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                 01/18/2018 11:10 AM  
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09/04/2007 09:52 PM ID: 64707 Permalink   

Gamma-Tocopherol Enhanced Coffee


A research project has found that one brand of coffee had nine percent corn mixed in with the processed coffee from Brazil. The corn, contains a high concentration of Gamma-Tocopherol which is Vitamin E.

The research group, has found a better way to detect the corn in coffee using the Vitamin E footprint in corn. The group stated that it is a serious problem and such things as coffee twigs, cereal grains and brown sugar can be mixed in the coffee.

A person in the research group pointed out that the rising price of gourmet coffee with adulterations of corn is short changing customers.

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  As I love coffee  
very much I was not happy to read this but thanks for the news. I read this article at 6.40am after I just finished a cup.
  by: sleeky     09/04/2007 10:44 PM     
Shouldn't Inhanced be Enhanced?
  by: Jediman3     09/04/2007 11:14 PM     
  while cutting coffee..  
..with corn is dishonest, at least it's not dangerous. People read a headline like "Gamma-Tocopherol Inhanced Coffee" and they start wigging out and totally miss that Gamma-Tocopherol is just the primary isomer of Vitamin E and is found in most lipid-containing nuts and grains.
  by: Dedolito     09/04/2007 11:15 PM     
Sharp eye you have. "Enhanced" is the correct word.
  by: Rosko Sinep     09/04/2007 11:26 PM     
  coffee blows  
tea forever!!! who's with me?!?!!
  by: Purplexed   09/05/2007 12:22 AM     
  Tea and coffee for all!  
But it sure does stain your teeth! But hey, they'll always beat out sodas and soft drinks health-wise!
  by: Bob Shinoski   09/05/2007 12:52 AM     
  tea ftw  
  by: hl2k   09/05/2007 03:23 AM     
  Water! Water! Water!  
  by: Zmethod     09/05/2007 06:54 AM     
It really really sucks.

Gatorade FTW
  by: darkrom666   09/05/2007 06:42 PM     
I hope you realize that the fish poo in it!
  by: cavador   09/06/2007 01:56 PM     
  @Rosko Sinep  
Brilliant title for what really is just a story about corn in coffee.

  by: Purplexed   09/06/2007 04:38 PM     
love those misleading titles, reminds me of a penn and teller episode where they convince people to sign a petition to ban water by calling it dihydrogen oxide or something similar.

Seems odd how coffee is so expensive when the majority of it is grown in third world countries, guess thats what you call exploitation.
  by: Oook!   09/07/2007 01:43 PM     
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