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                 02/22/2018 05:30 PM  
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08/06/2007 08:21 AM ID: 64050 Permalink   

Man Anally Rapes Grandparents' Dog


St. Petersburg, Florida. Police report that 19-year-old Nicholas Densmore faces Animal Cruelty charges after he allegedly sodimized a Yorkshire Terrier repeatedly behind his grandparents' home. Afterwards, he threw the dog in the trash.

The grandparents, who were too mortified to speak to media on camera, brought the dog to local veterinarian for treatment. The animal was bleeding from its rectum and was experiencing considerable discomfort.

Dr. Goldstein, who treated the dog, stated, "She was penetrated repeatedly, causing damage to the backside of her kidneys, ovaries and other organs in the abdominal cavity." The 7-year-old animal is expected to make a full recovery.

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  One word...  
  by: Nooze Worthy     08/06/2007 08:23 AM     
  You know those Grandparen't are proud...  
"And this is my grandson, little Nikki, he and our dog are inseparable..."
  by: Nooze Worthy     08/06/2007 08:28 AM     
it just gets wackier ... Do the dog then put it in the trash ... where all dogs belong, of course. What was going through his mind? Any drugs involved or was it pure Floridian? 'Floridian' is my new word for 'completely stupid'.
  by: AccessG     08/06/2007 08:29 AM     
What a disgusting FREAK he will get a taste of his own medicine in prison Hopefuly!
  by: Ontariogurl   08/06/2007 08:41 AM     
  @ Ontariogurl  
He won't be doing prison time. He'll likely get fined and/or sent for psychological treatment. Then again, it is Florida. He may become Governor.
  by: Nooze Worthy     08/06/2007 08:53 AM     
  Raping animals  
Damn, get some porn movies and **** instead of ******* a dog.
  by: iBye   08/06/2007 04:08 PM     
  Perferably not of  
someone ******* a dog
  by: Gogevandire   08/06/2007 04:15 PM     
  Probably need the same to happen to him  
Shame animal cruelty laws are so lax and no one feels the need to make them more severe. Life is life regardless - a short amount of time in jail tossing salads and bending over to pick up soap will show him what a wonderful experience he was giving.
  by: VSwift   08/06/2007 10:18 PM     
  I wonder..  
if the dog has taken up smoking.
  by: Nooze Worthy     08/06/2007 11:21 PM     
How You Like Me Now? HOW YOU LIKE ME NOW?
  by: shoezacks   08/07/2007 03:16 AM     
lol, governor. that's sounds about right.
  by: Bluep     08/07/2007 03:12 PM     
  if the dog has taken up smoking.  
LOL! And then probably rolled over and went right to sleep without cuddling!
  by: John E Angel     08/08/2007 12:51 AM     
His plonker and put hot chilly on it.
Hope the scum gets a good beating for this!
  by: captainJane     08/08/2007 02:34 PM     
Have you been seeing a professional about those violent wishes that you have about others?
  by: John E Angel     08/08/2007 04:25 PM     
  all of  
the stories out of FL make me seriously wonder why I am moving back there??
  by: cherubgirl     08/08/2007 06:38 PM     
You want to be the smartest person within 200 miles?
  by: Gogevandire   08/08/2007 06:48 PM     
  If that sounds like  
I'm calling you an idiot, thats not the intention.
  by: Gogevandire   08/08/2007 06:48 PM     
  by: keanu1982     08/10/2007 11:55 PM     
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