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                 01/16/2018 10:28 AM  
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07/30/2007 11:09 PM ID: 63908 Permalink   

Risks of Cancer-Infected Blood Transfusions


The risk of a cancer-infected blood transfusions has been declared as a minor risk. This information was released by Italy´s European School of Oneology.

The research team stated in part, "that long term cancer survivors might be a fairly safe donor group." The research team did admit that donors with a previous history of cancer was limited in number for the research.

The school used the samples from 978 cancer cases from Sweden and Denmark. It was also stated that gender did not play a factor in the health risks.

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  The problem with research briefs  
is that there is too many maybe´s, small risks, might nots, could, chance of, possables, not confirmed and can. You will never see in these kind reports the words, "will, verified and other positive explanations. One research report says it does and and another report a month later on same subject says it does not.
  by: Rosko Sinep     07/31/2007 12:27 AM     
  You can 'CATCH' cancer? Seriously!  
Talk about fear state.

Is this threat new? How have people survived all these decadeds with transfusions. I wish society would find something more constructive than crapping their pants over the next "spectre-du-jour".
  by: redstain   07/31/2007 02:00 PM     
  I wouldnt have thought so  
The reason cancer kills people is because its their own cells, your immune system cant fight it, or more accuratly, wont.

If you implanted someone elses tumor in me, my immune system would, well, go to war, as it were.
Which is why we need to suppress the immune systems of organ transplant patients.
  by: Gogevandire   07/31/2007 02:07 PM     
  That's what they get  
For not letting perfectly healthy A- me donate blood. All because I lived in the UK for a few years as a child.

No blood, no organs, no retinas.

They were afraid of contracting some kind of incubated strand of Mad Cow or CJD and now they're passing around Cancer! OH THEY IRONY!
  by: ablindmansees     07/31/2007 02:08 PM     
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