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                 02/23/2018 03:05 PM  
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11/01/2007 05:47 PM ID: 66104 Permalink   

New Gallop Poll Suggests Iran Largest Threat to World Peace


One thousand people were contacted over the period of October 25th to the 28th and asked to assess who they felt was the greatest threat to world peace. Thirty-five percent of respondents chose Iran. Number two was China at nineteen percent.

Taking up the rear was North Korea in third with ten percent, and Iraq at nine percent. Only eight percent of respondents considered the US the greatest threat to world peace.

The survey also noted that eighty-seven percent of respondents thought presidential candidates should be clear on their approach to a solution to the war in Iraq. Only twenty-three percent saw the situations in Cuba and Venezuela as important issues.

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  Funny isnt it.  
I bet the US would be considered the worlds greatest threat outside the US. I bet Iran wouldnt even be in the top 5 on a poll conducted in say Germany or wherever.
  by: slavefortheman     11/01/2007 05:54 PM     
  Who did they poll for this?  
The 10 Sean Hannity listeners in Georgia?
  by: Libertario Cubano   11/01/2007 05:56 PM     
I would agree with that. They just don't vote here, and it depends on how the question was asked.
  by: inchdeep     11/01/2007 06:03 PM     
  @Libertario Cubano  
LOL, what do you think about how Cuba ranks in the poll?
  by: inchdeep     11/01/2007 06:04 PM     
Who paid for this poll, Fox News or GW himself? And I'd like to know more about the people that were polled as well, like were they all die-hard Republicans?
  by: elderban99     11/01/2007 06:10 PM     
should ask the people in UK the same question, many call Bush todays Hitler.
  by: captainJane     11/01/2007 06:10 PM     
  US peoples view of the world  
@All - I think that just about 75% of americans would think Iran a threat. Regardless of political affiliation. Just due to the fact that most Americans are incredibly ignorant of world events, politics, facts, etc. This was recently surveyed too and I think at least 60% of the US showed they were ignorant of world events. Also the fact that most americans couldnt even locate NY on a map of their own country... I dont think these types of people are capable of making large decisions such as who is an actual threat when most people dont even know any of the facts but rather get a lot of hearsay rhetoric from the usual sources of propaganda.
  by: slavefortheman     11/01/2007 06:18 PM     
  My vote:  
  by: JollyGreenGiant   11/01/2007 06:39 PM     
  My Vote  
Isreal is the #1 threat
  by: typeoserv   11/01/2007 06:45 PM     
  DubyaChimp fell off the top of the page.  
  by: redstain   11/01/2007 06:50 PM     
I agree about Russia, but I would put them in a tie with China. Both supply arms to countries not friendly to the US.
  by: inchdeep     11/01/2007 07:01 PM     
Isn’t it a real shame the US rejected Iran's offer to stop it’s nuclear program and join the US in the war on terror back in 2003... a rejection that pushed the moderates to the sideline in Iran and gave strength to the hardliners like Ahmadinejad…..(what you didn’t know that ) …lol
  by: Hugo Chavez     11/01/2007 07:14 PM     
  ok here is the part you can hate me for  
Just satire folks nothing personal.
But you will note the post is from yesterday.

  by: inchdeep     11/01/2007 07:28 PM     
  are these  
the same "American people" that thought Saddam had something to do with 9/11 and that there were wmd's found in Iraq


(that baby was posted before inchys blog You should watch it .... has a lot of info
  by: Hugo Chavez     11/01/2007 07:39 PM     

its a real shame that Iran was offended due to the rejection and felt the need to participate in terrorist related activities. lol
  by: keanu1982     11/01/2007 07:40 PM     
  Its always funny how  
Polls Hugo likes the results from represent the truth and polls he doesnt are "the corporate media"
  by: AnsweringQuestions     11/01/2007 07:42 PM     
I just think he probably just wants to know what the rest of the world thinks. Not just the US. As seen by other polls in recently, US citizens are VERY ill informed about world events.

After all this poll is almost like surveying what the Bush admin thinks about Iran...
  by: slavefortheman     11/01/2007 07:50 PM     
'Polls Hugo likes the results from represent the truth and polls he doesnt are "the corporate media"'

ding, ding, ding we have a winner.

