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                 04/25/2014 01:18 AM  
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05/14/2001 12:14 PM ID: 6509 Permalink   

New Windows 2000 Update Released


Microsoft has quietly posted a collection of updates and bug fixes for its Windows 2000 operating system on its website. The official release of the update will probably not come until next week, and will be called Windows 2000 Service Pack 2.

The update comes with new features, including better standard security (128-bit encryption as opposed to 56-bit) and a "series of tweaks and tricks" that make the operating system work better with older software programs.

The download is a 10MB file, which can be obtained free of charge from Microsoft's download pages.

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  call it "Service Pack"  
For "Updates", Microsoft does charge money. For their collection of fixes
and minor improvements of the system
they use the term "Service Pack".
  by: alexstohr     05/14/2001 05:48 PM     
  Wrong Size  
It's actually 101Mb and seems to have been leaked by someone in MS. However it is available to download from MS's hosting partner.
  by: cyberprog   05/14/2001 08:22 PM     
  huh so big? My Linux fits on an 1,44 floppy.  
do they have bundled some software
like MS-IE, Media Player and alikes...
I think that would be impossible for
any modem user to download. And as
everytime the nice whish "i only want
the fixes, nothing more" doesnt work.
  by: alexstohr     05/14/2001 11:41 PM     
  perfectly possible  
it's perfectly possible to download 101 mb on a modem, i've done it before, but thankfully to cable, will neve rhave to again :D
Using utilites like Go!Zilla also help..
  by: cyberprog   05/15/2001 05:56 PM     
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