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                 01/17/2018 09:10 PM  
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10/23/2007 03:51 PM ID: 65862 Permalink   

Anal Sex Now Legal for Heterosexuals But Not Homosexuals in Singapore


Singapore: Parliament has repealed a law criminalising "carnal intercourse against the order of nature" thus making oral and anal sex between heterosexual couples legal. New laws were enacted to deal with sex tourism and child prostitution.

The parliament declined, however, to repeal a section which makes sex between men an offence punishable by up to two years in jail. The decision to keep the seldom enforced law came after spirited debate which included the presentation of a petition.

"They [homosexuals] live their lives, that's their personal space. But the tone of the overall society, I think, it remains conventional, it remains straight and we want it to remain so," said Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

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  What does he mean by that?  
"They live their lives, that's their personal space..."

That's all very well, but it's not as simple as that if they are going to be classed as criminals and potentially locked up for having sex with other men!

It sounds as though he doesn't really care what they do, he just doesn't want to be seen to encourage it.
  by: TabbyCool     10/23/2007 04:33 PM     
  he knows they'll do it  
but he wants to keep it to the margins of society. pretty much a slap in the face just to prevent a "gay culture" from emerging
  by: reverend j roach     10/23/2007 04:46 PM     
  Shouldnt govt  
be more concerned about things like unemployment, health care, infrastructure, etc. Not 'carnal intercourse against the order of nature'
  by: RyanB     10/23/2007 05:38 PM     
Can they really forbid anal sex for homos? Why cant they be intimate like the hetros.
  by: iBye   10/23/2007 07:11 PM     
Have you checked statistics on Singapore?? I doubt if you have! You'd know ingapore...

I would agree with "Have their space" hopefully in time it will be excepted.

To see same sex kissing or necking for the 1st time, is quite shocking. Hmmmm retracting the 1st time and including anytime is shocking, cant help but, oggle!!!!!!!!! Than you realize to close your mouth and walk away, while others are still pointing....Hahhaha
  by: isuzu     10/23/2007 09:22 PM     
"They live their lives, that's their personal space..."

And what a tight lil space it must be
  by: Zmethod     10/24/2007 03:06 AM     
  Well, when talking about it being "unnatural"  
I love this link

Heck, explore the site. Great reads.
  by: fballer23   10/24/2007 03:27 AM     
  Anal Sex  
I think useing the back Door is the most Grosses thing on this Face of the earth ..
weather it be male or female for straights or other wise ....
Gross Gross Gross ...
It is not human for anyone to use the back door
  by: gearjammermmc   10/24/2007 06:38 AM     
Put down that S&M gear before you say that.

  by: Jediman3     10/24/2007 03:22 PM     
What does this all mean for the gay aliens? Can they still come to Earth and insert their anal probes?
  by: white albino   10/25/2007 10:46 AM     
Sorry but not into that stuff ...
I love straight women , well two ladies will doo. As Well LOL LOL LOL
Not into GUYS Never, Never will , Not Gonnn Happen .....
  by: gearjammermmc   10/25/2007 02:04 PM     
Can you spell latent?
  by: DavidSJA   10/25/2007 03:02 PM     
Repressed Homosexual

No, apparently I cant, I'll try again

Repressed Hmosexual

Nope, cant :p
  by: AnsweringQuestions     10/25/2007 03:13 PM     
  @white albino  
you raise a very good point.
  by: RyanB     10/25/2007 03:16 PM     
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