Oh and slavefortheman. Who gives a rats ass about a poll in another country. They don't vote here, unless they come here illegally and get a drivers license in NY.
  by: inchdeep     11/01/2007 07:58 PM     
It's Gallup, not gallop
  by: StarShadow     11/01/2007 08:01 PM     
Thanks. Victim of the California school system. They are high on my developing self esteem but low on teaching spelling.

  by: inchdeep     11/01/2007 08:08 PM     
  lol read the source  
First line of source reads “People in the United States see Iran as by far the greatest threat to world stability”

I’m not doubting the poll at all quite the opposite this poll suggests that Americans believe Iran to be the greatest threat to world peace .. these are the same Americans who were polled prior to the invasion of Iraq and were convinced that Saddam was behind 9/11 … it’s the media they’re watching that convinces them . The fact that nobody has mentioned the 2003 offer made by Iran speaks volumes …

But 57 percent told pollsters that they did not know enough about the situation to make a judgement.
(from the source)
  by: Hugo Chavez     11/01/2007 08:10 PM     
  @rofl jesus  
supply guns to that arent friendly to the us? omg who is the us friendly to? if u have oil beware for them.
  by: maryjane <5   11/01/2007 08:11 PM     
tell us about the 2003 offer...

  by: Hugo Chavez     11/01/2007 08:12 PM     
  In that case..  
"Oh and slavefortheman. Who gives a rats ass about a poll in another country. They don't vote here, unless they come here illegally and get a drivers license in NY."

Who gives a rat's ass about what misinformed people in the US think about other countries? Especially when it's been shown that the average American knows more about quantum mechanics than about world politics. For reference, the average American knows next to nothing about quantum mechanics..

All in all, assuming this poll was conducted properly, what it really shows is that the Gov't propaganda machine still works.
  by: StarShadow     11/01/2007 08:12 PM     
Your unilateral, "Im better than the rest of the world" view of the world is very frightening. That is why us Americans are so hated abroad. That is why 9/11 and similar events have happened. That is why the US is almost 10 Trillion in the hole. That is why millions of people have been massacred in the first genocide of the 21st century. Because of attitudes like that...

There are 6+ Billion people on this planet and we share it with them. If this was a majority vote, they win hands down. However since we have the most powerful military and a majority of Americans share your attitude. We are now in this situation.

The party wont last forever. China Im sure wont want to fund our government forever. We cannot sustain this lifestyle through brute force. This is only a stopgap measure. The US as a nation will fail due to this attitude unless major changes are done and soon. Im not saying this is something that will happen tomorrow but it will happen. The US will become a shell of itself if we keep treading down this path of destruction and murder.
  by: slavefortheman     11/01/2007 08:12 PM     

from 2003

why did they think that I wonder
  by: Hugo Chavez     11/01/2007 08:21 PM     
tell us about the 2003 offer...

Is that some kind of euphemism?
  by: keanu1982     11/01/2007 08:25 PM     
No you should be bringing it to everyone’s attention because (57% of Americans don't have enough info to decide) the fact that the US dismissed that offer meant the moderates who drafter it were replaced by hardliners … watch the “Showdown with Iran” thing like I said in the forum It could all save us a lot of time here on the forums
  by: Hugo Chavez     11/01/2007 08:37 PM     
No you should be bringing it to everyone’s attention because (57% of Americans don't have enough info to decide)

But I do try to 'help' enlighten my fellow americans. I have a blog, I post articles on S\N.. I engage in open dialogue etc.

You really shouldn't speak to all of us as though you feel we are all stupid or ignorant of world affairs.
  by: keanu1982     11/01/2007 08:57 PM     
you've written about the 2003 offer in your blog .... do post a link ..please
  by: Hugo Chavez     11/01/2007 09:05 PM     
  looks a bit fishy you must admit  
I must express some suspicion that the article you posted as proof that you were all informed on the 2003 Iranian offer had the words “Iran” ,“2003” and “offer” in the title though .And the fact that if you google the words “iran 2003 offer” it’s the first article that comes up on google …lol but yeah I’m sure you knew all about it . I didn’t know until I saw the documentary I posted in the forums … but at least I’ll admit that .
  by: Hugo Chavez     11/01/2007 09:20 PM     
so essentially what youre saying is that because that article came up first on google I knew nothing about the 2003 offer? lol youre full of shit Hugo!
I read an article about it awhile back, but I did google that one to post on S\N, since I couldnt find the original one I bookmarked.

you are truly a piece of work!! lol

  by: keanu1982     11/01/2007 09:32 PM     
whatever :-)
  by: Hugo Chavez     11/01/2007 09:34 PM     
You’ll probably find that one you bookmarked later on … I guess
  by: Hugo Chavez     11/01/2007 09:35 PM     
  as for the names ... tut tut tut  

You can call me all you want but it does seem odd to me that you would say “its a real shame that Iran was offended due to the rejection and felt the need to participate in terrorist related activities” because if you were all knowledgeable about the offer you would know that that’s exactly what they were putting on the table and you wouldn’t have said such a thing … I guess I’m just a piece of work though .

  by: Hugo Chavez     11/01/2007 09:55 PM     
  Ironically enough, everyone else...  
...sees the US as the threat. Shall I elaborate? Yes, why don't I?

