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                 01/20/2018 09:50 PM  
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10/16/2007 12:18 PM ID: 65698 Permalink   

What it Feels Like to Die


Based on advanced medical technology and the testimony of those who have had a near brush with death, scientists can offer insights into what it's like to die. The vast majority of deaths are the result of the brain being deprived of oxygen.

Drowning victims normally struggle for several minutes and experience a burning or tearing sensation as water enters the lungs. This is followed by a feeling of tranquility. People who bleed to death experience weakness, thirst and confusion.

Electrocution and hanging, if done correctly, usually cause a very quick death. Victims of decapitation may remain conscious for up to 7 seconds with some historical reports extending that to 30 seconds.

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  Suggest reading the source  
It is huge and was very difficult to summarise. There's quite a lot of interesting info there and a lot more causes of death than I could cover.
  by: ixuzus     10/16/2007 12:25 PM     
  this is  
one of the best things ive read in a long time! very interesting! good post!
  by: jack282   10/16/2007 01:05 PM     
  Didnt they already do this  
in flatliners?
  by: AnsweringQuestions     10/16/2007 01:26 PM     
  A lil morbid but interesting...  
still death is certain, I want to know what happens after we die and I'm not buying the turning into plant food crap. I know way too much to believe that death is the end.
  by: zmethod     10/16/2007 01:58 PM     
  So how do they determine how long you live  

Researcher: Ok bob you understand we are going to chop your head off right?

Bob: Yeah sure do. All for science, boy I tell you what!

Researcher: <chops off bobs head> Bob what do you feel?

Bobs Head: Not much just this thingly feeling. Its kind of wierd its like..............

Researcher: Bob you there? Ok that was 6 seconds. Good work people!
  by: slavefortheman     10/16/2007 02:31 PM     
  I can say what it's like....  
Because I have had heart valve replacement surgury.They had to stop my heart for six minutes.I was clinically D.E.A.D. during this time.
Whilst I was out to it I had the most glorious religious experience in my life.I actually visited my relitaves in the afterlife.Everywhere you looke the buildings where like huge castles and the grass was the greenest you had ever seen.The sky was a beautiful golden colour.
Thats all I remember because when they woke me up after they said I tears in my eyes when I was gone.
I now no longer fear death,because I now know what awaits me.
  by: cavador   10/16/2007 03:15 PM     
I cannot verify the authenticity of this but you might find it interesting.
  by: ixuzus     10/16/2007 03:21 PM     
but somehow I have to know,good post,I think. :)
  by: captainJane     10/16/2007 04:31 PM     
by the blink of an eye.
  by: sp00ky187   10/16/2007 05:35 PM     
Wow, that link was awesome. Very interesting and captivating.
  by: jonnysodoff   10/17/2007 04:08 AM     
  A great read, indeed  
There was a case about 10 years ago where they had to do some neurosurgery on a woman, stopping blood flow to her brain for just long enough to get it done without causing brain damage.
After they began, she remembers floating above her body and watching the surgery take place.. listening to the conversation, and visually watching what was going on even though her physical eyes were closed.
When she woke up, she asked the doctors about the strange looking assistant who came in during the surgery and recited the conversation to them. They were baffled, and this added up to the evidence of life after death -- as she was in a controlled brain-dead situation with her heart stopped (as the brain controls the heart).
It was pretty amazing stuff!
  by: fadedroses   10/17/2007 09:24 AM     
  Wanna know what it feels like to die?  
Take DMT. It floods the brain when you die. It also floods the brain when you sleep, and 40 days after your conceived. Its very important to the beginning and end of our lives, even during. The reason why you don't know it happens every night when you sleep is because your brain forces you to forget the experience. Only when you use DMT to trigger the release in your brain is when you will consciously see what happens, but you'll forget the experience very quickly afterwards.
  by: Vhan     10/17/2007 08:44 PM     
  @ VAHN  
MY oh MY! Vahn knows what he is saying. I have taken DMT several times and HOLY SHIT this is not to be taken lightly. You will literally enter this realm of ALL your childhood MEMORIES and thoughts and basically just see everything in the most incredible perspectives imaginable, REALITY! Their are certain filters in your brain that block out what really is around you. Smoke this stuff and those filters are momentarily erased. Search for the guy, " TERRENCE MCKENNA" in YOUTUBE and you will get a glimpse of his experiences with this substance.I mean you really do trip on this every night of sleep. This is DIRECTLY related to dieing, you want to know what it is like to die or be born? Smoke pure DMT or drink the Ayuhasca Brew. You will never look at the world the same again...
  by: pineal420   10/17/2007 11:01 PM     
Yeah dissolving you own filters is good for you. I can't imagine how it wouldn't be. Your brain is trying to help you, and by doing so you overlook many things and don't see the whole picture. There are many drugs that will help you to dissolve this like the mentioned (also MDMA & Cannabis).
Terence Mckenna was a smart man who brought a lot of new ideas and information. From his Time Wave Zero (I-Ching) to the archaic revival, he is one who will be missed since his death in '99.
"If the truth can be told so as to be understood, it will be believed."
Terence Mckenna - Re-Evolution
  by: Vhan     10/18/2007 08:32 PM     
  10 Assessments wow  
what's the record ?
  by: Hugo Chavez     11/07/2007 05:59 PM     
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