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                 01/18/2018 03:19 AM  
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08/02/2007 11:26 PM ID: 63982 Permalink   

Wife Impales Self on Husbands Sword


A woman has been killed after walking into her husband's sword. It all started at a bar where they had been drinking. The husband had been overheard cursing his wife by the bartender and said "I'll take care of you later."

The husband told officers later that he had been home handling the sword after she put food in his face. This resulted in the wife being cut up and killed by a fatal wound to the upper chest.

The husband remains in jail under a $750,000 bail.

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  A man and his wife  
walk into a bar...
  by: chadatcondonethis   08/02/2007 11:57 PM     
  it sounds weird  
on so many different levels
  by: RyanB     08/03/2007 12:31 AM     
  awesome title  
But seriously... should walked onto the sword hard enough to impale herself?
  by: lauriesman     08/03/2007 01:28 AM     
  It cuts like a knife....  
but it'll be alright...
  by: Nooze Worthy     08/03/2007 03:07 AM     
  Good Story  
poorly written summary.
  by: tomblik     08/03/2007 04:22 AM     
  @ tomblik  
I disagree. I believe the summary adequately tells what happened and in a concise manner. Granted, the title is a bit misleading as it is not necessarily what happened (it's evident that he killed her, thus he was charged) , but not to the point that it merits a negative review. I doesn't really matter though. I've seen at least a half dozen less than stellar reviews suddenly disappear tonight, most all of them warranted. Kinda makes you wonder why the site bothers to have that feature.
  by: Nooze Worthy     08/03/2007 05:01 AM     
  The story is what counts  
Yes, Lauriesman, she must have been very brave or very stupid to “impale” her self.
  by: captainJane     08/03/2007 06:56 AM     
  I'll admit this  
I had to read the story after seeing the title.

At first glance I thought, shoot, someone walked into a sword...then I thought, what if its a clever rouse for talking about sex?
  by: Jediman3     08/03/2007 02:35 PM     
Man i think we need some serious help. Thats exactly why i clicked on the link thinking it was some analogy for a sex thing. I was sadly disappointed.
  by: Maddhatter   08/04/2007 09:30 AM     
  You got it wrong....  
He was holding his sword in front of himself and "accidently" bumped into his wife!
  by: cavador   08/04/2007 12:18 PM     
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