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                 02/19/2018 10:40 AM  
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08/22/2007 11:25 PM ID: 64438 Permalink   

NAACP: Michael Vick Doesn't Deserve to be Banned


An official from the Atlanta chapter of the NAACP said that Michael Vick does not deserve to lose his football career because of his actions. Vick is expected to plead guilty to federal conspiracy charges in an illegal dogfighting operation.

R.L White, president of the Atlanta chapter of the NAACP, said "The way he is being persecuted, he wouldn't have been persecuted that much had he killed somebody."

White also said he doesn't understand why the dogfighting caused such an outcry when hunting deer and other animals is deemed perfectly acceptable. Court documents claim that Vick and two partners hanged and drowned approximately eight dogs.

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  For one,  
you don't hang and drown deer. Also, most will die of starvation anyway, a very slow and painful way to go. Where as the dogs that get killed there would have otherwise been at the Humane Society/in GOOD homes.

Plus uh, add lying to the Commissioner, and GOING TO JAIL. Yeah, that tends to stunt your career.
  by: fballer23   08/23/2007 12:25 AM     
  Pete Rose got banned for life  
for GAMBLING, in the long run is no where near as bad as being a kingpin of a dog fighting ring....
  by: omegaprimus   08/23/2007 12:56 AM     
I have to agree with you totally. If they let Vick play football again then they should let Pete Rose play baseball, OJ get back all of his football status, not to mention every athlete that has been charged with steroid use. This is nothing to do with race. He is being charged with a crime and if found guilty he shouldn't get paid for it.
  by: babagadoosh   08/23/2007 02:42 AM     
  Dear Goodness  
Someone call the NAACP and let them know they are douche bags.

Only they don't come in the "Spring Fresh" scent.
  by: ablindmansees     08/23/2007 03:32 AM     
tank johnson should be freed of all charges and rehired by the bears if Vick gets nothing
  by: groomsy     08/23/2007 03:53 AM     
  Right on!  
Groomsy is right and so are most of the other comments I have seen. Vick isn't being picked on because of his color it is because he is a evil bastard who not only condoned the abuse of animals for money but he also beat and killed some of the animals himself.

As for anyone that doesn't think dog fighting is serious wake up. Most raids done on the dog fighting home around here also bring up the drugs and guns. Plus if you are really lucky you will get a dog tossed in your yard or street that is beaten and bloody and has to be put down when the police get there.

And Mike and Mike made a good point yesterday morning (well the replacement Mikes) Vick is being "persecuted" because he LIED and he let it go from the local level all the way to the Federal. He brought it on himself. The real bitch of it is they can only prove the 8 dogs not the countless other ones that met the same fate.

RL White is a douche I agree. Blech I swear if they start calling dog fighting cultural I am going to shove my foot up someones ass so far he will need a colostomy bag for life.
  by: TaraB     08/23/2007 07:14 AM     
  just emailed this  
Hello Mr. White,

Why shouldn't Vick lose his career in the NFL? According to you said, "I believe Michael Vick has received more negative press than if he would've killed a human being." What about Don Imus? He did not kill a human being nor break any law, but many people along with this "wonderful" organization blew this way out of proportion and ousted him. Think of how much negative press he received for saying the same thing a rapper does on BET, MTV, and many radio stations across the world. What ever happened to the old saying "sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me"? If people want to be ignorant and say stupid things, oh well. If you do not like it do not listen to it. On the other hand, Vick knowingly and willingly inflicted PHYSICAL and emotional harm on these animals; not once, but many times. How far does he have to go before this organization attacks him? Does he actually have to kill someone since beating and drowning many dogs are not enough? If this were a white NFL player, would the NAACP back them up on the negative press or the potential loss of a great career? I honestly think not.

According to the CNN article, "[you] didn't understand the uproar over dogfighting, when hunting deer and other animals is perfectly acceptable." You have a point when it comes to fox hunting in Britain, but for the traditional hunting for food and pelt you having nothing to compare. Since when do dear hunters drown the dear? Both, dog fighting and cruel methods (anything other than an instant kill or an accidental wounding before the kill) to kill or wound a helpless creature should cause such an uproar in the world today. Unfortunately we, human beings, are in control and we need to make an uproar to stop this constant destruction.

