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                 02/24/2018 08:57 PM  
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09/18/2007 12:01 AM ID: 64983 Permalink   

Military Threatening and Intimidating Soldier for Refusing Anthrax Vaccine


Private First Class Leif Hamre, is currently serving a non-judicial punishment for disciplinary offenses after refusing to receive BioThrax, anthrax inoculations. Hamre says in June the Military told him to take the shot or face military punishment.

Hamre independently researched it and said that the “vaccine was dangerous” and also “should probably still be in a lab right now for further testing.” Walter Reed Medical Center is investigating a link to autoimmune diseases caused by the drug.

Nearly 80% that receive the drug experience side-effects. Though the Military claims that the drug is “safe and effective,” thousands of soldiers have suffered from its effects. The DoD resumed required mandatory injections as of March 2007.

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  The source  
contains a ton more info. This stuff can be lethal! No wonder he is refusing. Hell if I were him I would go to prison rather than take this drug! Might just save your life.
  by: slavefortheman     09/18/2007 12:05 AM     
  Good on him  
for standing up for his right to not have the vaccine. I think that the rules and regulations of the military should be looked at closely to see where he stands on this.
  by: sleeky     09/18/2007 12:19 AM     
  That's odd  
I only got out of the USMC in Feb, 2006.

I am very surprised that it has been made mandatory.
We all had the choice to take them or not.

I took the entire series and all of the boosters in the anthrax gamut over a period of three years and only got a sniffle and a day long fever from a couple of the shots here and there.

How this has been made mandatory and punishable by NJP is more than baffling to me.
  by: backin1775     09/18/2007 12:20 AM     
Might I remind you guys that PFC ***** no longer has these rights that you speak of? He should have listened to the damn news before he signed the paperwork. //yada yada yada ive also had the complete set + 2 booster for a total of 8 + smallpox + w/e else shot they could give me, cause when the russians invade ill be immune to damn near everything they can throw at me.///
and im getting really tired of hearing all these ***** guys joining and then finding out they don't like it and look for a way out. I bet those damn gay translators didn't fight this shot, cause they wanted to stay in... EVERYONE IS GOING TO DIE SOMEDAY, if pfc ***** dies from a simple shot, so be it. yank his ass out of the gene pool.
  by: matr1x   09/18/2007 01:45 AM     
After all the random shots you get in boot camp...

Anyway, I've got the first 4. Aside from the soreness (like with most shots), I've had no ill effects.
  by: erasedgod   09/18/2007 01:58 AM     
  This is bad  
having no choice at all about taking the drug.
  by: captainJane     09/18/2007 02:11 AM     
  The source  
actually doesn't have much relevant info at all. A PFC determined it was dangerous after several hours of research? Does he even have a GED? All vaccines carry risks, in fact all drugs carry risks. If it was actually dangerous, it would have been shredded of value in medical literature.

The source contains quite a bit of misinformation. Biothrax isn't manufactured by Bioport anymore, in fact Bioport hasn't existed since 2004. Squalene isn't used in the vaccine, I should know, I help make it.

I've also received 4 shots, no side effects at all.
  by: sdestruct   09/18/2007 02:30 AM     
This is the second time its been mandatory. Several years ago it was mandatory, then all the questions and court motions occurred then it was canceled then back to voluntary.
Just earlier this year it went back to mandatory status.
And yes you can be prosecuted for refusal under article 92 of the UCMJ (failure to obey, got a few of those myself over the years).

Personally this stuff is crap and should be dumped, too many hazards and way too many people show up with serious side effects to justify a inoculation that only works with one strain of anthrax (the weapon, not the band). During the first gulf war I got an inoculation that was only specified as "serum A" on my shot record and to this day don't have a clue what it was.
  by: FTFFTW   09/18/2007 02:57 AM     
1: Why would anyone want to keep Anthrax (the band) away? Geez.

2: "I got an inoculation that was only specified as 'serum A' on my shot record"

Holy crap. I'm off to check my medical records.
  by: erasedgod   09/18/2007 03:15 AM     
  Poor guy  
I guess the millitary aren't overly used to soldiers thinking and researching things for themselves.

