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                 02/20/2018 06:25 PM  
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09/14/2007 06:29 PM ID: 64919 Permalink   

One Wiener Rule Causes Inmate Rampage


At the Lea County jail in Hobbs, N.M. inmates began a destructive rampage after being told that they would only receive one sausage with their dinnertime meal.

Inmates broke toilets and windows along with setting fires to express their outrage. The prison was put on lock-down and back-up was called in from the Lea County Sheriff and Hobbs police departments.

The remaining 300 prisoners accepted the meal change and didn't participate in the destructive behavior.

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  Cutting off your nose....  
Wouldn't it be interesting if Jail officials delayed repairs?

Also, I thought toilets in jails and prisons were metal. How did they break them?
  by: David M Barger     09/14/2007 06:58 PM     
  temper, temper  
how about going to bed without dinner like we use to have to do as children if we threw a temper tantrum
  by: littlegreenimp   09/14/2007 08:23 PM     
This is funny, only 1 sausage for you!

Thay are eating better then most homeless people...

Its time for a reform, Please dont use my tax money feeding prison inmates. I would like it spent on feeding homeless, 1 sausage with a MEAL! And feeding inmates will be vaulentary, we might do a can food drive or something, i dunno, lets all sit around and talk about it for a few years.

Starvation = Less Prisoners.
Families of these prisoners would have to pay for there meals or the prisoners themselfs can pay. $2.25 per sausage, and they can have as meany as they want =). yes a high cost, because its goverment sausage and they are paying back there county and sociaty for there crimes and we can stop paying taxes =)

While we are at it, the USA doesnt even pay for our Militaries toletries, so why are we for prisoners?, they have to buy there own TP, 5 bucks a roll, this is high quiality 1 ply goverment tp we are talking about.

  by: soda1   09/14/2007 09:03 PM     
LMAO Your first sentence made me think of teh soup nazi. That might be the way to do it. Go through the line in a specific way and then if you complain about it - No Sausage for you. Come back, one year.
  by: NoTalentAssclown     09/14/2007 09:14 PM     
*gasp* but that would be violating their rights!
or something...
  by: Calilac     09/14/2007 09:15 PM     
I agree entirely. These people clearly think that society owes some debt to them.

They should lock the doors and leave them for a week without any food at all, they'd be grateful for it after a week (I would hope).
  by: Maxx20     09/15/2007 02:03 PM     
  It just goes to show  
how much inmates love wiener.
  by: valkyrie123     09/15/2007 03:24 PM     
maybe society does? I mean could these people survive better with out society?

I find it interesting that individuals who are most likly to end up in jail are also the ones who would of faired the best in primitive times. It is really only because they protected to weaker smarter ones from the lions and wolves that we were able to develop any sort of technollogy let alone what we have now.

and alot of people are in there for stupid laws that have nothing to do with right or wrong and everything to do with protecting profits for friends of goverment
  by: veya_victaous     09/15/2007 03:25 PM     
i cant agree with you more. ... i was just thinking about how buildings full of men are fighting/rioting so that they can have more than one weenie at a time.

for shame.
  by: elijah4twenty     09/16/2007 02:26 AM     
I agree with you entirely, even though you can't spell worth a crap. :)

Food is the third most important need for survival, behind air and water. Whenever I find someone altering my needs I go on a rampage too.

I smell mob mentality here. One person goes off, they all go off, hats off to the 300 who didn't. Jail is supposed to be for reform and corrections, but also for punishment. I doubt the meal change had anything to do with triggering most of the rampage.

What's the best way to fix these people so that they can be productive members of society again? Starve them until they are hungry and weak? Probably not. Use them as a science experiment to see how efficiently they can be fed without dying? Getting warmer.

My cat eats the exact same cat food every day. It is formulated to supply every nutrient that my cat needs. Why hasn't something like this, like rations, been invented for humans? It could be mass-produced and as cheap as possible. Something like this would help with the homeless. Canned food doesn't have everything needed for a person to survive.

Sausage doesn't seem to be the healthiest of foods. Maybe they should have substituted the second sausage with something more healthy and cheaper.

Search google for "MRE" as an example.

  by: ibcm   09/16/2007 06:45 AM     
  Why do they get  
sausage? they should be getting hot dogs. sausage is much higher quality (taste wise)
  by: RyanB     09/16/2007 04:58 PM     
  I think Queeg had it right...  
Prisoners should work for their keep. Nine hours of manual labour, here, have a pea, on toast.