Another quote from the article: "We feel that whatever the courts demand as a punishment for what he has done, once he has paid his debt to society, then he should be treated like any other person in the NFL." How is he being "treated like any other person in the NFL" when he has the NAACP to back him up? Where was the NAACP when Pete Rose was having trouble for gambling? Did Pete need to kill a couple of dogs to get support from this great organization?

I think Vick should lose his career. He had a job that placed him in a role model status for many people across the nation and he goes off and does this. Who wants their kids to look up to a famous person or anyone in that matter that beats and drowns animals? Whether you like it or not he gets what is coming to him. I hope he gets kicked out of the NFL as well as a extremely huge fine that would hurt his pocket book. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

Change of Topic: If we want racism to go away we should start by getting rid of all of the so called "colored" organizations, like the NAACP and the United Negro College Fund. Why not rename the NAACP to NAAHK (National Association for the Advancement of Human Kind). Why does it have to be "colored people"? The word "colored" means basically means anything other than white. Have a look for yourself on Google. I'll even tell you want to type, define:colored. Look at what Princeton has to say about the term. Will the NAACP go after them now? The rebel flag was just a part of our history as the term "colored people" was used to identify blacks. So why did so many people want the removal of the Rebel flag from the Georgia state flag? Was it because it was the symbol for slavery? If so, the word colored should be removed from your organization. Start by fixing the problems in your own area before trying to change the world. Lead by example! Get a name change and stay out of the legal business.


Brandon B. Jenkins
  by: bjenks   08/23/2007 12:52 PM     
I hope your not serious. First, posting your name online is never advisable. (I think myspace and facebook people are nuts) But, you are talking to the wrong person. Someone like that is set in their ways and will not listen to reason. For that reason you always e-mail their superiors.
  by: seniorgato     08/23/2007 04:25 PM     
What is wrong with posting a name? I did not post an address, telephone, number, credit card number, or any other important information. A name is a name. By the way, it is my opinion and I am not going to hide behind a screen name.

Email: If you look on the NAACP website you will not come up with many email addresses. The ones that I tried failed and of course his address wasn't the only one that I sent it to.

MySpace and Facebook people are not nuts. These websites are used for people to meet other people or stay in contact with friends. Besides if you knew anything about MySpace you would know that many people on there have their profiles set to private and have added protection to only receive friend request from those that know their last name or email address. Besides MySpace does not require that you put in all of your information.
  by: bjenks   08/23/2007 04:54 PM     
  Race issue...  
Not to sound racist or anything (I'm not), but if he were white they would be saying "Ban him for life!". He broke the law, he needs to be dealt with, no matter what his skin color is. I feel the same way about anyone else with "celebrity" status. They should get equal time and punishment as everyone else does.

The NAACP is turning it in to a race issue.
  by: elderban99     08/23/2007 05:57 PM     
  Not Sure  
Not a big Vick fan in fact I am really upset Jerry Jones is even considering bringing him to Dallas if he is released from Atlanta and still allowed to play. Send his @ss to Oakland. As for RL White all I can say is wow what a jackass. You dont go and do an interview saying stupid stuff like that. Especially when the guy your talking about is guilty.

@Tara B "I swear if they start calling dog fighting cultural "
Just so you know dog fighting is a cultural thing. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with ethnic culture but rather a geographic one. People in the southern states have been dog fighting for the last 200 years. For the most part dog fighting was a big sport between the plantation owners who soon realized that it was a better idea to fight dogs instead of their slaves, because even the poorer locals who didnt have slaves could join in and bet what little money they had.
  by: TruHawg   08/23/2007 06:17 PM     
Your email that you sent to Mr White, has by far been the best post/email I have seen in a long time regarding issues with the NAACP. High Five on that one. I am curious what they will email you in return, if they return your email at all. I honestly whole heartly agree with everything you stated.
  by: blackwidow_r6   08/23/2007 08:21 PM     
  bjenks, blackwidow_r6  
So you're basically saying that because of one mistake, someone should lose his life, his career?