Having said that, everyone has to play by the rules, don't like, don't join up.
  by: Maxx20     09/18/2007 11:58 AM     
  Good for this Patriot!  
Ahem: Your comments are just plain ignorant. Yes, everyone will die someday, the question is should someone die unneccessarily at the hands of their own government on an untested, unsafe, and uneffective biodefense vaccine? As in for the "p****'s" joining only to get out later - please.. no one expects when they join the military that they may lose rights over their own body - they expect that they may have to go to war and die for their own country and or the cost of freedom. They don't expect that they're also there to be used as human guinea pigs. When the program was voluntary - over 50% declined to receive this vaccine. This "p****" that you speak of is standing up for more than 1,000,000 service men and women. And you've done what? This PFC is what patriots are made of. This vaccine is also what is in the nations' stockpile to use on the civilian populace should an event occur. If this is used en masse, many others will be "yanked out of the gene pool". But don't take my word for it - read: "20,000 who got anthrax shot were hospitalized";
And: Anthrax Vaccine Possibly Linked to 21 Deaths;
Also read the product's own product label, undated in Jan. '02 (very outdated): "Approximately 6% of the reported events were listed as serious. Serious adverse events include
those that result in death, hospitalization, permanent disability or are life-threatening. The serious
adverse events most frequently reported were in the following body system categories: general
disorders and administration site conditions, nervous system disorders, skin and subcutaneous tissue
disorders, and musculoskeletal, connective tissue and bone disorders. Anaphylaxis and/or other
generalized hypersensitivity reactions, as well as serious local reactions, were reported to occur
occasionally following administration of BioThrax." "Other infrequently reported serious adverse events that have occurred in persons who have received BioThrax have included: cellulitis, cysts, pemphigus vulgaris, endocarditis, sepsis, angioedema and
other hypersensitivity reactions, asthma, aplastic anemia, neutropenia, idiopathic thrombocytopenia
purpura, lymphoma, leukemia, collagen vascular disease, systemic lupus erythematosus, multiple
sclerosis, polyarteritis nodosa, inflammatory arthritis, transverse myelitis, Guillain-Barré Syndrome,
immune deficiency, seizure, mental status changes, psychiatric disorders, tremors, cerebrovascular
accident (CVA), facial palsy, hearing and visual disorders, aseptic meningitis, encephalitis,
myocarditis, cardiomyopathy, atrial fibrillation, syncope, glomerulonephritis, renal failure, spontaneous abortion and liver abscess. Infrequent reports were also received of multisystem disorders defined as
chronic symptoms involving at least two of the following three categories: fatigue, mood-cognition,
musculoskeletal system.
Reports of fatalities included sudden cardiac arrest (2), myocardial infarction with polyarteritis
nodosa (1), aplastic anemia (1), suicide (1) and central nervous system (CNS) lymphoma (1).

The Source: Anthrax vaccine (aka: "Biothrax")is manufactured by Bioport in Michigan. Bioport however is now also part of Emergent Biosolutions in Maryland.
We manufacture BioThrax® (Anthrax Vaccine Adsorbed) at our facilities in Lansing, Michigan";
Now after reading the above - and reading the "misinformation" that the vaccine is "safe" - how much research do you think it really takes for an individual to give pause? Even a person without a GED could understand this.

  by: randice   09/18/2007 02:11 PM     
We agree on something.

"Personally this stuff is crap and should be dumped, too many hazards and way too many people show up with serious side effects to justify a inoculation that only works with one strain of anthrax (the weapon, not the band)."
Yes yes and yes!

"During the first gulf war I got an inoculation that was only specified as "serum A" on my shot record and to this day don't have a clue what it was."

And sadly you probably won't. If I was in today I would be sitting right next to that young man. I don't take or have my children take ANY vaccine without research, once bitten-twice shy.
  by: TaraB     09/18/2007 02:22 PM     
  was just talking about this last week  
My Microbiology prof was telling us about the anthrax vaccine and how it's mandated by the military. He had a student who entered the military to pay for college, she got the vaccine and died from the side effects. Very bad stuff, I see no reason to mandate it.
  by: NoTalentAssclown     09/18/2007 02:27 PM     
uh huh. Well, I don't remember saying if I cared the shot was safe? I remember saying something along the lines of "he doesn't have the right to complain" If he wanted to be a patriot, go to college, research these shots that are given to service members, present his findings to his collegues(sp?) and then take it to the press. *OH* but he didn't take that route now did he? He signed a binding contract stating that he will *obey* the orders of the officers appointed over him (and the president) HE SHOULD HAVE READ THE FINE PRINT. Not anyone's fault but his own.

