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                 01/20/2018 12:36 AM  
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09/20/2007 07:03 PM ID: 65071 Permalink   

Swedish Students Want to go Topless at Local Pool


Swedish students Ragnhild Karlsson, 22, and her friend Kristin Karlsson, 21 have begun their battle to go topless at the local swimming pool by sending a letter to the Equal Opportunities Ombudsman.

The girls were ordered to put on their bikini top on September 5th at the Fyrishov leisure complex in Uppsala and told local reporters “If women are forced to wear a top, shouldn't men also have to?"

Staff at the pool defended their actions showing that crimes of a sexual nature were particularly common in swimming pool environments.

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  I don't think  
I don't think they will have any protest from the men in there same age group about going top less but i do agree that it would make a haven for sexual preditors.
  by: Ghostbear_alaska   09/20/2007 07:30 PM     
  Bikini tops serve no useful purpose.  
Only people with dirty minds have problems with them.
  by: walter3ca   09/20/2007 07:31 PM     
Pics of the two:

You be the judge :)
  by: Jediman3     09/20/2007 08:01 PM     
  Topless chicks at the local pool  
Hell I'm okay with that :)
  by: FTFFTW   09/20/2007 08:23 PM     
  JEDI!! hahaa  
I wouldn't want these two anyways!

That link totally ruined my imagination of 2 teenage swedish girls!
  by: stevemetzger3d   09/20/2007 08:32 PM     
"no useful purpose"?

I guess your boobs aren't as long as mine.
  by: Valkyrie123     09/20/2007 09:08 PM     
  cousins in Norway -  
walk around topless and never think twice about it. Us? Ha!
  by: mcink2   09/20/2007 09:23 PM     
  It isn't what, it's where  
A lot of these european countries seem to be more comfortable with body issues, like France and Czechoslavakia and such. But there are places where it is appropriate, and places where it isn't. Like another poster noted, it would attract people that they probably don't want to attract, and that is where the true contention begins. Would their partial nudity be welcomed by all? Would the shady welcome it too much? After gaining the right to remove their tops, would they then pursue the removal of others rights, and try to sue anyone who leers or objects? I would recommend to these gals to seek out FKK (free body culture-nudists) events. They will be treated with respect, and would not have any reason to feel discomfort or to seek litigation.
  by: escalus84   09/20/2007 09:36 PM     
There ain't no such place as Czechoslovakia!

Perhaps you mean the Czech Republic, and the Slovak Republic (Slovakia)?

They only split in 1993.
  by: Zpravodajec     09/20/2007 09:44 PM     
  Bring them here  
Canada has allowed toplessness for women :D
  by: hl2k   09/20/2007 10:03 PM     
I go to Sweden often... there are no laws forbidding toplessness. It used to be 90 percent topless at the beaches *sigh* now, most women don't because they think all the men would stare at them and stalk them.

You can still go to Sweden and see topless women there.... of all ages (yikes!)
  by: theironboard     09/20/2007 10:08 PM     
  In Canada  
This is completely normal and OK. They may be asked to cover, but not criminaly prosecuted.

A decade ago we passed law of equality, that confirms, Womens Boobs are not sexual organs. The same as man.
  by: isuzu     09/21/2007 12:57 AM     
as "long" as yours? LOL That just ruined my imagine of sexy older women...
  by: creep   09/21/2007 01:37 AM     
If this is true, them I'm moving to Canada. Whats a good place to start!?
  by: Zmethod     09/21/2007 01:44 AM     

And LOL.
  by: Mister crank     09/21/2007 04:24 AM     
  Good place to start in Canada?  
It's all good baby, babay.

And who cares what their faces look like, it's their tits we're looking at, eh?
  by: tonyspaghetti   09/21/2007 04:54 AM     
Montreal baabayyyyyyyyyy
  by: isuzu     09/21/2007 08:26 AM     
  And where  
And where, pray tell, is this "montreal".
  by: AnsweringQuestions     09/24/2007 12:58 PM     
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