name i go by.

i'm going to take and sue them for being deceptive in leading people to a site with my name and not have any infomation on me.

some of these laws are absolutely rediculas, as much as i like the simpsons this is f'ed up... as much as i don't like cybersquatters an ounce of creativity can get around them.

for instance or

they already have more than one domain they also have (no "the" in this domain name).

if a person buys the rights to a domain it should be theirs, irreguardless of whether or not its deceptive. anyone that think 3 paragraphs isn't short could just as rightly file against this site for being deceptive...

check out this deceptive site:

anyone what to file some frivilous lawsuits against "deceptive" sites
  by: havoc666     07/26/2007 03:45 AM     
Are you by any chance a cyber squatter!?
  by: Zmethod     07/26/2007 03:52 AM     
"At first Malley linked the site to mature and sexually explicit Simpson's related material."

Some people need help. Lots and lots of help.

Why didn't he sell it...I'd mush rather have 50k right there than getting a few idiots to watch my podcast.
  by: fballer23   07/26/2007 04:10 AM     
nope... but i hate dumb laws, dumb regulations and all that shit... like i said an ounce of creativity and they could have gotten around the cybersquatter... this is more about total domain control than about the website itself, they already had the domain its not as if the only domain name they could choose was taken... if the squatter was reimburced in full he should really sue over this, if it was simply taken from him i see no difference between that and theft... cybersquatting is an insanely dumb "problem" and by that i mean the fact that there is a problem with it is dumb... they aren't sitting on the site and paying nothing for it, if someone is dumb enough not to be able to have 30 seconds of creativity to create their own unique domain they are probably so dumb and dull to be creating a website in the first place... for instance my geocites website that i want was taken i wanted but when i made my site that domain was taken i simply added another "66" after havoc666, problem solved.
  by: havoc666     07/26/2007 04:33 AM     
have you ever heard of a "social engineering attack"?

That's just one example of why a squatter's rights system of granting domains is a problem.

There's also this crazy notion that the internet is suppose to be useful and urls should be reflective of the content. After all, when I goto, I expect sexy teens...not a 30 to year olds. (FYI, I have no idea what is at, click at own risk).
  by: bane39   07/26/2007 05:13 AM     
30-50 yr olds

*yowser, yowser, yowser*
  by: Bluep     07/26/2007 05:54 AM     
DAMN! gotta sign up.... I mean, I REFUSE TO CLICK THAT LINK!!

*shifty eyes*
  by: wingedpuma     07/26/2007 09:41 AM     
"After all, when I goto,, I expect sexy teens"

"At first Malley linked the site to mature and sexually explicit Simpson's related material"
  by: Gogevandire   07/26/2007 10:08 AM     
  I don't know  
It seems to me that Fox would've procured the domain long ago, knowing full well they would need it/them for the inevitable Simpson's movie. They're JUST NOW getting around to it? And yeah, I think the person who owns the rights to it should've cashed out now while demand is at its highest. Otherwise what's the point of even owning it? I'm sure changes down the line in domain ownership will eventually make it tougher to own a domain with associations to a brand name/trademark.
  by: caution2     07/26/2007 08:12 PM     
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