Remember, if you don't like the fact that these shots are given, and you are not a member of the armed forces, STAND UP FOR THOSE SERVING YOU. Or, stfu and stop acting like you really care...
Now, I'm sorry if thats a bit harsh. It just seems to me alot of people *act* as if they care, but when push comes to shove its "better someone else('s kid) than me".
  by: matr1x   09/18/2007 10:57 PM     
  Re: Good for this Patriot  
Matrix - Service members need not follow unlawful orders, which this order was already proven to be in a federal court resulting in an injunction. Injunction later lifted, thus making the order legal. The order is back in the courts questioning the validity - the jury is still out - though, at this present point in time, I will give you - you are correct, it is a legal order.
Matrix - "been there, done that". Took the shots - got sick. Later refused any further shots with an honorable discharge to follow (after a long battle). There's a lot more to this than what meets the eye. I'm not here to slam you Matrix - you have your own opinion, albeit misguided. But don't pretend to play that you know me (you don't) - and please don't pretend that you know what I do (you don't). It's only for the fact that I don't want to see this happen to "anyone else's kid" that I stay involved. You'll note that I was able to carry on this conversation with civility and I didn't need to swear at you once. Why might that be?
  by: Randice   09/19/2007 03:00 AM     
I think that they should charge him with everything they can. He was told that he had to get the inoculation and refused. I just got out of the Marine Corps and had 6 of 10 Anthrax shots with zero side effects besides being sore at the location following the shot and joint pain in my elbow after the first two or three shots. True nearly 80% that recieve the shot suffer side effects but it's actually a very small percentage that suffer side effects that are actually hazardous to their health. The most common side effects are nothing more than the ones that I experienced listed above. The fact is that of 1,859,000 vaccines given from 1990 to 2000 resulted in 1,544 "adverse events" and only 76 of those resulted in death. If you do the math this is really not much more than the amount of deaths each year due to an allergic reaction to common vaccines. Bottom line: He signed the paperwork, he was given an order, he disobeyed it, now he has to suffer the consequences.
  by: Jaymz666   09/19/2007 04:05 AM     
  6 out of 10 shots?  
Out of curiousity Jay, how could you have received 6 of the 10? There's no end after the intial 6 given the yearly boosters for as long as one is in service. Fact, according to VAERS reports, the Anthrax vaccine is one of the most highly reactogenecity of vaccines. Fact - no long term studies have been completed on the anthrax (biothrax) vaccine. We are yet to experience the next new wave of Agent orange.
Fact, according to GAO, only 4-10% of AE's actually get reported (from any vaccine). Much of this due to unawareness, others to refusal. You also may want to check the latest VAERS reports - the number filed is much higher - to include, those treated at the Vaccine Healthcare Centers surpasses your AE's reported.
I stand by this man that is standing for the 1/2 of the Armed Forces, for whatever their reasons, cannot stand for themselves.
  by: Randice   09/19/2007 04:33 AM     
  @ Randice  
You're absolutley right that the Anthrax vaccine is continuous however, After the initial ten the following are considered "boosters". in response to the rest of your question here is some information found on the CDC website concerning A) The Anthrax Vaccine and possible side effects and B)The DTaP Vaccine and possible side effects


Like any medicine, a vaccine is capable of causing serious problems, such as severe allergic reactions. The risk of anthrax vaccine causing serious harm, or death, is extremely small.

Mild Problems

Soreness, redness, or itching where the shot was given (about 1 out of 10 men, about 1 out of 6 women)
A lump where the shot was given (about 1 person out of 2)
Muscle aches or joint aches (about 1 person out of 5)
Headaches (about 1 person out of 5)
Fatigue (about 1 out of 15 men, about 1 out of 6 women)
Chills or fever (about 1 person out of 20)
Nausea (about 1 person out of 20).
Moderate Problems

Large areas of redness where the shot was given (up to 1 person out of 20).
Severe Problems

Serious allergic reaction (very rare - less than once in 100,000 doses).
As with any vaccine, other severe problems have been reported. But these events appear to occur no more often among anthrax vaccine recipients than among unvaccinated people.
There is no evidence that anthrax vaccine causes sterility, birth defects, or long-term health problems.

