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                 01/16/2018 02:31 PM  
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09/14/2007 10:58 PM ID: 64922 Permalink   

eBay Yanks Mann's Giant Penis


Peterborough, Ontario: Artist Jo Mann has had her 5-foot 2-inch long, 3-foot diameter penis sculpture pulled from its listing by eBay after 12 hours for "violating one or more" of eBay's policies.

The sculpture was originally created for the 2006 International AIDS Conference in Toronto. The sculpture was originally 6 feet tall, but suffered from "shrinkage" after an accident.

The giant phallus has now been relisted on eBay. As a bonus, a giant condom is included. The auction is intended to raise funds for the Stephen Lewis Foundation.

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Giant? Isn't that more like average to slightly small?
  by: l´anglais     09/15/2007 02:11 AM     
" Giant? Isn't that more like average to slightly small?"

If we were talking inches, yes. However, this thing is 5 feet, 2 inches. That certainly qualifies as giant.
  by: StarShadow     09/15/2007 05:43 AM     
Great headline, Zpravodajec!
  by: StarShadow     09/15/2007 05:56 AM     
  Where do you get a condom that big?  
I'll take a gross.
  by: walter3ca   09/15/2007 08:10 AM     
  @l’anglais walter  
Dream on guys, dream on.
  by: valkyrie123     09/15/2007 03:22 PM     
What was that quote about using sexuality in the wake of a lack of creativity?
  by: velger   09/15/2007 08:13 PM     
  What was that quote...  
"What was that quote about using sexuality in the wake of a lack of creativity?"

An outright lie.
  by: erasedgod   09/15/2007 09:00 PM     
damn. the bane of all men.
  by: elijah4twenty     09/15/2007 09:45 PM     
How so? One would think the sheer *weight* of 'art' that is purely sexual in nature would suggest that it is there for a lack of creativity is true.
  by: velger   09/16/2007 03:50 AM     
Ebay pulls manns penis!
  by: cavador   09/16/2007 04:30 PM     
  very well  
written article. I liked the title and shrinkage part :-)
  by: RyanB     09/16/2007 05:05 PM     
1. There is nothing inherently sexual about a penis.

Well, aside from that, I've got nothin'. "An outright lie" was much funnier in my head.
  by: erasedgod   09/17/2007 06:30 AM     

true... nothing sexual about a penis... BUT, an erect penis suggests arousal, which suggests something sexual...


i've seen body condoms that are up to 6' tall... wanted to get one for Halloween one year, but the store i found them at was sold out then... seems the idea wasn't that original...

here's a link...

  by: The Rambo   09/17/2007 06:38 PM     
  How so? One would think the sheer *weight* of 'art  
The term "art" is always up for interpretation. I have seen many works by Jo Mann and she is a innovative, provocative artist.

If you're going to attempt to sound intelligent you should learn how to spell: it's "therefore"
  by: jossis   09/29/2007 12:49 AM     
Thats one big giant penis ebay got there -_-"
  by: pervsreview   11/12/2007 05:06 PM     
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