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                 01/20/2018 06:15 AM  
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07/28/2007 10:22 PM ID: 63867 Permalink   

Cheney: New Defibrillator Installed


Vice President Cheney has had a new heart defibrillator installed with new batteries included. A spokeswomen at the hospital stated "The device was successfully installed without complications".

Defibrillators produce a electrical shock to the heart if there is abnormal rhythm beats. His doctors had stated during his last check up that the batteries were wearing down since the year 2001 installation. [SN reported]

It is also reported that he is taking blood thinning medications for a blood clot in his leg. He is one of President Bush´s closest advisors.

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  Rosko Sinep  
Somebody please change "this" to "his" leg.
  by: Rosko Sinep     07/28/2007 10:34 PM     
I'm soooo happy that this living inspiration of freedom and democracy will live to see another day!
  by: daniel2508     07/29/2007 02:18 AM     
President Bush had an operation last week because of an obstruction in his anus.Maybe they should have put one in his backside so everytime he says "Middle East" he will get a zap in his ass!
  by: cavador   07/29/2007 02:25 PM     
  Fixed typo...  
  by: Lurker     07/29/2007 04:40 PM     
  Sigh, I really wish...  
that while forcefully putting him in cardiac-arrest, the defibrillator would cease to work.
  by: SunDown   07/29/2007 04:44 PM     
  Same Story Twice?  
Why would you post the same story twice?
  by: Nooze Worthy     07/30/2007 02:33 AM     
  @Nooze Worthy  
its not... the first one was before the fact... this article is after the fact...

the first one was entitled: "Cheney to be re-batteried"
  by: havoc666     07/30/2007 02:40 AM     
  i'm surprised  
I'm surprised they found his heart.
  by: jendres     07/30/2007 03:46 AM     
  I always suspected...  
... that Cheney had a windup toy for a heart.

  by: Dedolito     07/31/2007 09:29 PM     
  I always imagined Mr. Burns's heart  
a shriveled up black looking prune type of object when I think of Cheneys.
  by: slavefortheman     07/31/2007 09:37 PM     
is Cheney actually human?

He's a class A c**t. The most evil and corrupt man on the planet. I only wish that someone had the guts to "liberate" the world away from him.
  by: spearhead   07/31/2007 11:18 PM     
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