Independent civilian committees have not found anthrax vaccination to be a factor in unexplained illnesses among Gulf War veterans.


Mild Problems (Common)

Fever (up to about 1 child in 4)
Redness or swelling where the shot was given (up to about 1 child in 4)
Soreness or tenderness where the shot was given (up to about 1 child in 4)
These problems occur more often after the 4th and 5th doses of the DTaP series than after earlier doses.

Sometimes the 4th or 5th dose of DTaP vaccine is followed by swelling of the entire arm or leg in which the shot was given, for 1 to 7 days (up to about 1 child in 30).

Other mild problems include:

Fussiness (up to about 1 child in 3)
Tiredness or poor appetite (up to about 1 child in 10)
Vomiting (up to about 1 child in 50)
These problems generally occur 1 to 3 days after the shot.

Moderate Problems (Uncommon)

Seizure (jerking or staring) (about 1 child out of 14,000)
Non-stop crying, for 3 hours or more (up to about 1 child out of 1,000)
High fever, 105 degrees Fahrenheit or higher (about 1 child out of 16,000)
Severe Problems (Very Rare)
Serious allergic reaction (less than 1 out of a million doses) Several other severe problems have been reported after DTaP vaccine. These include:

Long-term seizures, coma, or lowered consciousness
Permanent brain damage.

Keep in mind that the DTaP is a fairly common vaccine that most schools require for kids prior to registration and is certainly required for ALL ARMED SERVICE MEMBERS!

I'm not arguing the point that there is a chance of "Serious Adverse Effects" I understand and know that there is, the point that I'm trying to make is that there is a chance of SAE with ANY inoculation you recieve. The chances may be a little higher with the Anthrax but given the choice (and I've had it before)I would pick the "possible" side effects of an innoculation over the chance of being exposed to Anthrax (which, in the military, the odds sky rocket emmensly, particularly if you're going over seas for any period of time).
  by: Jaymz666   09/19/2007 06:17 AM     
  not to be a dick...  
just wondering what VAERS and AE are?

To fellow viewers: sorry if p*ssy and d*ouche offended anyone. I just have strong feelings towards most people who speak out about the way the military works and what it does (to it's own).
To Randice: I'm not trying to focus all this agression towards you (read 2nd para 09/18/2007 10:57 PM) This was towards those who "stick up" for the people in the military. No, you are correct, I have no idea who you are or what you've done.
  by: matr1x   09/19/2007 06:19 AM     
Jaymz666: I'm pretty sure every briefing I recieved said it was a 6 series vaccine with a yearly booster? Although the marines may treat it differently than the army?
  by: matr1x   09/19/2007 06:23 AM     
  *Addendum to previous post*  
Also, what you may consider "Serious AE" and what I consider are quite possibly two totaly different ideas. A serious side effect is something that will leave permanent or long term damage to a person or death. Feeling ill following an inoculation, vomitting or sonic diarrhea are not "serious" AE. I don't know about anyone else but everytime I get a damn flue shot, it never fails that I get the flue and am laid out for the next two days.
  by: Jaymz666   09/19/2007 06:25 AM     
Jaymz666: I think this is the first time I have ever shared the same opinion as a *jarhead* (jk) But I think a simple company grade article 15 (14/14 no taken pay) would suffice, and if he continued to refuse escalate from there.
  by: matr1x   09/19/2007 06:26 AM     
  ding ding ding  
haha I agree. Want to ban a vaccine? Ban the flu vaccine, because it never failed to make me sick days later.
  by: matr1x   09/19/2007 06:29 AM     
See, I guess it is Marine/Navy thing because all the briefings that I recieved suggested that there was ten to be something like 97% immune to Anthrax (typically, everybody reacts different to different things)then you needed a yearly booster to maintain that level of immunity. Unless I'm looking at this wrong (which is quite possible as I have been up for awhile now) AE is just shorthand for Adverse Effect. I do agree, I don't think that it should go straight to NJP but a formal, documented "Ass Chewing" to begin with and go from there. See what most people don't understand that it's not about an Anthrax shot, it's about this soldiers ability to follow orders. If he can't follow a simple order to get stuck with a needle how can we expect him to follow orders in combat? So if he is ordered to clear a room he all of a sudden has a choice on whether or not he's going to do simply because it's a "potential" hazard to his health? F*** that!
  by: Jaymz666   09/19/2007 06:44 AM     
Matrix - Glad to see you're beginning to be civil - there's no need for slander - apology accepted. I see Jay has answered your question re: abbrev. for AE (adverse events) - VAERS stands for Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, which is a voluntary reporting system for vaccine adverse events. It's through VAERS where unexpected problems can possibly be obtained re: AE's, given that there's no long term studies done prior to a vaccine hitting the market.

