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                 01/22/2018 09:16 AM  
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09/01/2007 01:03 AM ID: 64644 Permalink   

Bush Says Formation of North American Union is Not True


The leaders of Canada and Mexico as well as George Bush have denied that they intend to form a union.

The three spoke at a press meeting in Canada.
Bush went on to regard the notion as a conspiracy.

He further stated the importance of trade between the three countries and that allegations of a plan to form the NAU were just political scare tactics.

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  With the nation so paranoid  
there seems to be a conspiracy under every
  by: Apa Monyat   09/01/2007 03:46 AM     
  yeah right..  
so why dont you release the minutes of the meetings so we can see what you WERE talking about? if its not so hush hush and secretive why was it not televised i am sure we would all feel much safer.. oh wait yeah here you go

Mexico’s Calderon also offered the sweet explanation that the summit was about “parameters for chocolates”.

Canada’s Harper tried to downplay the importance of an annual meeting that has taken place three years by saying:

“The rules for jelly bean contents are different in Canada and the United States…

  by: JulesLady     09/01/2007 07:56 AM     
I just got an email about this very thing... we'll see what happens in 2010
  by: hl2k   09/01/2007 04:21 PM     
  I believe anything Dubya tell me.  
Dubya would never lie to me. Dubya is working for the working men and women of America. Dubya cares about me and wants me to succeed. Dubya is a good and kind person. Dubya is sad when I am sad. Dubya is happy when I am happy.

If you keep repeating this mantra over and over you too can become a Dubya Drone. I am so glad they sent me to the re-education camp. All my problems are gone…along with all my rights...and my job....and my home...and...
  by: valkyrie123     09/01/2007 04:51 PM     
LoL... I swear, at first I thought those quotes were sarcastic remarks, so I ran them through google to see if that was what they really said... Wow, I swear those quotes sound like an excuse that only Bush could conjure up!
  by: theavenger8     09/01/2007 06:03 PM     
go to thats the website with the information about what went down. I don't support it at all.
  by: rockerpro   09/02/2007 08:17 AM     
already photos of the new coins they've minted? Unless I was taken in by a clever hoax....?
  by: Maxx20     09/02/2007 05:11 PM     
  the amero  
  by: JulesLady     09/02/2007 06:45 PM     
This was you get when people scare you into not watching the TV news. And you guys cruise around the internet beliving every wacko that can make a website.
  by: steme   09/02/2007 07:27 PM     
  The Amero  
although I could not find a picture, I did find an interesting history lesson
  by: littlegreenimp   09/02/2007 08:22 PM     
  I am so ready  
for a second american revolution
  by: RyanB     09/02/2007 08:23 PM     
  @ STEME  
This is what you said:
"This was you get when people scare you into not watching the TV news. And you guys cruise around the internet beliving every wacko that can make a website."

Now, I get the jist of what you are saying. But, haha, you need to work at your grammar just a tad. This is proof, that you watch fox news everyday.
  by: meshuggahfan   09/02/2007 08:48 PM     
You attack my grammar? aha I doubt many people enjoy talking to you in real life.
  by: steme   09/02/2007 10:36 PM     
Many people bring up the grammar issue when arguing with potheads, and my question is this:

Does bad grammar TRULY mean someone lacks intelligence, or merely that their public schooling system failed them?

  by: DekaR   09/02/2007 11:54 PM     
  "Not True, honest"  
like Cheney saying "we're not going to war" ?

If you believe it, then you're not old enough and expereinced enough to understand: "precedent" and "thin-end of wedge".
  by: redstain   09/03/2007 01:22 AM     
I find it interesting that the U.S. government has been driving down the value of U.S. currency so much that it is almost on par with Canadian currency. Could it be that there is a plan in effect here?
  by: smarta$$     09/03/2007 03:27 PM     
  @smarta$$: Devil his due  
This could be the best Bush has done yet. Hang on, this could be the only good thing Bush has done.

I've been hankering for a lower exchange rate. Although, it means we have less buying power outside the country, it also attracts masses of foreign trade.
  by: redstain   09/03/2007 09:20 PM     
  @smarta$$: of course, I'd need to see the proof.  
  by: redstain   09/03/2007 09:36 PM     
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