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                 01/18/2018 03:08 PM  
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09/12/2007 11:18 PM ID: 64876 Permalink   

Good Cop; Bad Cop; Suspended Cop


A 20 year old St. Louis, Missouri resident, Brett Darrow, has turned the tables on a St. George police sergeant by video-taping their encounter using a dashboard camera. As a result, Sgt. James Kuehnlein, has been placed on unpaid suspension.

Darrow was encouraged to install the camera after previous encounters with the police. The video, which has been posted on YouTube, clearly shows the abuses of the police officer, who threaten to "invent" charges against the Darrow.

The police became aware of both the video and their officer's conduct after receiving numerous protest calls from viewers of the video. The police chief admits that "officer's actions and tone were inappropriate."

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  link to the videos  
  by: m.i.a.elite     09/12/2007 11:32 PM     
  What a loud mouth  
That Cop loves the sound of his own voice, on and on!!

@m.i.a.elite, Thanks for the link.
  by: captainJane     09/13/2007 02:04 AM     
  Just remember folks  
You might be a terrorist if:

You are a defender of the U.S. Constitution

Make numerous references to the Constitution

Attempt to police the police
Seems like a brave new world we live in.
  by: LuxFestinus     09/13/2007 05:30 AM     
  more evidence  
of a really screwed up american cop culture.

Fix this guys. Instrument a independent legal body with oversight powers.

The guy should have had the cop throw him in jail and then sued him and sent the cop to jail.
  by: jendres     09/13/2007 08:43 AM     
just started listening to the second video. he was paid by the police not to sue them after being falsely arrested previously!

The young guy had no "attitude" problem.
  by: jendres     09/13/2007 09:06 AM     
  another video

Illegally detained and search of his vehicle.
  by: jendres     09/13/2007 09:13 AM     
  Power corrupts.  
This is what happens when a little man is given power.

A shiny verneer of "Serve and Protect" is painted on a poor example of a man. And like magic they've transformed a nasty piece of work into a 'shiny peacekeeper' - just don't scratch the paintwork.

Every now and then, when the stink of corruption gets too high, they'll bring out a new movie/tv program/documentry/news article; wreathing the office of the police in the Flag. And everyone goes soft in the brain and tears in their eyes.
  by: redstain   09/13/2007 09:32 AM     
it really looks like the US has turned into an unpleasent place (seeing as there are plenty of videos and sources out there, this isn't isolated at all).

Although I agree with red, the cop in this article may just be a poor example of a human being rather than a result of state opression.
  by: Maxx20     09/13/2007 09:58 AM     
  I used to videotape police  
While they want to make you believe it is illegal to do so, it's only illegal if you do bad things with the video.

Personally, I'd call it at about 50/50, ones who take it as a personal insult and ones who understand the correctness of it.

Surveillance is good if it is used by good people.
  by: ibcm   09/13/2007 12:42 PM     
  After watching the youtube videos  
Darrow says in the second half of the video that he previously took it to court and the charges were dropped. This is a good citizen, as opposed to most that just put their tails between their legs and pay out. They seem to go after people like that more and threaten them. This is not an isolated incident.

:( Welcome to Amerika. :(
  by: ibcm   09/13/2007 12:57 PM     
So what? In order to be a "good citizen" you must have the money for a lawyer, and you must have the money for a surveillance system such as what this kid has? Remember, without evidence it would be the kid's word against the cop's word. Guess which one would win in a court of law without evidence.
  by: LuxFestinus     09/13/2007 04:26 PM     
You can pick up a cheap dashboard cam that writes avis to a USB pluggable hard drive for under 100$. The same model newer police cars have, they are color and pretty good def, the audio is a bit garbled though but understandable. And in cases like this you get a free consult with a lawyer who will work for and only take 30% of the judgement if he wins.
  by: Tetsuru Uzuki     09/13/2007 07:54 PM     
  Who watches the Watchmen? WE DO.  
yewowzers. I saw this video when it first came out and it really ruined my day.

I am glad the kid finally found out who the cop was and the cop was busted for being SUCH A #$#$@! pig.

I'd send that Kuehnlein to a shrink, plus pray that the kid doesn't sue that county. What a #$@#$@ pig.
  by: theironboard     09/13/2007 09:05 PM     
This is why I live in arizona. Cops respect every law abiding citizen and would never do something like this. Why? Because it's a right to carry state, and no cop wants to get shot for being a dick.
  by: meshuggahfan   09/13/2007 11:59 PM     
Or maybe it's what happens when you give a body power, but then don't have a system in place that avoids corruption.

Paying cops a decent earning would be a good start, as would upping the penalties for police corruption. I'm thinking... a night incarcerated in the local prison, general population, with the cell doors open =P
  by: azrael darkchyld   09/14/2007 12:44 AM     
I think it is sad that you feel the need to carry a gun to be treated with respect.
  by: jendres     09/14/2007 12:57 AM     
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