Jay - The initial series is 6 followed by annual boosters, per FDA protocol (0, 2, 4 weeks; 6, 12, 18 months - annual). I'd find it highly curious if you were briefed on anything else and received it in any different way aside from what's listed above.

I said it above in a previous post - but to readdress the "following the order" comment - let's get real. These soldiers are already in Iraq putting their lives on the line. Do you honestly believe that he/she/they has any qualms of dying for this country and/or defending the constitution? Of course not.
Regarding the interpretation of serious AE's - here's a good blog for you to go visit:
Actually - there's a little bit of everything on here.
In addition - I'd invite you to check out the GAO and House Congressional reports regarding the safety and efficacy of AVA/Biothrax.
You can find them all here:

I think I covered everything - please forgive if I missed something.
  by: randice   09/19/2007 01:42 PM     
  A couple more items  
Thanks Jay - you're making me dig this AM. Regarding "treatment" - antibiotics have already been proven to be effective (unlike the vaccine) and has far fewer side effects. Regarding "the threat" - Congress has been more of a target than our troops overseas. When the Hart building however was hit - what did our lawmakers have to say?

But Sen. Bill Frist, R-Tennessee, a physician who has taken an active role in the treatment for anthrax on Capitol Hill, is skeptical of the vaccine as a widespread treatment.
"The vaccine is a dated vaccine, it's an old vaccine. There are very real and potentially serious side effects from the vaccine and anyone who elects to receive the vaccine needs to be made aware of that," said Frist.
"I do not recommend widespread inoculation for people with the vaccine in the Hart Building," he said. "There are too many side effects and if there is limited chance of exposure the side effects would far outweigh any potential advantage."

Then later, this occurred:
Robert Stevenson, who was communications director for former Sen. Bill Frist, R-Tenn., is among those registered to lobby on behalf of Emergent BioSolutions.
As far as I can tell, this is for the 1st quarter of '07.

Again, there's a lot more to this - and unfortunately, it's our soldiers and their families paying the high price for it.
If you really are interested, I also suggest reading this: -
on the front page, click on
Anthrax Vaccine: A Case for Accountability
It's the first link under this one:
"Stop Poisoning Our Troops with Untested Vaccines"
  by: randice   09/19/2007 01:57 PM     
  School Shots Requirements  
This just hit me Jay - (though o/t I'll address it briefly) - regarding it be a "requirement" that children get DTap prior to school enrollment - another item where there's much misinformation.
Every state has a medical exemption - every state but MS and WV has a religious exemption and about 1/3 of the states has a philosophical exemption.
A child can be enrolled in school with any of the exemptions above and DTap (or any other vaccine) is not a requirement.
  by: randice   09/19/2007 02:21 PM     
  Regarding CDC Data  
Hey Jay - got more for you. You've been quiet today - hopefully you're reading information sent above.

CDC states no association between ava and birth defects, (etc...)
The vaccine is listed as a category D in terms of pregnancy, meaning evidence exists to birth defects to the fetus to include spontaneous miscarriages/abortions. A Navy study confirmed this, although at this time, it is unpublished.

This so far effects women pregnant during the first trimester. No studies have yet been taking place on men, or, the possibility of anything being transferred to the fetus from the spouse to the other that rec'd ava.

Regarding no independent study has linked ava to GWI... really?