(Red Dwarf for those who have no idea what I'm talking about).
  by: azrael darkchyld   09/17/2007 12:45 AM     
True, there are a lot of stupid laws that put relatively decent people in prison, that's society, we're kinda stuck with it.

However there is no excuse for that type of behaviour...

Jailer: "Here's some free food"
Prisoners: "Want MORE!!!" *shout* *smash* *riot*

You see, it's like me offering you a cake and u clubbing me over the head because you want 2.

It's about the way certain people are, never satisfied with what they have, never grateful, just want more. In these people's cases, they've probably already negatively impacted on their society, but that's not going to stop them, no, they deserve more, and more, and more.....

It's like the playground bully taking everyone's lunch money, they need to be stood up to, if they want more, they should damn well earn it.
  by: Maxx20     09/17/2007 09:46 AM     
  The Other Side  
I thought I'd comment on the other side of this story. Having been in jail for a period of a little over 3 months, I can say that things are probably not what they seem here.

It should come as no shock that some people derive pleasure from the mistreatment of others. Guards are no exception. Denying toilet paper, library visits, and meals to inmates is somehow enjoyable for these types of people and it does happen on a regular basis.

Now, from reading the comments here, most of you feel that prisoners should have no rights at all and that saddens me. The punishment is involuntary confinement - not the loss of being regarded as a human being.

People make mistakes. That's what being human means.

As silly as the idea of a riot over a sausage seems, you have to remember that the justice system reports the reasons for a riot, not the inmates. By explaining that this incident was about "sausage" they have both defused a situation that may have needed attention and spurred the public to be resentful of their incarcerated brethren - or, pardon me, are they just "creatures" when placed behind bars?

Here are some suggestions I've read:

"They should lock the doors and leave them for a week without any food at all, they'd be grateful for it after a week (I would hope)."

"Starvation = Less Prisoners"

"Use them as a science experiment to see how efficiently they can be fed without dying?"

Isn't it easy to laugh at people who beg for something as ridiculous as a sausage? Isn't it easy to hate them because they're act like animals over something so stupid?
  by: Rough Ian     09/17/2007 01:56 PM     
  @Rough Ian  
The moment you commit a crime against another you SHOULD lose your rights to be treated as a human being.

I have absolutely no sympathy for you, or anyone else who goes to prison. Yes we all make mistakes, but only the truly stupid make the big ones that get them sent to prison. And we really don't want the truly stupid ruining the human race with their offspring.

My personal opinion is to do away with prisons completely, if a crime is worth being a crime the just have the death penalty and be done with it.

Onto the topic of the riot I really don't care why they rioted. I have been mistreated in my time and never gone on a rampage because of it. There are things I want from Curry's but I have never destroyed a store because I can't afford it. This is because I am a good example of a human, deserving of being allowed to live in a civilised and safe society.

These rampaging animals deserve to rot and never be allowed out again.
  by: Anglo_Englishman   09/17/2007 02:32 PM     
I'd say that's a rather harsh comment to RoughIan without knowing what it was he was incarcerated for. For wall we know he could have been in the car with a friend who had a joint on him and charged with possession. I'd hardly say a doobie is worth the death penalty. Not everything is so black and white.
  by: NoTalentAssclown     09/17/2007 06:23 PM     
I'd say that's a rather harsh comment to RoughIan without knowing what it was he was incarcerated for. For wall we know he could have been in the car with a friend who had a joint on him and charged with possession. I'd hardly say a doobie is worth the death penalty. Not everything is so black and white.
  by: NoTalentAssclown     09/17/2007 06:23 PM     
please delete that double post :)
  by: NoTalentAssclown     09/17/2007 06:29 PM     
Life is harsh mate.

I have lost friends because of joints and E (Yes reporting them to the police who subsequently don't care). I think it is selfish and indicative of a sick society who sit back and do nothing while watching the world get worse and worse.

Everything is pretty much black and white and there is no excuse for anything I would deem a 'proper' crime.

That said there are lots of crimes that I don't really think of as crimes, but people don't often end up in prison for them. And I think if Rough Ian was in prison for something like beating up a rapist, which should be praised rather than sentenced he would have said so.