Now turn the tables. Would you agree with it if the same was imposed upon you?
  by: QuestioningAnswers   08/23/2007 09:10 PM     
If I break a law and get caught, then I should be punished. Vick knew that dog fighting was illegal, why do you think he kept his dog fighting hush hush? He has been dog fighting for years. Vick choose to dog fight and he got caught, not to mention he "LIED" about what he knew about the dog fighting. For someone who makes millions a yr, I have no sympathy for those who break the law and get punished. Vick made his bed now he has lay in it. Just like all the other celebs, they know drinking and driving and doing drugs is illegal SO, they should be punished just like you and I would be if we got caught. But seeings we don't make millions, we don't get priviledge treatment, we get sent to jail for how ever long we are sentenced.
  by: blackwidow_r6   08/23/2007 09:55 PM     
I was not disagreeing in that he shouldn't be punished, which he obviously is receiving. We're all human though and all flawed no matter how popular or perfect we may seem. I'm questioning if he should lose his entire career for this one flaw. To each their own.
  by: QuestioningAnswers   08/23/2007 10:17 PM     
Yes he should. Just like average joe people who commit a federal crime and lose thier job. Look at Pete Rose, he was gambling against his team and he lost his career and banned from baseball for life. He was gambling for awhile and got caught one time and he lost his baseball career. And let me tell ya dog fighting, and beating dogs to death because they did not perform well during the fight is a whole lot worst then gambling. So why shouldn't Vick held to the same standard? There are people who kill someone for the first time and get sent to prison for life, so tell me again why Vick shouldn't be held to the same standard?
  by: blackwidow_r6   08/23/2007 10:32 PM     
  IS it just me  
or does it seem that the NAACP doesn't want to acknowledge that a black person could be ever caught doing something wrong? Michale Vick aside, it seems everytime a black person in convicted of something they are out there championing for the person. Are there organizations out there that represent white people exclusively? (i mean seriously, don't post the KKK)
  by: RyanB     08/24/2007 12:11 AM     
No, if there was ever ANYTHING exlusively for white people then it would be considered racist and illegal! There is BET, but no WET, there is NAACP, but no NAAWP, the Negro College Fund, but no Honky College Fund, and dont even get me started on affirmative action....
  by: jonnyalpha1   08/24/2007 04:16 AM     
If that's your opinion, then so be it. I believe people should be forgiven for their mistakes.

Funny, I just used this quote by Friedrich Nietzsche in the forums, but it applies here just as well:

“But thus do I counsel you, my friends: distrust all in whom the impulse to punish is powerful! They are people of bad race and lineage; out of their countenances peer the hangman and the sleuth-hound. Distrust all those who talk much of their justice! Verily, in their souls not only honey is lacking. And when they call themselves 'the good and just,' forget not, that for them to be Pharisees, nothing is lacking but - power!”
  by: QuestioningAnswers   08/24/2007 07:01 AM     
You are correct when you say it is a mistake; on the fact that mistake is defined as (Princeton Wordnet): “a wrong action attributable to bad judgment or ignorance or inattention.” The only match for Vick is ignorant. Could not have been bad judgment since the laws are clearly defined plus he tried to hide the fact. Also could not have been inattention since he was directly involved in the hanging and drowning of several dogs as well as the fights that took place in the ring on his property. If he had an IQ of 12, I would say give him less punishment. But Vick clearly has an IQ of 13 since he is capable of knowing the difference from right and wrong but still doing it anyway. I hope they kick his rear out. Like blackwidow_r6 basically said, any Joe/Jane Schmo, off the street, that committed the EXACT offense would be locked up for a long time; even if a plead bargain was reached. Since Vick has money the local government looks at the extra income it can get. Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie jumped in and out of jail. Hell, Nicole didn’t even get to see a jail cell. Here is an article about another man and dog fighting, take a look at what this average joe got: Start bringing some facts to the table instead of hopeful quotes.
  by: bjenks   08/24/2007 08:08 AM     
The link I posted does not like to work unless it comes from Google. Google: man sentenced to years dog fighting. Should be number one on the list (WLTX). This guy got three years behind bars, + probabtion, + a fat fine!!! Vick will probably get slapped on the hand and a fine that he can with the cash in his wallet.
  by: bjenks   08/24/2007 10:07 AM     
  This isn't  
"Bad judgement." He didn't put these dogs down he murdered them. The ways that he killed them were sadistic and that shows a level of savagery that is absolutely disgusting. There's a difference between huting a deer and drowning/hanging/electrocuting multiple dogs after making them brutalize eachother.

