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                 01/17/2018 08:03 AM  
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07/27/2007 11:37 PM ID: 63851 Permalink   

Cheney to Get Re-Batteried


Vice President Cheney is to receive a new heart defibrillator with new batteries included. The old batteries were in need of replacement. It is reported by his doctor that his device had been doing well with the batteries that now need replacing.

Cheney, who is now sixty six years of age, has had four heart attacks before the defibrillator was installed.

It is also reported that he has a blood clot in his leg which was found after a trip overseas this year.

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wheres the nearest
  by: havoc666     07/27/2007 11:58 PM     
Spot on! Beat me too it...That'd be awesome to do...."Miniature, home-made EMP devices destroys Cheney's Defibrillator."
  by: atomsk   07/28/2007 12:32 AM     
  In the words of Cheney...  
Meh, meh, meh, too pretty to die, meh meh.
  by: tellgar     07/28/2007 01:18 AM     
He is a cyborg, this is proof!
  by: Rodney Jason   07/28/2007 01:21 AM     
  @ EMP  
Lol! Hell yeah. Oh wait, I don't want them to seize my property due to opposition of the govment... better just keep my mouth shut. Shame on you guys. (yeah right)
  by: spiggy   07/28/2007 02:22 AM     
If Cheney were to fall, Bush would have to start running the country. Think to yourself. do you really want Bush to be in charge?
  by: RyanB     07/28/2007 04:11 AM     
no no no... see your thinking of bush as if he were a person... he's a puppet, if cheney dies a new hand will be inserted into bush's ass and make him dance... we all know bush can't dance on his own.
  by: havoc666     07/28/2007 04:24 AM     
  I have a difib unit in my garage I built myself  
I made it from an old fence charger and a car battery. Guaranteed to last for 5 years or double your money back. I’d install it in Cheney for free.
  by: valkyrie123     07/28/2007 05:13 AM     
  Can't Be  
A psychopathic polluter like him would never agree to a "green" battery powered unit. No, he's demanding a gas powered device.
  by: bugmenot   07/28/2007 05:56 AM     
nah the next pace paker should be power not by gas but by the oil in his veins that as long since replaced the blood.
  by: havoc666     07/28/2007 06:18 AM     
It's not very liberal to wish death upon others, no matter how questionable their character.
  by: _undead   07/28/2007 06:29 AM     
  Further proof...  
...that Dick is animatronic.
  by: vanillaskye   07/28/2007 08:09 AM     
  Oh Please..  
Politics has nothing to do with it, wishing death on someone is neither liberal nor un-liberal.
  by: StarShadow     07/28/2007 09:26 AM     
  Not to worry  
Not to per the Constitution power was briefly transferred to Bush while Cheney more out.....
  by: Huguenot   07/28/2007 09:43 AM     
  @ undead  
...not very liberal? Says who? Conservatives are pro-life so we "liberals" must be pro-death I suppose. All joking aside, I personally don't believe that wishing reincarnation upon the wicked is necessarily a matter of party affiliation. ;^)
  by: spiggy   07/28/2007 10:02 AM     
  Does this mean...  
Does this mean that George W. Bush was temporarily in charge?
  by: gregandyogi   07/28/2007 09:46 PM     
"It's not very liberal to wish death upon others, no matter how questionable their character."

and how many time have i claimed to be liberal... i'm liberal to the extent of not being a warmonger, i'm liberal to the extent of not being utterly intolerant of everyone that doesn't agree with me (note: correcting and debating people is not being intolerance, just incase that might be your next arguement).. but i'm certianly not some uber-liberal that will refrain from anything offensive... cheney and his goons deserve death or at very least life imprisonment.

in closing liberal of not, F*CK Cheney
  by: havoc666     07/28/2007 10:09 PM     
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