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                 01/18/2018 04:58 AM  
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08/10/2007 06:55 PM ID: 64167 Permalink   

Bush To Become President With The Most Vacation Time


President Bush, currently holding 418 days of vacation time during his presidency, is closely rivaling former President Ronald Reagan, who recorded is 436 days during his two-term presidency.

Bush, began his weekend retreat Thursday in Kennebunkport, Maine. He is also going to his famous Crawford Ranch on Monday, where he has spent much of his vacation time.

This coming Crawford ranch stay will mark his 65th outing to the Crawford Ranch, while the Kennebunkport retreat makes for Bush's 10th during his presidency.

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What's the point?
  by: _undead   08/10/2007 08:05 PM     
Title's a little misleading. Bush may very well not surpass Reagan.

At this point the title is an assumption.

Just saying.
  by: ablindmansees     08/10/2007 08:15 PM     
  about the same...  
as the revelance of a already establish redone study or

it made the news. 18 to tie the record days tick tock... but i forgot to mention he's still got quite a bit of time to go, so he'll surely get atleast this to put on his wall of acheivements... the wall of failures is already pretty full.
  by: havoc666     08/10/2007 08:19 PM     
if you read the source the source also "asserts" that bush will easily surpass reagan.

from the source:

"The presidential vacation-time record holder is the late Ronald Reagan, who tallied 436 days in his two terms. At 418 days, and with 17 months to go in his presidency, Bush is going to beat that easily."
  by: havoc666     08/10/2007 08:21 PM     
It's opinion, not fact. It hasn't happened yet.

I'm not really trying to nitpick, I'm just saying the title is wrong.
  by: ablindmansees     08/10/2007 09:03 PM     
wanna bet? If I had a million dollars I'd put them all on the table that bush will over-vacation Reagan, it's more than an assumption.
  by: the_one   08/10/2007 10:07 PM     
Maybe it is better for all if he did break the all time record and stayed on vacation.

P.s. The title is misleading and is a assumption.
  by: Rosko Sinep     08/10/2007 10:51 PM     
  @_undead: I ask myself every day since 2004.  
"What's the point?"
  by: redstain   08/10/2007 11:07 PM     
  @Rosko Sinep  
That would be a scary thought. Even if you don't like Bush you can't possibly want Cheney to be all by himself running amuck.
  by: Tetsuru Uzuki     08/10/2007 11:26 PM     
I agree, the title is misleading admin should change it pronto.

put aside all hatred, ablindmansees has a point.
  by: keanu1982     08/11/2007 12:53 AM     
  I thnk...  
He probably will surpass Reagan, but he hasn't yet. One hunting trip with Cheney is all it would take to permanently cut his vacation short.
  by: Nooze Worthy     08/11/2007 01:57 AM     
I think the headline is fine, but if a mod changes it I would suggest:

Bush Likely To Become President With The Most Vacation Time
  by: StarShadow     08/11/2007 05:40 AM     
I think it's interesting to note that if you look at this from the other direction, it means that with one exception (currently), every other president has spent more time working.
  by: StarShadow     08/11/2007 05:44 AM     
I knew a long long time ago he'd be hitting a record with vacation time. He was nearing 50 days at camp david, playing golf, and 30 days at his ranch, rangling dawgies, before 9/11 happened.

And huh, weird it was just 5 days ago on August 6th that marks the anniversary of the transcript sent to the president titled: "Bin Laden determined to strike in US".
( )

But our president was taking some well deserved time off...

Thank goodness they now represent the flagship of anti-terrorism, only part time, but still.
  by: ukcn001XYZ   08/11/2007 09:13 AM     
  Not Certain.  
He could get shot tommorrow.
  by: Gnomist   08/11/2007 12:58 PM     
  ok you know what  
read that damn source before claiming i'm making assertions...

if its an assertion is an assertion by the source... meaning its valid in the title... relax, smoke a joint and take the news for what it is and quit bitching about it... the marine articles i had people bitiching over just what responsible implies... not i got people bitching about a probable outcome as expressed by the source...

the following people need to read the source:

Rosko Sinep

obviously your not reading the sources if your claiming i'm making assertions... bitching about the use of the word responsible is one thing (in my opinion that was unjustly removed but whatever), but this case just goes to show that some people flat out dont read the sources before they question the accuracy of the summary.

i even posted a part justifying such and people again still bitching about headline.

grow up, quit being so fickle and just enjoy the news... or you could simply not read it... i don't care. i report news to be read and discussed not to have people bitch about the headlines. they not been inaccurate just controversial.

and specifically to ablindmansees, you might do well to learn the difference between an opinion and a likely probability.

@keanu, if you think this article show my contempt/hatred of bush you obviously not been here long enough.. to make this title even slightly misleading i'd need to change "with the most vacation time" with "to laziest president"... at which point then it would be an opinion.

"Not Certain.
He could get shot tommorrow."

could, but i don't think the world will be so lucky. and even then we just get cheney, thats not an improvement.
  by: havoc666     08/11/2007 06:03 PM     
  Nice to see  
Someone with so much innocent blood on their hands enjoying their work.
  by: daniel2508     08/11/2007 06:06 PM     
  Another president thats forgotten who he works for  
  by: CrisW   08/12/2007 07:05 PM     
  As expected  
GW Bush wants (1) read as little as possible, (2) think as little as possible, (3) get off work as soon as possible, (4) spend as much time on vacation as possible, and (5) fire as many dissenters in his administration as possible.

Somebody please keep an eye on GW Bush's firing count. It may well be a record already.

Bush commands a lot of superlatives. I wonder how many KNOWLEDGEABLE people would dispute that GW Bush is the worst president in US history.
  by: landers     08/13/2007 08:23 AM     
Don't most people get about 2 weeks off a year, so 10 days/year? Bush on the other hand takes 418/7 years = 60 days/year... 5 work days a week.... so that's 3 months a year off?

hmm.... Our decider and leader of the free world really sets the bar high taking off 4x as much vacation time as the rest of us do.

Least he's doing a bangup job to make up for all the vacation time.
  by: ukcn001XYZ   08/13/2007 10:13 AM     
  At his current rate...  
418 in 8 years = 52.25 days a year Vacation and counting!!

Not bad for the most powerful person in the world! Does he actually do any work?

And I thought I was on a cushy number at 25 days a year (used to be 20).
  by: spacechimp     08/13/2007 12:57 PM     
"At his current rate...
418 in 8 years = 52.25 days a year Vacation and counting!!

Not bad for the most powerful person in the world! Does he actually do any work?

And I thought I was on a cushy number at 25 days a year (used to be 20)."

except january will mark the begin of the 8th year, so its only 7 years, well actually 6.66 years (6 years, and almost 8 month)... therefor his vacation time is more like 17.2% of his time in office; or 62.76 days off per year.

whereas after 8 years Reagan had 14.9% vacation time over his presidency; or 54.5 day of vacation per year.

in order for bush not to break Reagan record short of dying, he would have to limit his vacation time to 1.125 days or less per month over his remaining 16 months (not including the rest of this month)...
how many people think thats going to happen?
  by: havoc666     08/14/2007 01:15 AM     
I wish I got that much vacation time...
  by: ukitty24   08/16/2007 11:03 PM     
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