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                 01/21/2018 03:23 PM  
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08/20/2007 12:24 AM ID: 64370 Permalink   

The Swiss Bare All for Global Warming


About 600 people posed naked on a melting glacier in the Alps to raise awareness of the impact of global warming. The photo shoot was funded by Greenpeace and photographed by Spencer Tunick.

The group claims the melting Alpine glaciers is a clear sign of global warming, and human induced climate change. According to Greenpeace the glacier is shrinking by 100 metres per year.

"I want my images to go more than skin-deep. I want the viewers to feel the vulnerability of their existence and how it relates closely to the sensitivity of the world's glaciers," said photographer, Spencer Tunick.

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global warming is a bunch of crap

the sun has been getting hotter ever since it was formed
  by: groomsy     08/20/2007 12:46 AM     
The earth is getting warmer... gee, that pretty much ruined your theory now didn't it?
  by: Dark_Stang   08/20/2007 12:49 AM     
  by: _undead   08/20/2007 12:55 AM     
  @groomsy and undead  

mostly true, but usually people are refering to the effect of greenhouse gases. and also the difference in sun's temperature over the lifespan of a human is neglible, meaning the output of the sun doesn't change much over our lifetime... however the temperature have been rising rampantly and it correlates to CO2 output, unfortunately most people don't seem to understand how CO2 interacts with radiated heat from the sun.


mass pollution, deforestation, clinging to outdated technologies is progress, we must we getting our definitions for different dictionaries... is your sponsored by exxon mobile???

interestingly enough the first thing i though of when i read the article before posting it was, man they're accelerating it, the human body gives off alot of heat especially when cold, multiply that 600 times over... then of course there is though deadly methane
  by: havoc666     08/20/2007 01:09 AM     
  why are martian ice caps melting?  
not to mention a general warming of our solar system...

wow. our global warming must be messing EVERYTHING up.

or it's a hot cycle in the sun's long history.
  by: dilated   08/20/2007 01:17 AM     
  It's just a hawt cycal  
In dah sun's loong hastory u guyz. U talkan to a l33t haxxor, n I no dis stuf, k? k, thnx.

We know that the planet is heating up. we know this is bad. We know that CO2 contributes to the density of the greenhouse atmospheric layer. We know that this heats the planet up even more.

Your comments are completely irrelevant.

But who am I to argayoo wif such intalactual gigants?

  by: Bluep     08/20/2007 01:27 AM     
scientists say its going to happen, so who cares if its sooner or later

we wont be here anyway
  by: groomsy     08/20/2007 02:03 AM     
scientists say its going to happen, so who cares if its sooner or later

we wont be here anyway"

that attitude is the exact problem which impedes progress against such a crisis.

no need to fix the levees before they break right?... we all know how well that philosphy worked for New Orleans

btw, it happening now, and i still got atleast 30-35 years to go and thats assuming i don't live to see 60. plus if i have kids thats another atleast 50-60 years to worry about.
  by: havoc666     08/20/2007 02:31 AM     
  boycot breathing  
So I guess we may see an email in the coming days or weeks that we should ban breathing for a day and as well as ban expelling gases out of our butts?
  by: skitzsofrenick   08/20/2007 02:54 AM     
  I'm just looking forward to the next disaster  
And then we can watch the exxon online-lobby squeal: "You can't stop us from breathing!?"

If only.
  by: redstain   08/20/2007 04:38 AM     
  Greenhouse gasses my ass!  
We'll their asses, 600 to be exact.
  by: Zmethod     08/20/2007 05:01 AM     
  @Zmethod: Greenhouse gasses, you ass.  
Sorry, my typo.

  by: redstain   08/20/2007 05:08 AM     
my point is all this warming up aint gonna happen for another 20 years ect, then it may be reverse global warming starting.
  by: groomsy     08/20/2007 05:17 AM     
"my point is all this warming up aint gonna happen for another 20 years ect, then it may be reverse global warming starting."

actually sooner than that...