Oh, and as a "black" person I find the NAACP to be just as bad as Michael Vick. They're an irrelevant organization now and they aren't doing anything for the "black community." If you listen to his entire speech it's riddled with DRIVEL. He shouldn't be the public speaker for an organization - he's a mushmouthed ass and his "argument" is laughable and asinine. Fitting.
  by: KaLO   08/24/2007 08:20 PM     
Your are damn right!
  by: bjenks   08/24/2007 09:45 PM     
  The hammer came down on Vick  
Finally got his dumb@ss! Sentenced indefinitely. Good for him.
  by: ukpunk1   08/25/2007 11:27 AM     
  not sentenced, suspended  
I meant suspended in my last comments. Exucuse me.
  by: ukpunk1   08/25/2007 11:29 AM     
  Hell yeah!  
The score is NAACP 0 NFL 1
  by: bjenks   08/25/2007 01:32 PM     
  The short memory of the NAACP  
"...he wouldn't have been persecuted that much had he killed somebody." There is one name that counters that insinuation. Rae Carruth. He was a wide receiver for the Carolina Panthers. In 2001 he was convicted of conspiracy to commit murder, shooting into an occupied vehicle, and using an instrument to destroy an unborn child. He released by the Carolina Panthers BEFORE he went to trial. The Atlanta Falcons only suspended Vick. Carruth is currently serving 18 to 24 years in prison. His earliest projected release date is October 22, 2018. If you want to read about this horrific crime commited by an NFL player and former first place rookie reciever in 1999, go to He had a bright future and deserved to lose it because he had his girlfriend murdered. The Atlanta NAACP has conveniently forgotten about Rae Carruth.
  by: tomblik     08/25/2007 06:51 PM     
Daren't use any links from here because I am at work, but "using an instrument to destroy an unborn child" sound like just about the sickest thing I have ever heard!
  by: Anglo_Englishman   08/25/2007 07:04 PM     
So it’s not bad judgment? What would you call his actions then, good judgment?

  by: QuestioningAnswers   08/25/2007 09:29 PM     
Saying that Vick should be punished the same as another previous dog fighter is really no different than saying that Vick should be a slave because black people have been slaves before. Think about it for a bit… In other words, just because something has happened over and over in the past does not mean it should continue to happen in the future.

Most everyone tries to hide their guilt if they think that they can get out of trouble unscathed. You do it, I do it, we all do it. That in no way means that his previous actions cease to be mistakes.

Also, none of what you said disproves what Nietzsche previously said at all (not that anyone can), so I will add another from him:

“All in all, punishment hardens and renders people more insensible; it concentrates; it increases the feeling of estrangement; it strengthens the power of resistance.”

An easy example of this is Vick’s initial denial of doing anything wrong (he’s probably still lying about betting on it). In other words: if he wasn’t facing forced punishment for this, what reason would there be for him to lie?

Another example is the rejection that you’re feeling for what I’m saying right now. What I have written above is an example of punishment (on a smaller scale) for your previous words. We can go into all of this more at length if you’d like.


“But thus do I counsel you, my friends: distrust all in whom the impulse to punish is powerful! They are people of bad race and lineage; out of their countenances peer the hangman and the sleuth-hound. Distrust all those who talk much of their justice! Verily, in their souls not only honey is lacking. And when they call themselves 'the good and just,' forget not, that for them to be Pharisees, nothing is lacking but - power!”
-Friedrich Nietzsche

Just as Nietzsche said, all of you can’t deny that you’re on a power trip by wanting Vick punished (which stems from a perceived lack of your own power in the first place).
  by: QuestioningAnswers   08/25/2007 09:43 PM     
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