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                 01/20/2018 06:19 AM  
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09/01/2007 06:47 PM ID: 64652 Permalink   

'Proof' of Mythical Beast Found


A lifelong hunter from Texas has discovered the remains of what she is calling a "chupacabra" on her ranch in Cuero. Phylis Canion believes the beasts have been killing her chickens over the years.

"I've seen a lot of nasty stuff. I've never seen anything like this," said Canion, who lived in Africa for four years and hunted exotic animals there. Also, the blood was drained from her chickens, which is what the chupacabra is supposed to do.

Canion's "chupacabra" (Spanish for "goat sucker") has large ears, long fangs and gray-blue skin with sparse fur. She has kept the head of one of three carcasses she and her neighbors found for testing, and, being a hunter, to mount as a trophy.

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that think in the pic really looks more like a dog than other thing, then again, like the vet say, maybe is a new kind of wild dog
  by: demonh8   09/01/2007 07:25 PM     
  better photos  
  by: littlegreenimp   09/01/2007 08:18 PM     
A new type of canine with blue skin and no fur it seems. Maybe its blood is rich in Hemocyanin to make it's skin blue, or pigment. Does this animal suck blood? Need a live specimen before this nut kills them all.
  by: Vhan     09/01/2007 09:12 PM     
  to me..  
It looks like a shaved dead dog
  by: carmex4thesoul   09/01/2007 09:18 PM     
Larger than normal chihuahua, maybe a mix or something. Nothing special.
  by: fballer23   09/01/2007 11:29 PM     
  These mythical beasts...  
Are usually dogs with sarcoptic mange. But in this case it looks like my lawyer...
  by: miasma   09/02/2007 12:07 AM     
  This appears to be...  
...from the photos a type of mixed-breed dog. Possibly a mix of a small to middle breed of spaniel. The body does appear to be well-preserved, and shows signs of having had sarcoptic mange, as miasma stated. I would be interested in knowing if the animal was actually "bleeding" the chickens or if they were torn first and partially eaten. This raises a few questions, but nothing spectacular.
  by: vanillaskye   09/02/2007 04:00 AM     
  Xolos are NOT Chupacabras!  
I believe I can clarify the identity of this animal, and a simple search on the internet would do the same for anyone. It is a Xoloitzcuintle (show-low-eats-QUEENT-lee), Xolo for short, otherwise known as a Mexican Hairless dog. They are an unusual and rare breed, but a DOG nevertheless. I own a lovely one, and assure you he doesn't suck the blood of anything - nor has any other Xolo, and they‘ve been around since the Aztecs. Ludicrous.

What may be most disturbing is that three of these xolos were found as "roadkill", and xolos are very, very uncommon - and not feral in the US! This suggests to me that someone is breeding xolos and dumping "undesirable" dogs.

Finally, Phylis Canion may claim she knows exotic animals, but it appears what she really knows is marketing. People are helping her make a bundle off a dead xolo that appears to have been malnourished and parasite-filled before it died. What would the SPCA say about that?

Btw, lore of the Chupacabras describes it as bipedal, with big red eyes and spines down it's back! If you look it up, you'll see that the legend has it looking NOTHING like a canine....

Happy weekend to all-
  by: holaclaire   09/02/2007 04:39 AM     
I agree with the above
it doesn't look like the ledgend says and it really does look a lot like a dog with mange
  by: veya_victaous     09/02/2007 04:56 AM     
It`s Mexican Hairless also called Xoloitzcuintle or Xolo-pronounced Show-Low, or Xolo mix. It`s really beat up and ugly life was hard for this poor guy, but he was still just a dog-poor thing. It`s one of the larger types in the breed but they range from Doberman Pinscher to Toy Fox Terrier sized. The genes that cause hairlessness or sem-hairlessness also causes alot of them never get their teeth and only have their long canines (fangs) and maybe a few molars but not always. Without molars or incisor teeth to chew with, fending for themselves in the wild would be extremly hard on the poor things and stealing farm cat food or grabbing chickens by the throats would make sense. If you only have 4-6 teeth in your head and the best you can do to hunt is bite a chicken in the neck and lap the blood you do just that to survive. They may have been a litter that was dumped out in the country and gone feral or they could have been born feral, I don`t know. But it`s no supernatural Chupcabra that`s for sure.
  by: MONKEY-DO!   09/02/2007 05:04 AM     
  This woman is far too stupid to own firearms.  
  by: pixx   09/02/2007 06:21 AM     
This woman killed my dog!!!(sarcasm)
  by: Jon_Hall     09/02/2007 06:34 AM     
  this isnt the first time this has happend in tx  
They find these things about every 5 years, and every time it's the same news story. They hype up the intial story, but never fallow up on the test results or what not. Not that it matters, it's obviously a rare bread of dog.
  by: shoezacks   09/02/2007 07:26 AM     
how can she not know a dog when she sees one? additionally, how can yahoo treat this as actual news without telling her to piss off?
  by: ManilaRyce     09/02/2007 09:40 AM     
  Goat sucker?  
This one was killing chickens. Doesn't that make it cock sucker . . .
  by: stone kiley   09/02/2007 12:10 PM     
5 points, Stone!
  by: Dayron   09/02/2007 01:15 PM     
  ok poltical joke!  
i remember last year there was a headline written in the paper about one of these being found in tx. the head line wrote:
"Blood sucker found in Texas" so i turned to my brother and said, *REPUBLICAN*?!?!?!

though i could care less about either party it was still a good laugh.
  by: DRK   09/02/2007 02:23 PM     
I would have to agree that this is a Xolo.

The woman that found it had someone look at it, and they thought it was a gray fox or wolf. She is doing a DNA test on it, wonder if the results will be on the news.
  by: littlegreenimp   09/02/2007 08:01 PM     
  by: Jucashii_Revenant   09/03/2007 12:39 AM     
  Everythings bigger in Texas?  
  by: ibcm   09/03/2007 05:29 AM     
  The last one found in TX  
Photos that my friends and I went out to take after it was reported that they had found one. The people that shot it said that the skin, other than the caring decomposers that have taken action, looked very much like it does in the image, and that it was under their house and "shot" out. I have to agree there is no way this thing could suck blood, look at its mouth. Totally wrong setup to create any kind of vacuum in there. We got an article in a published book and the local paper though. :P
  by: chadatcondonethis   09/03/2007 06:15 PM     
Technically I didn't go. I just ended up with the pictures on my site, and the story.
  by: chadatcondonethis   09/03/2007 06:17 PM     
around here (s. tx.) find what they think are chupacabras all the time around here. ... lots of cattle, sheep, hogs, etc. to feed off of. cuero, tx. isnt that far from where i reside, so this doesnt come as that big of a shock to me.

@pixx : how do you draw a bad assumption that a lifelong hunter is far too stupid to own firearms? ... silly fool. i could assume the same of you, too, but i wont.
  by: elijah4twenty     09/08/2007 03:16 AM     
  It's official, it's just a coyote.  
  by: caution2     11/02/2007 09:45 PM     
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