its already starting has been for a long while, its just building up steam (so to speak). the next 7-10 years will be intresting.
  by: havoc666     08/20/2007 05:29 AM     
umm ok, I can see you were trying to be witty and put down groomsy at the same time, but you actually made yourself look like a complete idiot. If the sun gets hotter, guess what? The earth will get hotter too, you know, as we get heat heat not just light from the sun.
  by: ssxxxssssss   08/20/2007 05:35 AM     
"If the sun gets hotter, guess what? The earth will get hotter too, you know, as we get heat heat not just light from the sun."

indeed, some people forget that the earth generates some of its on heat due to the forces our core exerts, the magma it pushes, the internal pressure it builds, all have heat as an emission which in turn heat the earth. the outter most layer some people also forget retains heat from the sun, snow and ice reflect the sun and thereby counteract that effect alittle.

then after all that you have our atmosphere, which is where CO2 getting trapped come in because the earths ability to release the heat demishes as CO2 levels rise, also above and beyond this is defosestation which reduces the ability of photosynthensis thereby converting CO2 to O2, breathable oxygen... all this plays a role in global warming.
  by: havoc666     08/20/2007 05:59 AM     
  I think your missing the point  
600 nekkid people!
which is probably why i wasn't invited, darn
  by: thunderb3   08/20/2007 01:58 PM     
  naked people in the alps  
that glacier wasn't the only thing shrinking.
  by: ManilaRyce     08/20/2007 02:03 PM     
  Guess what I'm doing  
Right now?

I'm looking out of my window into a valley formed by glacial retreat, thousands of years ago.
  by: GogeVandire   08/20/2007 03:42 PM     
what about the global impact from 600 naked butts on glaciers. im sure that melted stuff too.
  by: elijah4twenty     08/20/2007 04:16 PM     
Yes, global warming is real. However, where most of you are jaded, is that the other planets that are in our solar system are going through the same changes. The Sun's solar flares are the hottest and most repititous that they have been in a thousand years. All the planets are heating up. Do I still wish that we could all run our cars and houses on HHO? Well of course. My lawnmower already runs on water, it really isn't that difficult to get engines to run on water, it's changing the oil companies perspectives about pollution and carbon emmisions, this is the real challenge. Is free energy real? Of course it is, but don't try and argue the oil tycoon about it, or the avid Faux News watcher. They'll tell you how great oil is, and why it doesnt' pollute, when i've already seen my fair share of pollution death N destruction. Cheers to the people that have opened their minds, such as the swiss, that can realize a problem, instead of just ignoring it, like every other fat ass american (i'm an american too, just not fat, stupid, and ignorant). Those who choose to accept love for what it is, and not substituting it with ignorance and hate will be the next gen of leaders, and we will rise in the blood of the fallen, that have tried so hard to make things right. I'm waiting for Dec 21, 2012, and i'll see you all on that day, and you can apologize all you want. -- MeshuggahFan
  by: meshuggahfan   08/21/2007 03:53 AM     
  @everyone again  
Sorry for the lengthy post, however I wanted to shoot another idea out there. If you don't believe in free energy, then you tell me what I saw, and what powered it. (3 years ago, I witnessed a shiny orb over my house, it hovered for a while, then made a 90 degree turn without stopping, banking, or for that matter, making a sound.) This to me seems like free energy, since it didn't make a sound, and obviously broke our laws of physics (who says what the hell we know is really real anyhow). I would doubt that this kind of craft had anyhting in it that polluted, as again, I didn't see an exhaust trail, I guess I should of mentioned I was watching it with a pair of night vision goggles around 10am in Arizona(IR is cool during the day, shows you stuff you never even would think is reality, however you see it, so it has to be there, or someone spiked the crap outta my morning milk). Cheers -- Meshuggahfan
  by: meshuggahfan   08/21/2007 04:03 AM     
The earth is in it's death throes. I would be surprised to see the earth last another 20 years, much less 10.
  by: wvcoalminer   08/21/2007 08:03 AM     
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