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                 01/16/2018 02:30 PM  
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08/09/2007 03:22 AM ID: 64116 Permalink   

Quran Ban in the Netherlands?


A Dutch MP has called for a ban on the Islamic holy book, citing it as a "fascist book" which the MP said encourages killing non-believers and rape.

Geert Wilders, the leader of the extremist right Freedom Party, in a letter to the De Volkskrant newspaper, compares the Quran to Mein Kampf, the biography of Hitler's life before his rise to power.

Wilders is quoted as saying: "I have been saying this for years: there is no such thing as a moderate Islam." Wilders' letter to the De Volkskrant newspaper concluded saying: "I am fed up with Islam in the Netherlands..."

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Ban all religious books, it's all bs at the end of the day anyway.
  by: GarouNova   08/09/2007 05:23 AM     
You can make the argument that anything is bullshit, it's just a matter of what works for who. If someone wants to let them believe in an invisible benevolent-omnipotent father figure, I have no problem with it.

As for the actual banning, I'm against banning any source of knowledge. This is a part of human history; one day, our descendants may want to know what kind of wacky faiths we subscribed to.
  by: mkez   08/09/2007 06:23 AM     
  funny thing is...  
that but Wilders' own logic the bible should also be banned, esspecially the OT part. Wilders is a fascist quite obviously, he detests Islam from what i can tell from his comments.
  by: havoc666     08/09/2007 06:59 AM     
  I have met  
some very moderate muslims. Some you could not even tell they were muslim until they decided to tell you or you asked. Ban the book? In that case ban the bible it is just as violent.

This guy is insane if he thinks banning a book will do anything to kill the religion. It didnt work during the prodistent (sp?) and catholic wars in old England, it wont work in the Netherlands now.

Its a pity though, all this hate which is directed around. Hate met with a hate response only causes more hate.
  by: ssxxxssssss   08/09/2007 07:20 AM     
  @ssxxxssssss: "protestant"  
There were no actual wars. Rather, as the religion of the ruling monarchs changed from time to tome through marriage & succession, the state religion also changed.

Of course those in the minority who refused to changed to the faith-du-jour had to go underground.

Those discovered, would be stripped of their land (property and assets) tortured and the lucky ones would be given a chance to 'covert'. Many of these people didn't convert and were burned at the stake. Heretics.

"Omnipotent and benevolent god". But those who professed the faith were far from benevolent.
  by: redstain   08/09/2007 09:35 AM     
"time to time"
"chance to convert"
  by: redstain   08/09/2007 09:37 AM     
  Perhaps it's better  
to simply subject the Koran to open ridicule, contempt, mockery and systematic refutation. <deleted by admin>

Same for the Bible, OT, NT and other religious literatures.
  by: landers     08/09/2007 11:31 AM     
quote <<I'm against banning any source of knowledge.>>

The Koran is NOT a source of knowledge; it's a source of inspiration for human conflicts - murders, massacres, rapes, tortures, wars ...
  by: landers     08/09/2007 11:34 AM     
You need to <deleted by admin> understand that all kinds of books are sources of knowledge, which religion do you think the made the biggest contribution to human civilization, contains the answers which has aided numerous scientific breakthroughs and is still a source of intelligence to solve modern day problems here in the 21st century? Here's a clue it's not the bible. Why should it matter what a few nazis in the Nederland (don't care how you spell it) feel about the book which surpasses the intelligence of their nation as a whole? Your knee-jerk reactions is typical of dutch knuckleheads who could not care about educating themselves, instead dedicate their lives to making revoltingly disturbing porn movies and think it's OK to lobby the government to change laws which would allow them to have sex with children and animals. If I recall correctly the dutch have an offical party which is allowed to publicly air these perverted ideas. I feel the dutch should be banned from all countries until they learn to be civilized again.
  by: CheesyBiscuits   08/09/2007 12:02 PM     
  LOLOLOL @CheesyBiscuits  
<deleted by admin>
  by: landers     08/09/2007 12:12 PM     
  Is that your best comeback?  
<deleted by admin>

  by: CheesyBiscuits   08/09/2007 12:22 PM     
Nothing you just said makes sense. Nothing.
  by: Ec5618   08/09/2007 12:22 PM     
  LOLOL @CheeseBiscuits  
<deleted by admin>
  by: landers     08/09/2007 12:43 PM     
You recalled incorrectly, there is no such official party in Dutch Parliament. You're referring to the "Pedoparty". They needed 570 public-civilian autographs to be allowed to attend last year's elections, but they only got one.