Monday, May 6, 2002


  by: Randice   09/20/2007 02:01 AM     
I have been quite, I was out of town and just got back in a little while ago. I did check out some of the information that you have posted and while it has been very insightful I still feel that the vaccination is less of a risk than what people make it out to be. These are the same people that believe that the US government was behind 9/11. Everyone is always looking for a reason to blame the governments for something. I do not deny that the antrax vaccination is more of a risk and has had less research done on it in comparison to other, more common vaccines. But, the benefits of receiving the vaccination over power the possible side effects.

You're right and I felt like a douche after I posted it because it hit me real quick that children are not REQUIRED by the school to be vaccinated anymore. But the statement regarding all armed service members gettingt he DTaP still holds true.

Between you and Matr1x I'm starting to doubt myself as far as the number of shots. I know that I've recieved six of them and I could have sworn that I was briefed that there was ten in the series but that also over four years ago that I sat through that brief so it's possible that my memory is just a little hazy.

As far as this soldiers ability to follow orders goes... This is the way I see it and I don't know if you've ever served in the military but, this soldier was given an order and he refused it. Just because they haven't used anthrax yet doesn't mean that they won't. They haven't used gas over there in quite awhile but we still go to Iraq with gas masks and full MOPP suits. If this soldier was to deploy and get exposed to anthrax then what good is he to the mission or his fellow soldiers? What gets me is that all these ****ing people are looking at it as if the military and the DoD has some sort of mailicious intent behind trying to force this soldier into getting this shot and this is not the case. The military is playing the better-safe-than-sorry card.

anyways I've grown bored of this subject but I did have a great time. I still don't understand your point of view and think that this is another one of those small things that has been blown way out of proportion. The truth is during my time in I had never known anyone that had an AE to the vaccine nor had I never known anyone who knows someone who knows someone that had an AE to the vaccine. My Dad was in the gulf war back in 90-91 and recieved the Anthrax vaccine and has gotten yearly boosters since and is still in perfect health as is all of his friends that served during that same time period.
  by: Jaymz666   09/20/2007 04:11 PM     
  @ Jay  
Well Jay - considering you're growing bored, I won't bother rebutting your statements - I will however say - that "those involved are not conspiratorial theorists". A conspiracy theory is only a conspiracy until it's proven true - once again, read the websites sent - you'll find the government's own documentation on this. To say the program has been built like a house made out of a deck of cards is even given it too much credit.
Bottom line - this PFC gets is - and once again - is standing up for more than 1,000,000 people - good for him.

I'm glad that you, your father (etc.. etc..) are fine from the shots. I hope that it continues to stay that way for you. (really, I do).

And yes, I was military, too.
  by: randice   09/20/2007 04:57 PM     
  my life as an evil anthrax administrator..  
We administer this crap all day. There's lots of ways around an order, rather than refusing an order. Too bad for him, he took the wrong path. Now he'll get his vaccine and a 15.

We do see reactions a lot, but localized- usually cellulitis/edema/erythema @ injection site. Nobody has reported serious illness not in the 15 months we've been at it. We would be where they would go if they did experience a reaction. So this is how I know.

I have to wonder though, and maybe somebody could provide me with a link, what the hell is Bioport/Biothrax really about- wikipedia wasn't much help. But to have contracts only with DOD? It seems like somebody is making an ass load of money off the gov. for a vaccine that none of us really need. We follow the 6 shot series by the way. Oh and then theres smallpox... I wont even get started, lol! Hooah!
  by: tanja   09/20/2007 04:58 PM     
  Smallpox vaccine  
I loved it. Nothing makes my day like seeing a yellowish liquid being excreted from a festering sore on my shoulder.
  by: erasedgod   09/20/2007 05:03 PM     
A festering sore that smells a bit off as well. I hate having to give that one out. Now with that (smallpox Vx) we have seen some SERIOUS reactions. Therefore, I told them I had open genital herpes blisters at the time- making me exempt. Nobody is willing to check the validity of something like that, lol! I guess it helps to be a medic to know what to say.
  by: tanja   09/20/2007 05:51 PM     
  For Tanja... and oh yes, the "smallpox" vaccine  
People can also go to the Vaccine Healthcare Centers for treatments/questions if either that's all they know about, or, they don't trust their medical establishment... so, you're not necessarily the only source. (no offense).
There's been plenty of editorials/op-eds laying out the connections you are asking about.
Considering you already have (from above) previous websites/links to go check out "some" of the information - regarding the links and who's making what from whom - go to: and click on the "op-eds". To answer your questions in specifity, you'll need to go to the archives and click on earlier editorials/op-eds written. (try starting in 1999). YOu'll have a lot of reading to do.