However there is an apology on the table if I am wrong.
  by: Anglo_Englishman   09/17/2007 06:34 PM     
I disagree. I don't think all crimes are equal. I hardly think a bag of weed is equal to a child molester, murderer, rapist, etc. Those things deserve to be thrown in a deep pit with garbage dumpings and fight for the good pickins. I have no sympathy for them. But even then, some are just completely mentally disturbed. I don't know if a psych sentence would help that.

My brother had a huge drug problem (the severe stuff, not just weed). Should he have gotten tossed in the electric chair when he was discovered? No. I don't think prison works for drug addiction. I think rehab would be money much better spent. My brother has been clean since except for an alcohol problem.

I don't think our prison system is solving the problems. Things need to change. But I'm not just for strapping every person ever committing any crime into Old Sparky.
  by: NoTalentAssclown     09/17/2007 07:35 PM     
My problem here is, as I have just been describing in another thread drugs are a terrible thing.

By buying something like herion or crack etc in the first place (And there is never an excuse) you are condoning all the crimes comitted by the cartels who make these drugs.

Secondly if we send someone to rehab it is our (My) money being spent on someone who should have known better in the first place. I would rather my money spent on those that contribute to society and remove those that don't.

Thirdly, after spending goodness knows how much money to get someone off drugs they go straight onto alcohol? And you think it wasn't a waste of money, time and effort?

Now I am not saying there isn't a different between drugs and rapists etc, but I know that with my kill 'em all approach there will be innocent people killed (A price I would pay) so I cannot advocate being flayed alive for the worse crimes, even though I think that is what they deserve.

Basically I just do not see a way back for most people, everyone is born with a chance to do something good. Some decide against it and the genes that cause that decision need to be removed. Some are born into an environment where they hardly have a choice, but since their parents are most likely worth removing from the gene pool, it follows that so are these kids too.

Eventually, if we just got rid of all the criminals and deviants, evolution would thank us for it and the human species would benefit.
  by: Anglo_Englishman   09/17/2007 07:47 PM     
I'm not saying it's pathetic that he's an alcoholic, or that it's any better. We were discussing breaking the law - not bad habits or addictions. Drugs were illegal, he came clean and hasn't broken the law since. His alcoholism isn't illegal.

You seem to want to live in an Authroitarian state. Would you kill off any one who was doing things that were frowned upon or had any sort of addiction as well? And to hell with any innocents that might get killed in the process? It's amazing how cold, heartless, and callous that mentality is.
  by: NoTalentAssclown     09/17/2007 09:41 PM     
I meant to say in the first sentence "I'm not saying it's NOT pathetic." We need edit buttons. LOL. I can't think straight at all the past few days. I think it's very pathetic, I think he's pathetic but I don't think that means he shouldn't be alive.
  by: NoTalentAssclown     09/17/2007 09:45 PM     
It is obvious by the coherence and grammar of your comments that you are not lacking in intelligence but this only makes your lack of compassion and humanity all the more disturbing. I cannot fathom your world view but I won't argue with you - it's obvious your ideals are deep-rooted and arguing with you would be fruitless and nonconstructive.

Here is one point I would like to address - not to criticize - but to gain a better understanding of your point:

"Everything is pretty much black and white and there is no excuse for anything I would deem a 'proper' crime."

Why does this decision rest with you? And if not, and this decision is to be considered by each individual, what is the outcome if your consideration of a "proper" crime is someone else's consideration of a harmless crime? Believe it or not, some people feel that rape is a biological imperative. Some people feel that sex with a child is natural. How do we decide between such a person's opinion and your own? Is it based on the number of people on each side of the debate? If the majority of people feel that illegally downloading music from the Internet is harmless, do we make it legal to steal that music?

"And I think if Rough Ian was in prison for something like beating up a rapist, which should be praised rather than sentenced he would have said so."

Not necessarily - but I will explain myself since you brought it up.

I returned from a military assignment overseas and was so severely depressed from the things I saw there and the things I was ordered to do there that I attempted suicide. Yes, it is indeed a crime. I was sentenced to 6 months in jail to be followed by inpatient counseling. After 3 months the judge suspended the rest of the sentence for good behavior and, in a stroke of irony, suspended the counseling.

To be fair, this isn't the first time I've been in jail. When I was 19 I punched a snarky doctor in the face because he refused to treat my fevered little sister due to a health insurance oversight. I was sentenced to two weeks.

Do I still deserve to live in a civilized and safe society?
  by: Rough Ian     09/17/2007 10:17 PM     
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