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                 01/20/2018 06:15 AM  
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09/18/2007 01:55 PM ID: 65011 Permalink   

Thousands Will Ride Sluts in Seattle


What began as an urban legend has soon become a reality with the naming of the new transport system in South Lake Union. The acronym SLUT or South Lake Union Trolley seems to have stuck to the new streetcars.

A spokesperson for the development company denies it was the name for the new transport system but accepts that it seems to have stuck over the originally planned South Lake Union Streetcar.

T-shirts reading "Ride the SLUT." Are already on sale in coffee houses in what many see as a protest to the choice of the transport system over affordable housing by local planners.

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  I love it!  
Hugo you actually made me laugh this morning! I want one of those t-shirts, I think it is a great idea and I hope it catches on and the PC police do not ruin it.
  by: TaraB     09/18/2007 02:15 PM     
  How cool to say....  
Sorry Boss, The SLUT made me late!
  by: Clark Kent     09/18/2007 02:27 PM     
  That's brilliant!  
Reminds me of something which I'm sure is just an urban myth, but it has been rumoured that the university I went to was going to be called the Central University of Newcastle upon Tyne (C.U.N.T for short!) but they decided to call it The University of Northumbria at Newcastle, before then renaming it again to just Northumbria University.

I'd like to think it was true, but it's probably not.

SLUT is definitely a good name for a train system though! :-D
  by: TabbyCool     09/18/2007 02:35 PM     
Hahahaha ... Thats classic!!!!
  by: Clark Kent     09/18/2007 02:45 PM     
difference anyways.
  by: isuzu     09/18/2007 03:19 PM     
what do you do when the SLUT doesn't come?
  by: jendres     09/18/2007 03:50 PM     
  The transportation authority should embrace this  
They could have promotional billboards reading, "Everybody's riding the SLUT!"
  by: lĀ“anglais     09/18/2007 04:25 PM     
Is not such a good word here it could mean a lose woman or a someone that will not pick up their own mess.
So if we had a poster saying come and ride the Slut; there would be a queue of perverted guys just waiting for the opportunity, or ladies depends on which side of the fence they are on. :P
  by: captainJane     09/18/2007 04:34 PM     
what is the male equivalent of slut .
  by: Hugo Chavez     09/18/2007 04:52 PM     
I think it's the same...I've been calling my husband a slut for years! He's easy...
  by: reehaw     09/18/2007 05:01 PM     
Hey, Keep quiet or all the girls here will want his number! :P

Yes the same thing! Slut is a slut male or female.
  by: captainJane     09/18/2007 05:57 PM     
  Also very good  
However I think they'll change it soon
  by: hl2k   09/18/2007 06:01 PM     
of course we know what slut means captainjane, thats why its funny

and to the person saying they will change the name... if you paid attention to the article you'd realize the official name isnt slut, by the initials, its slus... as it says the transportation authority said they named it the slus, last word streetcar... yet they agreed that people have taken to calling it the slut.... you cant change what peoplel are calling it... the name would be slus by the official name, but slut is more catchy, and anyway, who doesnt like riding a slut....
  by: newsfreak   09/18/2007 07:48 PM     
"what is the male equivalent of slut ."

that would be man-whore.
  by: Rislone   09/18/2007 11:56 PM     
Thank-you for a great artickle ; ]

I'm moving to Seattle, this is priceless!
  by: Zmethod     09/19/2007 01:36 AM     
  straight from wikipedia, hey, i was bored ;-)~  
Slut is a term for a person who is deemed sexually promiscuous. The term has traditionally been applied to women and is often used as an insult or offensive term of disparagement. Slut has also been reclaimed as a slang term in the BDSM, polyamorous and gay and bisexual communities (see alternative uses below). It may be used by the person concerned as an expression of pride in their status, or as an expression of enviousness in the "success rate" of others. The term is not interchangeable with whore or prostitute as those terms denote a person who engages in sex for money.

*As copied
  by: ladiedragonfli   09/19/2007 02:34 AM     
  Similar story  
The Luas rail system in Dublin is known locally as the "Daniel Day" or the "Jerry Lee" not quite Slut but pretty good all the same . Oh the new spire on OConnell street is known as the stiletto in the ghetto .
  by: Hugo Chavez     09/19/2007 12:16 PM     
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