Regarding the smallpox vaccine - when the program started for the EEP's, it was quickly halted due to the overwhelming and unforeseen reactions to the heart. The civilian program offered a cap of I believe it was 250,000.00 for these types of reactions. What was it again that the military members received? Oh yeah... Nadda....
  by: randice   09/20/2007 08:49 PM     
  One more thing Tanja...  
As you encounter these types of reactions, please make sure a VAERS report is being filed on them....
(if you haven't been already)....
  by: randice   09/20/2007 08:50 PM     
  I know this soldiers family and  
all he has asked for is that HIS body not be used by the government as a lab rat. There is a ton of well documented problems with this vaccine and the military's administration of it. I am a veteran and I am continually outraged at how AMERICANS are expected to check their constitutional rights at the military's front door. My son was recently Medically Retired after developing serious heart problems after getting his first Anthrax Vaccine. This story is just the tip of the iceberg of whats happening with this vaccine.

  by: cathycat   09/21/2007 04:46 AM     
thanks for the links. Actually though we ARE the only place they would go with a serious reaction. We are an outlying FOB in the middle of the desert.. I haven't seen a Vx Healthcare Center in this part of the world, lol! Our reaction reporting is Not done through VAERS- not from our end anyways.
  by: tanja   09/21/2007 06:50 AM     
  For Tanja  
Tanja - thanks for the clarification - you would be correct... no VHC in the desert. (sorry, was unaware you were deployed)... That said though - individuals have been medi-vacced from the desert to Germany to DC to WRVHC.

You're not completing VAERS reports? YIKES!!!! That's a requirement for any reaction that involves hospitalization or loss of duty for 24 hours or more, at the minimum requirements.
Just a suggestion -you may want to check into that - that's supposed to be being done.

  by: randice   09/21/2007 03:52 PM     
  Regarding vaccines and exemptions in the Navy  
My husband is currently undergoing NJP for refusing the anthrax vaccine. The main difference between his refusal and the ones I'm finding on the 'net is his was for religious reasons. Yet he is still being punished for "disobeying a direct order" by being on restriction to his ship, being reduced in rank, and being fined. Today he signed his second direct order - he's scheduled to appear for his second CO Mast this Monday if he refuses again. So I may possibly get one day with him before this happens and he will probably get restricted again and then they go on deployment.

I have to be honest - I'm pissed off that the US Gov't can trample on our Constitutional rights by refusing to allow my husband a religious exemption based on a "sincere and personal religious belief". He did file a statement with references to the specific statutes where free exercise of religion is noted in the Constitution - but apparently the US Navy is more concerned with pushing their vaccines on the captive population they have serving, than enforcing the very Constitution my husband has sworn to uphold and defend to the death if necessary.

He was also forced to receive the smallpox vaccine late last year; at the time, he was against it but was unsure how he could go about refusing the vaccine so he got it even though he felt very strongly that the Lord did not want him to get it. (We are Christians.) As soon as the bubble appeared on his leg, he began experiencing severe headaches and nausea, which quickly progressed to a high fever (almost 104) and ended up with him in sick bay on an IV and under close observation. They nearly medivac'd him off the ship. His injection site remained an open wound for over 4 months. It finally scabbed up the day he refused the flu vaccine, and the scab fell off the day he signed his statement describing his reasons for refusing the anthrax vaccine.

Now my husband has served honorably in the Navy for over 9 years. He is a former submariner and is the most patriotic person you could meet. Yet because he is religiously opposed to this vaccine and is exercising his first amendment rights to free exercise of religion he is at risk for being processed out of the Navy. Though his Capt. is threatening in the meantime to continue issuing identical orders and continue reducing him in rate until he is down to seaman, along with taking him on deployment but restricting him to the ship the entire time.

Am I the only one who finds something wrong with this?
  by: celticpatriot   03/08/2008 03:10 AM     
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