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                 02/25/2018 06:59 AM  
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10/01/2007 12:03 PM ID: 65267 Permalink   

Man Killed by Trouser Snake


A Cambodian man died on Monday after struggling with a 2-metre cobra which he had trapped by using his trousers as an improvised snake bag.

Chab Kear, 36 caught the snake during a drinking session and was hoping to sell the reptile later, however the snake managed to bite him 3 times from inside his trouser bag causing his death.

The local newspaper reported Kear’s last words as being “don't worry - it's nothing a drink can't fix".

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I just couldn't avoid posting this one .
  by: Hugo Chavez     10/01/2007 12:08 PM     
  Good one  
Darwin strikes again.

I guess this is why alcohol and venomous reptiles shouldn't be mixed.
  by: Maxx20     10/01/2007 12:24 PM     
  some guy dies again...  
and some guy says - another notch for darwin.

Evolutionary perfection is the cockroach. So, if this man didn't die he'd become a cockroach. This guy was probably a darwinist and his dim fate drove him to drink. Now i know why darwin was doing his cousin and then happily died - might as well do what you can while you can - before you turn into a roach.

"Darwin strikes again"? I'm surprised that bastard is still killing people from the grave.
  by: mexicanrevolution   10/01/2007 04:57 PM     
How can you tell when your cobra is drunk?
  by: David M Barger     10/01/2007 07:16 PM     
  The Daft Man!  

"How can you tell when your cobra is drunk?"

Go on tell us. :) ha-ha
  by: captainJane     10/01/2007 10:27 PM     
  Well I'll be...  
He put a snake in his pants? I know there's some crazy drinking games out there but dang. And what classic last words. No "ahhhhh." No "he bit me." No "take me to the hospital." And if we're telling jokes here's one.

Q: Why is black men always lose a race?

A: Everytime they hear a gunshot they hit the ground.
  by: Jon_Hall     10/02/2007 02:31 AM     
  @Jon Hall  
"You might be retarded if"
  by: DekaR   10/02/2007 02:41 AM     
"You might be retarded if"

NO you are retarded.

@CJANE, I have a snake in my pants, I call him spitting Cobra. Not drinking cobra like Daves...

Sorry couldnt help it.
  by: isuzu     10/02/2007 12:17 PM     
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