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                 01/23/2018 11:07 PM  
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08/29/2007 12:23 AM ID: 64555 Permalink   

Merlin Was Real Person Who Lived in Scotland Claims New Research


Adam Ardrey claims Merlin was born near Hamilton in Lanarkshire in 540 and was a politician and scholar. After 6 years of research Ardrey believes Merlin is buried in Dunipace near Stirling. Merlin and his wife Gwendolin had a comfortable lifestyle.

Mr Ardrey found out the information after researching his family name " name Ardrey was connected with the very first reference to Merlin, which had him fighting at the Battle of Arddreyd."

"Then later and separately I found that in the last 20 years of his life Merlin lived at a place that even today is still called Ardery Street. Merlin lived where the king, his brother-in-law, lived in what was called the Royal Town of Partick."

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  by: JulesLady     08/29/2007 01:12 AM     
  Me rolls eyes  
Sounds like another "Priory of Scion"
  by: lauriesman     08/29/2007 02:11 AM     
Now we wait for the obligatory Merlin-themed movie or book to be released.
  by: chaoticvengeance     08/29/2007 02:59 AM     
  I call shenanigans!  
Yeah well my greatest of great uncles was Herculise and my dogs related to lacy. HOW YOU LIKE ME NOW
  by: shoezacks   08/29/2007 03:24 AM     
  the person merlin  
was based off probably is real, dont forget back in those ages any science was considered magic. make a rudamentary grenade, with magnesium and a few other chemicals and you have a 'light flash' etc, commoners who could not even read would not have known it was not magic
  by: ssxxxssssss   08/29/2007 03:28 AM     
Clearly none of your ancestors were scholars.
  by: davesnews   08/29/2007 05:29 AM     
oops forgot
  by: davesnews   08/29/2007 05:47 AM     
Yikes! That's a bit of a stretching claim, don't you think? They were uneducated, not stupid. Big difference. It's not so much of a stretch to get them to understand that the reaction of one chemical to another causing an explosion was not very different from other chemical reactions they observed every day. Sure, they'de be resistant to the idea at first -- but it probably wouldn't take terribly long for people to realize that things like that weren't magic, even on their own.
  by: velger   08/29/2007 08:01 AM     
  @cha veng  
There already is, not sure if its out, think its called the last legion.
  by: proper talent   08/29/2007 08:17 AM     
Uh, who's Lacy?

Are you sure you don't mean...Lassy?

What's that girl? shoezacks don't know what he's talking about?
  by: Jediman3     08/29/2007 12:53 PM     
Nuh-uh! People's primitive intellects back then wouldn't understand alloys and compositions and -- things with molecular structures. You could fire a shotgun and thell them that it was your boom-stick, and they'd all think you had special powers.
  by: lĀ“anglais     08/29/2007 03:11 PM     
People today still believe in religion...
  by: Mister crank     08/29/2007 06:13 PM     
thats so funny.
if the common people are so smart why do they believe there is a magical man in the sky who watches everything they do and is going to judge them when they die.

6th century England was the darkest of dark ages, the roman outposts fell centuries before and it is still centuries until the renaissance. it wouldn't be surprising if Merlin was the one of few that understood science.
  by: veya_victaous     09/01/2007 12:23 AM     
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