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                 02/23/2018 01:39 PM  
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10/31/2007 03:27 AM ID: 66049 Permalink   

Justin Timberlake Gay!?


Lance Bass an ex 'N Sync boy band member, has revealed in a tell all interview with GQ, that he thought his former band mate Justin Timberlake was gay.

In GQ's November issue Bass is quoted as saying "We thought Justin was gay because he told us he wanted to do a gay part in a movie."

Lance who outed himself last year, also thought the other band members were gay.

There was no comment from Justin Timberlake's people in regards to Bass's interview.

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I enjoyed posting this article, a lil too much.
  by: Zmethod     10/31/2007 03:30 AM     
  Meh, no surprise...  
...a lot gay people think everyone else is gay!
  by: MomentOfClarity     10/31/2007 03:58 AM     
Wow, N'Sync was gay?
This is the biggest freakin news EVER!
I'm completely SHOCKED!!!
  by: silentrage   10/31/2007 04:09 AM     
next they'll be revealing that paris hilton is a whore.
  by: ManilaRyce     10/31/2007 05:23 AM     
Or they WISH that a lot of other people were gay.
  by: sleeky     10/31/2007 07:01 AM     
  i want to see a story  
where someone is outed for being STRAIGHT...i mean seriously, WHO CARES!!!
  by: ladiedragonfli   10/31/2007 07:27 AM     
I doubt Justin is gay, really doubt it.
  by: vant   10/31/2007 07:44 AM     
What gave that fact away? All the beautiful women he's boned? In comparison to Lance Bass (whom I can't remember having anything going on with anyone...)
  by: Dayron   10/31/2007 08:52 AM     
Because you've only boned a woman when it's in the news, amiright?
  by: silentrage   10/31/2007 09:05 AM     
  you people are pathetic  
Yesterday I posted a story about a Russian mass murder who bragged about murdering 60 people by bashing their heads in with a hammer or drowning them in sewage ditches. That story has only gotten 180 visits. This story has only been posted for several hours and already it's got 600 hits.
One of this band members thinks he's gay...BFD! That's more interesting than a crazy psycho mass murder that feels no remorse? Shame on everyone who posted here (including myself for reading this story and posting)! And Zmethod...I have enjoyed reading your prior stories, now I'm a bit worried.
  by: shaohu     10/31/2007 12:37 PM     
  My only question is...  
...would Lance Bass know from personal experience?
  by: Jon_Hall     10/31/2007 02:54 PM     
The title gets the hits, not the content. That't why I only post the totally absurd news, like my "Man in Pickle over Assault...with a Pickle" story. Shameless plug? yes. But I bet you want to know what it's about.
  by: jaytsung   10/31/2007 04:31 PM     
My first question it a dill or sweet pickle? ;P
  by: Jon_Hall     10/31/2007 07:47 PM     
Oh I knew it would get at least 500+ hits, you see the name of the game is sales. Like everything else in life; you have to be able to sell your stories to your audience. So my work here is done & don't worry too much it was all in good fun ; ]
  by: zmethod     10/31/2007 10:15 PM     
  As of now...  
...visitation is at 762 and 3 good assessments...not bad.
  by: Jon_Hall     10/31/2007 10:34 PM     
Or a man.
  by: Dayron   11/01/2007 11:10 AM     
I know its all in fun. I was just stoned.
  by: shaohu     11/01/2007 04:52 PM     
  umm yeah  
point blank;
justin timberlake is the gayest fag that walked the planet.
look at him, how he sings or whines really, like a girl, and even acts. THIS STATMENT MADE BY LANCE IS 100% TRUE! justin timberlake is a gay fag without a doubt. so all you little 10 year old girlies sticking up for your little hero, get a clue and get over it. ur never gonna marry a fag! get a wake up call. hes gay!
  by: kissyface202   08/23/2008 04:02 AM     
"That boy is a gay homosexual"
  by: bobloblaw   08/23/2008 04:34 AM     
You're really are trying hard for that coveted "worst informed post ever" title aren't you?
  by: Kolman   08/23/2008 04:43 AM     
I missed this breaking news. I always wondered. LOL
  by: Lurker     10/28/2014 10:38 PM     
"Lance Bass an ex ´N Sync boy band member, has revealed in a tell all interview with GQ, that he thought his former band mate Justin Timberlake was gay." ;)
  by: Lurker     10/28/2014 10:39 PM     
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