July 1, 2007:
"Europeans consistently regard the US as the biggest threat to world stability, a new poll
reveals on Monday" (Outstripping North Korea 3 to 1, even!)

November 3, 2006:
"International poll ranks Bush a threat to world peace" (He wasn't at the very top of this one,
taken of Mexicans, Canadians, and Britons, but his numbers were in the same territory as
Bin Laden and Kim Jong Il. Quite something for the US's closest allies)

And of course, June 15, 2006:
"[A] Pew Research Center poll, which covered 17,000 people in 15 European, Asian, and
African countries in March and May, found that [...] favorable opinions of the US have fallen
in most of 15 countries this year."

So of course, Americans aren't going to say that they're the greatest threat to world peace
(though I'm impressed that 8% recognized the truth). However, all of us non-American
lesser beings do consider that to be the case.
  by: Mister crank     11/02/2007 01:46 AM     
  Sorry, not *all* of us lesser beings.  
To be fair, only a large majority.
  by: Mister crank     11/02/2007 01:49 AM     
The real punchline is when you ask the same people to point out Iran on the map... lol
  by: silentrage   11/02/2007 01:51 AM     
  by: jendres     11/02/2007 04:22 AM     
  Who did they poll for this?  

People with common sense.
After reading through the many replies, it is plain to see why none of you were asked to take part in the poll.
  by: Hellblazer     11/02/2007 05:41 AM     
yeah... it's so obvious...
Maybe It's because I'm Canadian?
  by: silentrage   11/02/2007 06:06 AM     
ROFLMAO! Thanks I was looking for that!
  by: silentrage   11/02/2007 06:18 AM     
  That's sad  
That after the Iraq war, 35% of people still listen to Bush and don't realize his head is planted firmly up his anus while speaking about anything but the texas rangers & bass fishing...

If you want a guy to advise on good tackle to use with perch, than yes, bush is probably a good source.

But when it comes to anything else, the head turtles up right back into the rectum again.

Bush should be disallowed from speaking his opinion to the public as if it were fact. It's not fact, there's no evidence. Even with the Iraq war, evidence was false, but at least he went through the motions of seeming like his head came out for air when there was alleged cia information, as fictional as it was, at least he went through the effort of bullshitting us.

Now there's no intelligence he can claim as fact what so ever, and it's not even being fabricated any more. At least before he'd bullshit us and make us feel warm and fuzzy to the prospect of bombing the middle east to the stone age. We don't even get that false sense of peace of mind anymore. Before, with Iraq, it was like, we're bombing them, but it's for their own good! These people will hoist us upon their shoulders when we bring war to their doorstep. - and we believed it, at least enough to keep him in office during 04.

Now we don't even get that anymore. There was at least the illusion to fall back on that he's serving the people, but it seems he just doesn't give a shat at making the effort anymore.

It's all just self and parties interest of trying to save face for as long as possible, and passing the blame for the Iraq mess around. Soon as we bomb the bejesus out of Iran, it'll be Syria's fault next, then Turkey, Jordan, etc.

35% are completely out of touch with CIA and IAEA intelligence? At this time, all intelligence available counters every argument that bush lays claim to.

  by: ukcn001XYZ   11/02/2007 07:46 AM     
  Now ask the poll: Where is Iran?  
's funny. Gallup also says:
America thinks Hillary could be the next President.

Maybe we should ask her what to do with Iran when she gets in office.
  by: redstain   11/02/2007 09:59 AM     
  you scared yet  
you should be ...lolt

  by: Hugo Chavez     11/02/2007 10:26 AM     
Indeed, the 'where is Iran' poll would be funny.

If the American people were asked to point on a map to the country to put sanctions on, who knows who'd get selected, my guess is Australia.
  by: Maxx20     11/02/2007 01:48 PM     
  It's all poltics...  
It's interesting that people see Iran as a threat when there are many other countries that already have nuclear weapons, including Pakistan and India. IMHO, Pakistan is more of a threat than Iran is because they are ruled by a military dictator and a lot of the Al-Qaeda members are in Pakistan.

Don't even get me started on Saudi Arabia.
  by: elderban99     11/02/2007 06:19 PM     
yep an all counts ..good post

people don't see Iran as a threat only people watching US media ....
  by: Hugo Chavez     11/02/2007 06:24 PM     
  @Hugo and @elder  
Agreed. I see Pakistan as a much bigger threat. But since they are an ally you arent allowed to speak ill of them! And the press isnt allowed to mention it either. Especially mainstream Ameripress.
  by: slavefortheman     11/02/2007 06:31 PM     
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