Sorry, totally off-topic.
  by: Fonzo   08/09/2007 01:14 PM     
  i agree with mkez  
whether you agree or diagree with a religion is 1 thing, but banning it is another.
If this was a political party, more people would have gone in arms to defend the party's freedm of speech/ expression.
  by: DarkAngelJG     08/09/2007 01:43 PM     
If you want to argue then do so for as long as you like but cut out the personal insults. This is SN not the school playground! Two of you who will be receiving IMs in the next few minutes may consider yourselves on final warnings. I was given my banning stick yesterday and if I see any more of this type of rubbish from either of you in the near future then I'm going to try it out.
  by: ixuzus     08/09/2007 05:05 PM     
  Scared now  
I am supposed to be going to the Netherlands next year for a wedding. Now I am not so sure. First they wanted all foreigners out of their country and now outlawing books. I just dont want to be caught up when the new reich starts their marches there.
  by: TruHawg   08/09/2007 09:19 PM     
from my experience (and dutch friends) dutch people are one of the most tolerant europeans and very friendly.
don't worry; however, everywhere in the world there is good and bad, just be good yourself and everything will be great!! Don't get tempted by space cakes before asking what they *looks innocently to the side*
  by: DarkAngelJG     08/09/2007 10:49 PM     
Don't worry mate, we bake some nice (wedding) cakes over here. Where are you from?

This is all propaganda and political bullsh*t from one loudmouth politician. Three-quarters of Dutch people is against such a ban (well, that still leaves 25% in favour, pretty much though). He's making a fuzz again and now -finally- has international attention. Big deal, it'll wear off.
  by: Fonzo   08/09/2007 11:24 PM     
quote<<Three-quarters of Dutch people is against such a ban>>

there are that many Muslim immigrants in the Netherlands?
  by: landers     08/09/2007 11:46 PM     
Part of his point seems to be that Hitler's Mein Kampf is banned in the Netherlands, and that there is thus legal precedence for banning a certain type of book.
As for the figure stated by Fonzo, I can find to reference for it. I certainly doubt that 25% of people truly wish to ban books containing violence.
  by: Ec5618   08/09/2007 11:53 PM     
  Hitler's Mein Kampf  
Is the book banned in the Netherlands because of the author or the content?

I haven't read the book yet. Has anyone here read the book?
  by: landers     08/10/2007 12:29 AM     
These figures come from a poll. I can show you the reference article but it is in Dutch. We have over 1 million (moderate) Muslim people, mostly Turkish and Morrocan immigrants from the '70s, on a total population of 16 million.

About Mein Kampf: selling the book, even in the case of an old copy, is illegal as "promoting hatred", but possession and lending is not. In 1997, the Dutch government explained to parliament that selling a scientifically annotated version might escape prosecution (Wikipedia). It's forbidden to sell the book (also second-hand, except for old copies) in The Netherlands as well as Germany. So copyrights are not the case here. It's allowed in the US and UK, you can order it on Amazon or download a PDF.

It's a bit like our Cannabis policy: you're allowed to posess and consume it, but not to trade with it. :)
  by: Fonzo   08/10/2007 10:49 AM     
  Wilders is Right!  
Wilders is right. The Koran clearly constitutes "hate speech," and we know what European nations can do to those convicted of "hate speech."

Check out this frightening site:

<a href="">The Truth About Islam</...
  by: No Dhimmi   08/11/2007 09:28 AM     
  hate speech?  
wilders is using hate speech to denounce what he considers hate speech. how enlightened. no respected scholar agrees with this anti-islamic rubbish that these politicians insist is true. they're just looking for an enemy.
  by: ManilaRyce     08/11/2007 09:53 AM     
  @ no dhimmi  
then you cn find hate speech in the Bible, Tora, Satanic Bible, Athiests disagreeing with religion.
At this time, hate and prejuidice seems to be everywhere, unless we decide to ignore them and not use themourselves.
  by: DarkAngelJG     08/11/2007 12:06 PM     
  You guys are the best advert for 'christianity'.  
I went through sunday school, took exams on synoptic gospels. I'm currently agnostic, but you guys are not qualified speak for Christianity.

Maybe you should consider Cults/Norse God/Aztec/Paganism or something.

Wrapping yourselves up in flags and scriptures like hobos at night.
  by: redstain   08/11/2007 12:42 PM     
  I hope somewhere in Al Jazeera, someone is...  
...saying that to "Islamo-Fascists" too.
  by: redstain   08/11/2007 12:44 PM     
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